Commercial Auto Insurance

Any small business that uses autos needs a commercial auto insurance policy. Most insurers use a standard policy form that includes both liability and physical damage coverage.
Man in business suit has crashed his car into a tree
Diminished Value Exclusion - What is It?
Businessman about to be hit by a car.
Commercial Auto Liability - What's Covered?
Decoding the Symbols on Your Commercial Auto Policy
Delivery Van driving on highway
What's Not Covered by Auto Liability Coverage
Man loading boxes onto truck
Coverage for Loading and Unloading Accidents
Used car flag blows in wind against blue sky.
Could That Vehicle be Flood-Damaged?
Accident involving two cars
Do You Need Auto Physical Damage Coverage?
Teenage girls texting while driving a car
Employees Furnished a Company Auto: Avoid This Coverage Gap!
Mechanic examining car tire at auto repair shop
Learn About Garagekeepers Liability and What the Insurance Covers
Semi-trailer truck motors along empty highway
Commercial Auto Coverage for Truckers
Car rental lease agreement
Your Liability Under a Car Rental Agreement
18 wheeler blue semi truck on highway at dusk
What Is Stated Amount Coverage?
Two upset men at an intersection after a car accident.
Who's an Insured Under a Commercial Auto Policy?
Businessman driving a car
Why You Need to Insure Hired and Non-Owned Autos
Do You Employ Distracted Drivers?
Car crash
When Your Vehicle Has Been "Totaled"
man eyeing new car in car dealership showroom
Meaning of the Term "Hired Autos" Under a Commercial Auto Policy
office tabletop with tablet, smartphone and laptop showing rent a car website
Consider These Issues Before Renting a Car for Business Use
Family on a road trip
Family Auto Coverage under a Commercial Policy