The 9 Best Wireless Chargers of 2022

Power up your devices without creating clutter

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Wireless chargers are a great way to keep your devices juiced up without creating more clutter on your desk. The best options are not only designed well and made from quality materials, but they also provide plenty of power to bring your smartphone to full charge. Many wireless chargers are capable of charging phones through protective cases, and some models can deliver up to 10W of power to compatible phones. 

If you need to keep multiple devices charged throughout the day, go with one that has either a module for smartwatches or an additional charging pad. Some models even allow for both wireless and wired charging of multiple devices. Whether you need a quick-charging option or a more stylish pick, here are the best wireless chargers available today.

Best Overall: Belkin Boost Up Charging Stand

The Belkin Boost Up Charging Stand gives you an excellent balance between style and fast, wireless charging. Its design allows for horizontal or vertical placement so you can respond to messages while charging your phone. It measures 3.9 x 4.3 inches, making it small enough to tuck away in the corner of your desk. With Qi-enabled wireless charging capabilities, your iOS and Android smartphones will power up faster than with standard plug-in chargers; the stand also provides up to 10W of power to compatible iPhones and 5W to all other Qi-enabled smartphones.

You also won't have to take your phone out of its case when charging it; the stand can connect to your phone's battery through cases up to 3mm thick. Even more, the face of the charging stand features a non-slip surface to keep your phone securely in place.

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Best for Apple Users: Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Dock

Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Dock

Courtesy of Walmart

If you're a diehard Apple user, the Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Dock is the perfect choice for you. It has a vertical pad for iPhone 8 and newer smartphones as well as a module for charging your Apple Watch. If you need to top up your iPad's battery, there is a USB port on the side where you can plug in a standard charging cable to power all your devices at once.

This charging dock supports both nightstand mode and alarm mode for your Apple Watch, allowing you to easily set up alarms and read the time in case you oversleep. It also comes in two sleek colors: white and black.

Best for Samsung Users: Samsung Wireless Charger Stand

For Samsung users, this Samsung Wireless Charger Stand is the best option for powering up your Galaxy Note 10 or newer phone. It supports both horizontal and vertical placement and allows for power transfers up to 15W, meaning you'll get to full charge faster. If you prefer traditional wall charging, it comes packaged with a USB-C cable for equally fast charging. 

The back of the unit also features a cooling fan to help dissipate waste heat for safer, more efficient charging. You can control the fan as well as the LED charging indicator light with the companion app on your smartphone.

Best Budget: Anker PowerWave Stand

A great, cost-effective option, the Anker PowerWave Stand will charge your iOS, Android, or Google smartphone and supports both vertical and horizontal placement. It features multi-point safety measures to protect the stand and your phone from damage caused by overheating, short-circuiting, and power surges. 

It also has foreign object detection to prevent items like metal cases or credit cards from interfering with the stand. Plus, it can power phones through cases up to 5mm thick, so you won't need to remove them. Delivering power up to 10W, the stand is optimized for fast charging Samsung devices but also works with Apple's fast charging technology.

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Best Splurge: Nomad Base Station Hub

The Nomad Base Station Hub is a high-end yet stylish choice. This charging pad measures 7.6 x 2 x 10.3 inches, allowing you to charge two phones at once; additional USB Type-A and USB-C ports let you connect two other devices. The top of the pad is also made of recycled leather, and the aluminum frame ensures long-lasting durability. 

The thin, flat design of the pad makes it perfect for slipping in a drawer when not in use. Three magnetic coils give you more surface area for charging, meaning you can place your devices in any orientation. The coils can also deliver up to 10W of power to two devices at once, and the two USB ports can deliver up to 7.5W.

Best for Multiple Devices: Logitech 3-in-1 Charging Dock

The Logitech 3-in-1 Charging Dock is designed for professionals who use multiple devices during their workday. It features both a stand and pad for charging phones and a module for Apple Watches, though the pad can also charge AirPods and the case.

The stand and pad are optimized for fast charging technology, delivering up to 10W of power to compatible smartphones. A 5-foot power cable lets you place the charging dock anywhere on your desk, further away from wall outlets. Note that the stand only supports vertical placement, but the charging pad allows you to freely use your phone while it charges. 

Best Compact: Anker PowerWave 15 Pad

Measuring just 3.5 x 0.4 inches, the Anker PowerWave 15 Pad features an incredibly compact design. This makes it perfect for slipping into a bag when traveling for work or tucking away in a desk corner when not in use. If you don't want to spend all day waiting for your phone to charge, this device gives you a full battery up to 40 minutes faster than other models. 

It supports both USB-C and Quick Charge power inputs to deliver up to 10W to compatible smartphones. The pad can also charge phones through cases up to 5mm thick, and the non-slip surface keeps your phone securely in place.

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Best for Style: Native Union Dock Wireless Charger

The Native Union Dock Wireless Charger is available in six different colors; and it comes in woven textile, genuine Italian leather, or imitation terrazzo. The stand elevates your phone for optimal viewing and supports both horizontal and vertical placement.

Built for long-lasting durability, it's made with precision-engineered steel and has a 6.5-foot braided power cable to prevent it from bending and tangling. With dual coils, it gives more surface area for charging as well as power delivery up to 10W through cases up to 3mm thick. The stand is also equipped with thermal protection technology to protect the charger and your phone from excess heat.

Best Quick Charge: RAVPower Fast Wireless Charger

The RAVPower Fast Wireless Charger is designed for those who can't wait around all day for their devices to charge. It's capable of bringing your smartphone, smartwatch, or wireless earbuds and case to full power in as little as 30 minutes.

This unit is powerful enough to transmit up to 10W of power through cases up to 8mm thick (including Otterbox and LifeProof cases). It features a number of thermal protection measures including an aluminum alloy heatsink and silicone insulators. Even more, both the top and bottom of the pad have non-slip silicone strips to keep the pad and your phone securely in place.

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