Biggest Global Retail Companies in Africa

Biggest African Retail Chains Worldwide Named As Global Powers of Retailing

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Between the release of the Global Powers of Retailing 2010 report and the 2011 report, Shoprite Holdings rocketed from a global ranking of 130 into the 95th position. That would be impressive movement compared to your own country's retailers, but such upward movement on the global retailing stage is truly impressive.

Pic 'n Pay and Massmart Holdings experienced similar upward movement on the 2011, but SPAR group lost significantly in the global retail revenue ranks. Two new South African companies broke onto the Global Powers of Retailing list in 2011. One of the South African newcomers is Woolworths, which is also ranked as one of Australia's largest retail chains.

Each year a “Global Powers of Retailing” report is compiled by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu and STORES Magazine, ranking retailers from all over the world according to total revenue. In 2011, the 14th annual list was released, ranking 250 retailers from 32 different countries.

What follows is the largest retail companies with headquarters in South Africa. This 2011 Global Powers of Retailing list reflects the revenue that was generated in 2009, which was still a year of intense global retailing recession.

Largest Retail Companies in Africa

Top South Africa Global Retail Ranking #95 - Shoprite Holdings Ltd.

Apparel/Footwear Specialty, Convenience/Forecourt Store, Drug Store/Pharmacy, Home Improvement, Hypermarket/Supercenter/Superstore, Other Specialty, Supermarket

Ranking #130 - Pick 'n Pay

Ranking #138 - Massmart Holdings Ltd.
Cash & Carry Warehouse Club
Massmart Consumer Websites:

Ranking #211 - SPAR Group

Ranking #245 - Metcash Trading Africa (Pty) Ltd
Cash and Carry/Warehouse Club

Ranking #248 - Woolworths Holdings Limited
Department Store

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