Choosing a Good Real Estate Domain Name

With millions of sites on the internet, it's easy to disappear. Your domain name is how people get to your site directly. Let's look at the important considerations in choosing a domain name. 

These days domain names aren't actually typed in as often as you may think.  Reliable statistics are tough to find, but just think about how many website domains you visit each month, then think about how many of them required typing in the domain name.  The fact is that we find most of the sites we use for the first time with a search engine or a link on another site or in an email.

For real estate sites, it helps to have the words real estate and your area in it, such as "" Other than that, don't stress out if you can't get just the one you want.  

It Shouldn't Be Your Name

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Though you should own the real estate domain name for your name, that shouldn't be the primary way people find your site. With annual domain name registration costs running under $10, you should register your name and point it to your site. However, it's highly likely that few real estate shoppers know your name

They're not going to Google to find homes for sale in Dallas using "yourname real estate" as their search phrase.  They don't know your name yet.  That's the point; we need to get them to your site to introduce you. 

Keep It Short and Simple

"" might sound good to you, but it's a lot to remember and type for your prospects. Shorter is usually better, even if you can't say exactly what you want. The only exception to this rule might be if the name of your town is long.  Don't get too hung up on length though.

For Real Estate, Your Town or Area Is Important

Real estate truly is local. People look for homes in places. Try to incorporate your city name or area into your domain name. This is also good for search engines. With a name highly related to the content of your site, you'll fare better with search engines and real estate shoppers.

There is a huge tendency of searchers to look for "houston homes for sale," "dallas real estate," "denver real estate agents," etc.  This is particularly true in mobile search.  Your market area will help to guide them to the right site.  Getting too broad, such as "Texas real estate," isn't going to help you, as you'll get a lot of traffic that you won't be able to service. 

Use Dashes for Search Engines But Not for Users

Actual tests have shown a small advantage in the search engines for domain names with dashes, as with As domain registration is inexpensive, get the dashed name as well as The name without dashes is easier for users, so it should be the main domain on your servers. Point the dashed domain for the search engines.