Create Hybrid Market Research for Actionable Insights

Team reviewing hybrid market research data.
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For decades, a deep and wide chasm has existed between proponents of quantitative research methods and proponents of quantitative research methods. Market researchers have tended to adopt the biases of one or the other of these research camps. The influence of technology on market research and the widespread acceptance of social media as a research form, have eroded the traditional wall between quantitative and qualitative market research. 

The Hybrid Market Research Blend - Best of Breed

While it is helpful to understand the unique strengths of both qualitative research methods and quantitative research methods, a true appreciation of a hybrid approach to market research is only possible by considering the benefits that come from combining both types of research. 

The goal of a hybrid approach to market research is to obtain the most actionable insights based on the deepest and richest data available. An associated benefit of hybrid market research is the cohesion that results from blending research techniques. Clients experience a cohesive research report when all of the data is presented in a single, integrated manner that comes across as having one authoritative voice.

The value provided to clients by a hybrid approach is more clarity and greater depth of understanding since the quantitative data is "explained" by the qualitative data. The qualitative methods use a practical, familiar lens to interpret the sometimes obscure quantitative data in plain language to grateful clients. 

Hybrid Market Research Variations

Arriving at Confident Business Action Plans

Market researchers have multiple objectives when they engage in a study. Naturally, when investigators conduct a study, they are interested in obtaining the most robust results possible. But there are other objectives that gain their attention as well. The response of clients to the research study they are sponsoring or purchasing is an important factor that can't be ignored by the researchers, It is apparent that when market researchers make a strong effort to ensure that their studies are conducted with rigor and integrity, they will reap the trust of their clients. Reputation is important in the small world of creative advertising agencies and market research providers. Any investment that market researchers make in the quality of their techniques, whether qualitative or quantitative, signals their capacity and trustworthiness.