Business & Finance Glossary

Get fluent in the language of business law! Use this glossary to learn key business, financial, and legal terms.
man working in a dark office by himself on a laptop with a lamp on
How to Calculate Overtime Pay for Hourly and Salaried Employees
What to Know About Giving a Deposition—Some Tips to Keep in Mind
Man compiles information for his personal financial statement
What Is a Personal Financial Statement?
What is a business partnership?
What Is a Business Partnership?
What is a royalty?
What Are Royalties?
what kind of payments require a 1099-MISC Form?
What Is Form 1099-MISC?
Workers using drill press in factory
What Is Capital in Business?
Two young women having a discussion in a business
What Is Business Viability?
Woman working at a laptop
What Does It Mean to Be Self-Employed?
The incorporator of a business signing documents in a modern office with two people witnessing their signature.
What Is an Incorporator?
Work office
What Are Depreciable Business Assets?
Colleagues brainstorming in a tech start-up office
Making Intangible Assets Work for Your Business
Non-solicitation Agreements in Business Contracts
How to Keep Employees from Working for the Competition
Members of an LLC
Who Can Be Members of an LLC ?
A blank W-2 form and accompanying instructions.
The Fundamental Facts of W-2 Forms
Business Assets
Depreciation Definition and Calculation Methods
Exterior view of the Supreme Court.
The Role of Jurisdiction in Lawsuits and How It Is Determined
Woman financial planning and filing taxes with laptop
How to File Schedule SE for Self-Employment Taxes
Woman tracking her business's debt service ratio
What Is the Debt Service Ratio?
Man on ladder hanging a banner
Get a Certificate of Organization or Formation for Your New LLC
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How Businesses Pay Franchise Taxes
Types of Partners in a Business Partnership
Types of Partners in a Partnership Business
Young man in carpentry workshop attaching wheels to skateboard
Series LLC - Is it Right for Your Business?
Group of professionals collaborating on a project
What Is a PLLC?
A group of three young women and two men of different ethnicities are in a business meeting in a modern day office.
What Is a Closely Held Corporation?
Injured construction worker wrapped up in a ladder and holding his head
How Workers' Compensation Exemptions Work - and How to Get One
Businessman leading presentation at projection screen in conference room meeting
What Is an Affiliate Agreement in the Business World?
Shareholders in a board meeting
What Is a Shareholder or Stockholder of a Corporation?
man balancing on highway line to indicate balancing Solvency
What Solvency Is in a Business and About Liquidity and Validity
Smiling businesswoman listening to a business valuation.
How to Use Multiples of Earnings to Value a Business
Businesspeople handshake over business transaction
Capital Gains Taxes on the Sale of a Business
Mature businesswoman in her office
What Is Business Gross Income?
man opening an envelope
Notifying Employees About the Earned Income Tax Credit
Worker managing inventory in an Ikea warehouse
What You Should Know About the FIFO Inventory Cost Method
Man reading document at desk in office
The Importance of Keeping Fixed Expenses Low in a Business Budget
Amortization schedule can help business calculate the cost of borrowing.
How Amortization Affects Your Business and Loans
Business people at a table talking in a meeting
What is Double Taxation?
a hand holding up a folder marked "receipts"
States That Impose a Gross Receipts Taxes and How They Do It
Business Partners
What Is a Limited Partnership?
A hand signing a contract
Counterparts and Electronic Signatures – Are They Legal?
Copyright sign
How Copyright Works with Social Media Fair Use and Licensing
Close-up of hands trying to break chains
What Is Restraint of Trade in Non-Compete Agreements?
Personal Property for a Business
What Is Personal Property of a Business?
A judge's hand bringing down a gavel
What Is an Injunction?
Bakery owner working at laptop
"Doing Business as" or "Doing Business" - What's the Difference?
Businessman writing on paperwork beside a laptop
What Is IRS Form 7004?
Law Courthouse
What Is a Plaintiff in a Lawsuit?
A local business establishment serves friends beer and pizza.
How a Business's Establishment Effects Taxes and Laws
Two businessmen stand and shake hands at a restaurant.
What Does "De Minimis" Mean in Business Taxes?
Businessmen clapping during the annual meeting of a corporation.
What Happens at the Annual Meeting of a Corporation
two businessmen shaking hands
A Look at the Benefits and Drawbacks of Earn-outs in a Business Sale
Businessmen shake hands on a cliff
What Is an Arm's Length Transaction?
What Is a Barter Exchange and How Does it Work?
Leverage in Business
What Is Leverage and How It Can Benefit Your Business?
Boss welcomes new employee to the company
What Is a Restrictive Covenant?
Businesswoman discussing pie charts at conference table meeting
How to Use Current Assets as a Business Analysis Tool
Woman creating a budget in her home
What Is a Budget?
Employees at work meeting
What Is an Employee?
a man harvesting a crop of dollar bills
What is Owner's Equity?
Businessman leading presentation at a stock corporation
What Are Stock Corporations?