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Help buyers visualize your space and choose your listing

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When looking at listings, it’s often difficult for buyers to visualize a space if it’s empty. Virtual staging companies help real estate agents produce renderings of interior spaces to show home-buyers how a home can potentially look based on furnishings and decor.

Virtual staging companies can help increase traffic to listings, raise the sales price of the property, and catch more seller leads who are impressed with the product. 23% of sellers’ agents reported an increase of 1% to 5% of the dollar value offered by buyers, in comparison to similar homes.

We researched more than a dozen virtual staging companies before we selected our top choices. We reviewed each based on their features, turnaround time, price, reviews, and more. Here are our top picks.

The 7 Best Virtual Staging Companies of 2022: Enhance Listing Photos

Best Overall : PadStyler



Located in Austin, Texas, and staffed with interior designers and virtual stagers, PadStyler is a virtual staging company that has virtually styled over 50,000 homes. The company focuses on lighting, shadows, and 3D photos to enhance realism. Free revisions, same-day delivery, and a money-back guarantee, as well as live chat customer support, are some of their features. PadStyler works with real estate agents, builders, home sellers, and landlords and helps them sell the vision to prospective buyers and renters. From small homes to large commercial buildings, PadStylers covers it all. 

Some of PadStyler's features include:

  • Virtual furniture replacement
  • Help from professional interior designers
  • Same-day turnaround for some virtual staging services 
  • Virtual remodeling including wall removal, paint colors, and flooring changes
  • 3D indoor and outdoor architectural renderings to showcase pre-construction projects
  • Fully furnished 3D floor plans to showcase the best use of the space
  • Real estate photography
  • Free virtual tour with every order
  • Hundreds of decor choices

Pricing is as follows:

  • $79 per virtual staging image with discounts available for bulk purchases
  • $199 per floor for 3D floor plans
  • Same-day services and add-ons are additional, and custom packages are available 

PadStyler is our choice for best overall virtual staging company because of its quick turnaround, numerous features, and positive reviews. Customers particularly like the company’s speed, ability to make free changes, and getting exactly what they’re promised.

Runner-Up, Best Overall : BoxBrownie



BoxBrownie is an Australian company that specializes in worldwide virtual staging, image enhancement, virtual renovations, and photo editing. The company’s global team of experts offers 24-hour turnaround times and focuses on large and small commercial and residential properties. They also offer online retail image staging and magazine-ready automotive photo editing and copywriting services including product descriptions. 

Some of BoxBrownie's features include:

  • Turning external property photos from day to dusk
  • Photo retouching surfaces including removing clutter from the background
  • Photo enhancements and renderings
  • Development site plans
  • Adding virtual furniture and decor to rooms
  • Floor plans
  • 360° tours 
  • Virtual staging images in different styles, such as Urban or Scandinavian

Pricing is as follows:

  • $24 per virtual staging photo with additional treatments like item removal and image enhancement at an additional cost
  • $24 to $32 for floor plan re-drawings
  • $24 to $176 for virtual renovations
  • $28 and up for copywriting services
  • $48 and up for 360° virtual staging
  • $16 to $24 for 360° virtual tours
  • Custom packages can be made and the prices vary

We chose BoxBrownie as our runner-up based on their robust features, including a dusk-to-dawn photo option, as well as their reasonable prices.

Best for Quick Turnaround : VRX Staging

VRX Staging

VRX Staging

VRX Staging is part of VRX Media Group and was founded in 2016 in Wisconsin. The company specializes in both indoor and outdoor virtual staging, as well as local real estate photography. It’s typically used by residential real estate agents who want to show potential buyers a staged house without the expense of actually staging it. It also works with condos, apartments, and single family homes. 

Some of the company’s features include:

  • Virtual staging photos
  • Outdoor area staging
  • Next-day delivery times
  • Furniture addition and removal
  • Paint color changes
  • Virtual twilight
  • Blue sky and green grass revisions

Pricing is as follows:

  • $29 per virtual staging image
  • $55 for virtual staging image plus furniture removal
  • $15 per image for paint color changes
  • $10 per image for virtual twilight
  • $5 per image for blue sky and green grass additions
  • If you need additional edits or customization then the prices are available upon request

VRX Staging is our choice for the best virtual staging company with a quick turnaround time because it offers next-day turnaround with affordable prices and has many positive customer reviews. Customers particularly like the company’s timely delivery of work, responsive support team, and the value they offer for the money they charge.

Best for Luxury Properties : Virtually Staging Properties

Virtually Staging Properties

Virtually Staging Properties

Started by a real estate agent and a professional home stager in Atlanta, Georgia, Virtually Staging Properties is both a virtual staging company and a marketing tool. It aims to increase buyer traffic by offering inviting staged rooms with a focus on realism. Virtually Staging Properties strives to make a good first impression and help your listing stand out among a sea of real estate photographs. The company offers traditional staging services in the Atlanta area and virtual staging services worldwide for properties of all sizes. 

Some of the company's key features include:

  • Realistic virtual staging with photos that look real—not staged
  • Typical turnaround time is two business days
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Traditional local staging services
  • They don’t offer furniture removal or wall or floor covering changes

Prices are as follows:

  • Express virtual staging starting at $39 per photo with a gallery of furniture to select, but there are no edits and no interaction with stagers
  • Custom virtual staging starting at $60 per photo with furniture selected by a team of experts with your input, and one round of edits is included
  • VSP Pro virtual staging is a package for professional stagers and interior designers, and prices and details are available upon demand

We chose Virtually Staging Properties as our best virtual staging company for luxury properties because of its attention to detail, photo quality, satisfaction guarantee, and quick turnaround time. Typically, luxury agents also have a higher marketing budget for their listings and can take advantage of some of the custom photo options. Customers report getting beautiful photos and seeing increases in buyer traffic after using the company's virtual staging services.

Best Extra Features : Virtual Staging Solutions

Virtual Staging Solutions

 Virtual Staging Solutions

Virtual Staging Solutions is a global virtual staging company used by professionals in 120 countries. It’s used for all types and sizes of homes and is used by premier real estate professionals, including companies such as Greystar and Compass. Virtual Staging Solutions offers virtual staging for furnished and unfurnished homes and also provides large glossy prints that can be displayed in the subject property or an office. The company’s goals include increasing home values, decreasing market time, and impressing sellers.

Some of the features include:

  • Virtual home staging with both vacant and furnished rooms, including decluttering and furniture removal in photos
  • Furniture that clients or designers choose with changeable colors
  • Virtual remodeling with wall color changes, flooring upgrades, and new cabinets and countertops
  • Virtual construction based on floor plans and finishes
  • Physical prints to display in the home 
  • One- to two-day turnarounds
  • Pro packages that include ceiling light fixtures, invoices, VIP support, custom furniture options, and more

Prices are as follows:

  • $300 for four virtual staging photos
  • $375 for five photos
  • $159 per remodel photo
  • $299 per construction photo
  • $15 to $55 per photo for physical photos printed on high-quality photo paper

We chose Virtual Staging Solutions as our virtual staging company with the best extra features because it offers comprehensive packages and unique à la carte services like furniture color changes, light fixture additions, and flooring changes. The company also has positive reviews from customers who have used photos at open houses to get more traffic, including clients boasting about multiple offers on virtually staged homes.

Best Do-it-Yourself Option : Visual Stager

Visual Stager

Visual Stager

VisualStager is do-it-yourself (DIY) virtual staging software that lets you stage real estate photos in just a few minutes. It’s headquartered in the Bay Area in California and was founded in 2013. You can easily drag and drop furniture into vacant rooms, but it doesn’t offer as many features as the virtual staging services we reviewed. It was created for real estate agents and brokers, as well as photographers who can use it to enhance their portfolio. The company offers over 4,000 pieces of furniture to choose from and also has a program for people who want to resell the staged photos and tools for agents to create a single property website. 

VisualStager features include:

  • Do-it-yourself staging with furniture and accessories to choose from
  • Geared toward vacant or mostly vacant rooms 
  • Can be used by agents, photographers, and resellers
  • Virtual furniture removal services
  • Works inside your browser with no installation needed
  • Stage on-site with buyers from your phone or tablet

Pricing is as follows:

  • Pay-as-you-go pricing options with a credit system
  • Generally 10 credits are needed for a standard photo which costs $15
  • You can buy 50 credits for $59 or 100 credits for $99
  • Add-ons like furniture removal and 360° photos are additional
  • There are many pricing options, so it’s best to contact them for specific details and bulk pricing

We chose VisualStager as our best do-it-yourself virtual staging company because of its ease of use, positive reviews, and reasonable prices. The software is great for agents and sellers who want to be hands-on and may not have the budget or time for virtual staging services. It’s also ideal if you have an empty room and want to quickly show how it would look furnished. VisualStager received positive reviews from customers with highlights including how easy it is to use the software, the reasonable price, realistic designs, and that it’s constantly improving and updating.

Best Shoppable Option : roOomy



Using 3D, virtual, mixed, and augmented reality, roOomy helps revisualize a space in its best light. The company is located in Holland, and uses patented technology to help sellers, home furnishing retailers, and real estate agents. It offers visualization tools such as 3D modeling, renderings, and try-before-you-buy options for virtual furnishings. Amazon and Avalon use its services, which are great for anyone who loves interior design. The company also offers services for homes for rent and sale and has an app that allows for additional customizations.

Some of the features include:

  • Shoppable rooms where you can purchase items that are used to stage a room, such as a couch or an area rug
  • Augmented and virtual reality as well as 3D home tours and renderings
  • Custom services available on their app
  • Virtually staged, shoppable walkthroughs of each room
  • High-resolution photos
  • Dedicated account management team 

Prices for roOomy are as follows:

  • $49 for one photo without rework
  • $69 for one photo with rework
  • $434 to $1,754 for Matterport Tours, depending on square footage

We chose roOomy as our best virtual staging company that offers a shoppable option. It makes it easy to purchase all of the furniture and decor items that you see in a room. If a buyer sees an item that they like, they can purchase the item easily and put it in their new space. Customers like that they offer quick turnaround times and many custom options, and roOomy helps increase their marketing presentation’s value.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Virtual Staging Company?

A virtual staging company is a business that employs stagers and interior designers to help real estate agents, brokers, and sellers stage a property virtually through artistic renderings and 3D drawings. The company may edit shadows and light in photos, declutter rooms virtually, and suggest the best layouts and types of furniture for certain rooms.

Typically, the company has access to a large virtual inventory of furniture and accessories to choose from, may offer photo editing services, and tries to create an inviting space that makes people want to see the property in person. Virtual staging is a more affordable alternative to traditional staging.

How Does Virtual Staging Work?

Virtual staging works by digitally placing images of furniture, decor, and accessories in images of homes that are either vacant, partially furnished, cluttered, or outdated. Virtual staging services are also used to create spaces from floor plans and blueprints and show what a new construction project will look like once finished. There are typically two types of virtual staging: DIY software or companies that hire designers and stagers to assist you in staging the space. 

Real estate agents, brokers, photographers, builders, landlords, and home sellers use virtual staging services to make their listing photos more attractive. Using virtual staging companies, they can choose furniture and decor and sometimes even change paint colors and flooring. Digital photographs of their virtually staged spaces can then be purchased for display in an open house, in online marketing, and in listing brochures. These photos can help agents attract more buyers by creating a positive first impression and getting them in the door. They can also help agents attract sellers by showing them a high level of professional service.

How Much Does Virtual Staging Cost?

Virtual staging companies offer diverse features at multiple different price points. Typically, the property owner or the agent will pay for the services and photos upfront. Prices can range from $5 for an add-on feature to $15 for a do-it-yourself photo to over $300 for a package of virtual staging services. You generally can purchase individual photos, buy them in bulk for a discount, and add services individually or purchase a package that includes add-ons such as paint color changes and furniture removal. Many companies also offer money-back guarantees if clients aren’t satisfied with their staged photos.

Is Virtual Staging Worth the Cost?

Virtual staging services are typically well worth the investment, as they’re significantly lower than traditional staging costs and help make a good first impression that brings buyers in the front door, as well as impressing sellers and potential clients. Virtual staging is especially worthwhile for luxury properties, vacant properties, pre-construction projects, and properties that are cluttered with tenant or owner belongings. 

Before deciding if virtual staging services are worth it for your listing, consider who will be paying for them—you, your broker, or the seller, and then what the staging budget is. Also, think about how the photos will be used (open houses, office meetings, online marketing, and brochures, etc.). Most homebuyers browse online before they see any homes in person, so a good first impression can go a long way.

How We Chose the Best Virtual Staging Companies

We chose the best virtual staging companies after researching more than a dozen different reputable companies. We reviewed each for factors including ease of use, turnaround time, customer reviews, features, and pricing. We focused our list on companies that offer robust features and one or more unique factors that set them apart in their category. From these considerations, we selected the best virtual staging companies.

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