How to Clear Your Twitter Stream of Spam

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Twitter is one of the best places to get the news and information. Just like any other free medium, you will have to deal with your share of annoyances on Twitter. People are often surprised that when they signed up for Twitter, all a sudden they had followers that were pitching pornography or spam. Twitter does have spam-detecting algorithms that help catch spam, but unfortunately, like most algorithms, they won't work 100% of the time. You can keep the unwanted noise down on Twitter by following these steps:

Use Two-Step Verification

Protect your account from hackers, enable the two-step verification process. It means that a person will need more than just your password to get into your account. They'll need your password and a unique code that is usually sent to your mobile device to access your account.

Report a Spamming Profile

If you've found a profile that you feel is promoting spam or being abusive visit the profile and click on the gear icon on the profile page. Then select Report from the menu and selecting They're posting spam.

Report Individual Spam Tweets

Did you receive a spam, abusive, or pornographic tweet? You can report the individual tweet. Navigate to the tweet you'd like to report and click on the more icon (••• on the web and iOS or three dots that are vertical on an Android device.) Select Report and select It's Spam and submit your report.

Don't Be Afraid to Block

If you find that an individual is sending you spam messages or inappropriate material, this includes inappropriate avatars, just block them. Not only does this disable them from seeing your updates and clear them from your Twitter stream, but if enough people block a user, Twitter can suspend their account.

Use a Twitter Application That Helps Filter Your Stream

Twitter applications help you filter the noise in your Twitter stream by enabling you to filter tweets by users and by topic. You can also use it to hide hashtags that you are not interested in or pull specific hashtags into their stream, so you don't miss an important tweet. Popular Twitter applications include HootSuite and Tweetdeck.

Twitter Timesaving Tool

Don't give up on Twitter because of the noise, just find a way to work around it. A new tool to cut back on the noise is Nuzzel. It enables you to avoid the noise on Twitter, but not miss the news.

We are all short on time; it's hard to read everything that is thrown at us every hour. Nuzzel is a news app. You select the subject you are interested in, and it provides the news to you. It puts them in an easy to read new stream, and it sends you notifications when something you might be interested in is shared multiple times. It also lets you select the timing of when you want to receive news.