Must-Read Books on Construction Management

A bookshelf filled with books.
••• Alfredo Lietor / EyeEm/Getty Images

Think books for construction management are outdated? There’s no technology in the world that can beat a printed book for instant-on flipping and dipping for nuggets of information to help you at work. If you’d rather not lug hardbacks or paperbacks around, many are also available in digital versions for your tablet or your smartphone. We’ve chosen books for this list that:

  • Help you do a better job in construction management
  • Round out your practical construction know how rapidly and without too much effort
  • Are easy to read in little bits or in bigger chunks, depending on your agenda
  • Don’t cost an arm and a leg (an affordable price tag in each case.)

You’ll find two broad categories: those that focus specifically on construction management; and those that present general know-how and skills that are of value in construction management too.