We'll teach you how to build a "value-added" brand in today's competitive global marketplace by creating an effective, integrated strategy involving advertising, marketing, publicity, and research.
Marketing team working on a project
Why Branding Is Important in Marketing
text reads: "How to build a personal brand: identify your strengths and unique traits; refine your strengths and create a brand; build a platform to share your brand (a website, social media, etc.); set short and long-term goals"
Tips on Creating and Growing Your Personal Brand
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Top 5 Reasons Customers Aren't Buying From You
Build Your Brand Text on Wooden Blocks on White Background
How to Define Objectives and Audience for an Effective Brand Strategy
He won them over with his corporate charm
Here's How to Write Your Personal Branding Statement
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How to Create and Test Your Business Name
Word of Mouth Marketing
Word of Mouth vs. Viral Marketing: What's the Difference?
Group of women thoughtfully looking at a binder together, tracking their marketing results.
How to Track Marketing Efforts
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Rebate Marketing: Can It Work for Your Company?
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Here Are Some Helpful Tips On How to Calculate Your Brand's Value
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Need a Good Laugh? Read These Funny Quotes About Toyota and the Prius
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Quotes From Calvin Klein About Marketing Sexuality
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How to Determine Who Your Audience Is and Focus Your Target Market
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5 Signs You're Ready for a Professional Logo
Group of people during a presentation in modern office
The Top 5 Marketing Errors and How to Avoid Them
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How to Use Five Marketing Techniques to Land Your Dream Job
Personal Branding
Here's How to Build Your Own Personal Brand
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The 8 Best Marketing Books
Designers meeting, reviewing branding plans in workshop
How to Brand Your Business From the Inside Out
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5 Tips That Will Help to Generate Word of Mouth Marketing
Man Walks by Advertisements
An Overview of Brand Identity and Steps to Defining Your Brand