Craigslist Writing Jobs: What You Should Know

Craigslist Sued For Discriminatory Housing Ads
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Craigslist posts a lot of writing jobs, but not all of them are legit.

I talked on email with a reader, Scott, who told me about a massive suck on his freelance writing job application time. It seems that Freelance Home Writers had not been getting enough people to fall for their devious Google ads, in which they promise you a subscription to a high-paying freelance writing job list for only $2.95, but then continue to charge your account massive amounts of money, with little actual jobs or listings appearing from the service.

Now, Freelance Home Writers is posting realistic and legitimate-sounding ads on Craigslist. Writers (like Scott) fall for these ads. Scott tells me that they are written quite well and that they truly appear to be legitimate jobs. “The ads vary. They are credible. Often, they have gotten specific about what is required for supposed articles. The ads would also be specific about an offer.” It is unfortunate that the ads include all these pieces, as these are the hallmarks of a real freelance writing job on Craigslist (yes, those exist!). Scott verified this in a later email, “Note that there are no distinguishing hallmarks by which a writer might notice that the fraudulent ads are posted by www.freelancehomewriters.”

Once a writer crafts a cover letter and sends it with clips and a resume (time-consuming), he is then spammed with offers to join Freelance Home Writers, and so has wasted much time in applying for a freelance writing job that does not even exist. How very sad and infuriating!

Scott told me that he spoke with Craig Newmark of Craigslist about this mess. Also, he told me that he spoke with a “Charlie Wellmore” at Freelance Home Writers. Charlie would not commit to stopping this dubious practice. Scott’s sleuthing indicated that the hosting service that allowed this devious company to continue was

Other writing sites noticed this practice, too. Here is a Writers Weekly forum regarding Freelance Home Writers.

What’s a Writer To Do?

Writers need to be quite selective about the ads that they reply to. Unfortunately, Freelance Home Writers seems to know what pieces make an ad appear legitimate. The only element that seems to be lacking in these ads is a company or author’s name. Unfortunately, many legit workplaces choose not to include such information for fear of being inundated with phone calls or visits from those seeking work.

Perhaps it’s time that writers avoid Craigslist? Is it worth trolling Craigslist for work if they’re not going to deal with these violators? Here is a list of multiple other places where a writer can find freelance writing jobs.

Lastly, any email received from Freelance Home Writers in this manner is a Spam violation, and so it should be immediately forwarded to

What If I Really Want a Craigslist Writing Job?

There are more than a few legit writing jobs on Craigslist. If you've got your heart set on one, move forward but tread lightly. It may or may not be all that you're thinking. Go ahead and apply to Craigslist writing jobs with a thorough cover letter and writers resume, but look into other avenues, websites and freelance writing jobs at the same time. There are many out there! Don't get stuck on one job or one website.