Bryan Haines

Bryan Haines is your guide to Online Business / Hosting. Bryan has 9 years experience operating online businesses, in three different industries. His online business allows him to live abroad; he currently lives in Cuenca, Ecuador.


Bryan Haines is a serial entrepreneur. He began his business career offline, selling everything from handmade furniture to satellite dishes. Bryan eventually established himself in the advertising industry, creating and selling two agencies over 14 years.

Bryan's first online business was an extension of an offline company, and had a catalog of tens of thousands of products. He has had numerous businesses online in the advertising, tourism marketing and business to business industries.

Currently Bryan, along with his wife and partner Dena, operate

Bryan Haines

Online business is the gold rush of the 21st Century. Many people rush in, expecting to find dollars just lying around, waiting to be scooped up. Others approach their online business with the same business sense as they would a traditional style business and have found success.

I'm excited to be your guide through the interesting and profitable world of online business. Online business allows freedom of location and, in many cases, freedom of time.  My life in Ecuador is one of the benefits of online business.

After selling our advertising agency in June 2009, my wife and I moved our family to Ecuador where we have setup our new home in the city of Cuenca. We operate, our lifestyle design blog and, our travel and make money online blog.

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