Sample Contract for Professional Services

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Do you own or sell for a service business? If you're just starting out, you may not yet have a contract you can use with new customers. Here's an example of a contract that you can modify for your own needs. You might want to ask a lawyer to review it before you start using it, just to be safe.

The Overview

This is the overview of the agreement that has been struck between you (the business operator) and the client that has engaged you for your services in exchange for an agreed upon fee. While the basic contract below hits all the key points of the legal document, it can be tailored for each client that retains you so that there is no misunderstanding between you and your client.

The Basic Elements and Verbiage of the Contract

This is a contract entered into by [YOUR COMPANY NAME] (hereinafter referred to as "the Provider") located at [YOUR ADDRESS], and [CLIENT NAME] (hereinafter referred to as "the Client") located at [CLIENT ADDRESS], on this date, [DATE].

The Client hereby engages the Provider to provide services as described under "Scope and Manner of Services." The Provider hereby agrees to provide the Client with such services in exchange for consideration as described under "Payment for Services Rendered."

Scope and Manner of Services

Depending upon your business (and why the client retained you) this is where you enter the specifics of the engagement. For instance, if you are a public relations firm you would say something similar to the paragraph below.

[YOUR COMPANY NAME] agrees to provide [CLIENT NAME] with public relations services in the form of a media campaign to promote the new Kale Coconut Smoothie in the New York and Los Angeles markets. The campaign will commence January 1, 2017, and conclude December 31, 2017. [YOUR COMPANY NAME] agrees to create press releases, social media posts, eNewsletters, and targeted e-communication to targeted food and lifestyle journalists at print and electronic media outlets. [YOUR COMPANY NAME] will provide [CLIENT NAME] with a monthly report outlining media outreach and results.

Payment for Services Rendered

[CLIENT NAME] shall pay [YOUR COMPANY NAME] for services rendered according to the Payment Schedule attached, within [NUMBER] calendar days of the date on the [CLIENT NAME] invoice. Should [CLIENT NAME] fail to pay the [YOUR COMPANY NAME] the full amount specified in any invoice within [NUMBER] calendar days of the invoice date, a late fee equal to [DOLLAR AMOUNT] shall be added to the amount due and interest of [PERCENTAGE] per annum shall accrue from the calendar day following the invoice date.

Applicable Law

This contract shall be governed by the laws of the County of [COUNTY] in the State of [STATE] and any applicable Federal law.

In witness of their agreement to the terms above, the parties or their authorized agents hereby affix their signatures:

(Printed Name of Client or agent)                  (Printed Name of Provider or agent)

(Signature of Client or agent) (Date)             (Signature of Provider or agent) (Date)