Creating New Sponsorship Categories for Your Next Event

Luxury box seats, Yankee Stadium, Bronx, New York
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Are you looking for ways to create sponsorship opportunities for your next special event or program? It seems that imitation is the greatest form of flattery.

That is, if you're having difficulty with brainstorming ideas for your sponsorship categories, it's reasonable to take a look at what other successful organizations have done and to incorporate their ideas into your program.

So, let's take a look at the sponsorship categories that were available for Super Bowl XLIII, and its related sponsorship categories for insights into what activities other organizations may wish to sponsor at your next event. 

Event Sponsorship Ideas: Hospitality/Entertainment Opportunities

The perks that they offer give VIP access to the event in many different ways. The sponsor can ensure their staff, team and major clients will be entertained at the event. Even if they aren't football fans and aren't excited to attend the game, they may enjoy the various parties, meals, golf, and other entertainment. The sponsor has the opportunity to network with other supporters of the event and other VIPs. Here are the sponsorship benefits given by the Tampa Bay committee.

  • Game Tickets
  • Luxury Box (16 seats)
  • Hotel Room (Access) for game weekend
  • Host Committee Media Party Tickets
  • Host Committee Friday Night Party passes
  • Chairman VIP Sponsor Event passes
  • Host Committee Golf Outing Invitations
  • Host Committee Luncheon Invitations
  • International Media Reception Invitations
  • NFL Experience Tickets
  • Taste of the NFL Tickets
  • Pre-Game Hospitality
  • NFL Player Personal Appearances
  • Bus Transportation for Game Day (50 Passenger)
  • Limousine Transportation for Game Day (8 people)
  • Parking Passes

Event Sponsorship Ideas: Marketing/Promotional Opportunities

The sponsor has the chance to get their name and logo out to the public in many ways by supporting the event. This advertising benefit is often one that seems obvious, but have you explored all of the ways that you can incorporate the sponsor name and logo? Here are the sponsorship benefits given in Tampa Bay.

  • Exclusive Sponsorship of the Host Committee Super Celebration Series
  • Super Celebration Series event title sponsorship
  • Couponing/Sampling at Super Celebration Series events
  • Register-to-Win Contests
  • Recognition in Host Committee Publications
  • Sponsor recognition at Host Committee private events and Super Celebration Series events
  • Logo Identification and hot link on Host Committee Web Site
  • Exclusive Sponsorship of Volunteer Program (includes Logo Recognition on Volunteer Uniforms)
  • Local Radio and Television Sponsor Tags
  • Corporate Logo Identification in Local Print Media Inventory
  • Emerging Business Program Sponsorship
  • Exclusive Sponsorship of Media Party
  • Rights to use Host Committee Logo, to brand association with the Super Bowl XLIII
  • Exclusive Sponsorship of Host Committee Kickoff Luncheon
  • Exclusive Sponsorship of the Super Host Campaign
  • Exclusive Sponsorship of the Host Committee Sponsor Party
  • Exclusive Sponsorship of the Host Committee VIP Sponsor Reception

Create Your Sponsorship Categories

Using the Super Bowl sponsorship opportunities as a basis, it's easy to recognize just how many sponsorship directions any community event or corporate outing may find. The following includes a few ideas that many event organizers tend to overlook, but may be easily noticed just by referencing the NFL's strategy listed above:

  • Media room sponsor
  • Invitations sponsor
  • Event tickets sponsor
  • Volunteer program sponsor
  • VIP events sponsor