The 7 Best Virtual Personal Assistant Services of 2020

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Virtual personal assistant services help business owners, executives, and entrepreneurs outsource time-consuming tasks, saving them time and money they can use to run their business. 

Virtual assistants
(VAs) can assist with simple tasks like scheduling appointments and handling simple correspondence to writing social media marketing campaigns and acting as a business’s customer support. Best of all, because they can accomplish tasks handled by multiple employees without needing to be paid a salary or benefits, virtual assistants can save business owners up to 78% on operating costs each year.

We looked at over a dozen virtual personal assistant services and chose the best based on skills offered, price, ease of use, and more. Here are our top picks. 

The Best Virtual Personal Assistant Services

Time etc: Best Overall

Time etc

Time etc 

Founded in 2007, Time etc’s virtual assistant team is led by Penni Pike who served as the personal assistant to Virgin Group founder Richard Branson for 31 years. Today the company offers virtual assistants to over 10,000 companies. We chose it as the best overall because it offers dedicated VAs, unlimited tasks, and the ability to roll over unused hours.

Time etc claims that it offers only U.S.-based VAs with an average of 12 years experience and vetted using a 10-step selection process. Skills offered by VAs include administration and organization, writing, marketing and social media, researching, sales administration, and more.

Time etc users get access to a dedicated virtual assistant who gets to know their business inside and out as well as access to VAs with specific skillsets for no extra cost. There is no limit to how many tasks users can request from their VA and they can even invite friends and colleagues to use their account.          

Time etc lets users request services online or via a mobile app, email, or by phone. Urgent task requests are available at no extra cost, and the company offers a 100% money-back guarantee, same-day turnaround, and the option to cancel services anytime.

Time etc offers virtual assistant packages priced by total monthly hours with no setup costs. The first task is free and any unused hours can be rolled over into the next month for up to 30 days.

  • 10 hours: $270 per month ($27 per hour)
  • 20 hours: $520 per month ($26 per hour)
  • 40 hours: $1,000 per month ($25 per hour)
  • 60 hours: $1,440 per month ($24 per hour)
  • Send unlimited tasks
  • Dedicated U.S. assistant
  • Add extra assistants (free)
  • Add extra users (free)
  • Premium support
  • Unused hours rollover

MyTasker: Runner-Up, Best Overall



India-based MyTasker was founded in 2012 to offer 24/7 virtual assistant services in any country and time zone. We chose it as our runner-up because it offers skilled VAs in a supervised environment, a generous free trial, and flexible pricing.

Rather than relying on a network of work-from-home virtual assistants, MyTasker employs over 100 VAs who work in one office with 24/7 security camera monitoring for additional accountability and security. VA skills include administrative assistance, accounting, writing and editing, web design and development, digital marketing, and IT support.

Unlike other services that offer dedicated virtual assistants to their clients, MyTasker assigns incoming requests to the most qualified VA available. This allows MyTasker to respond quickly to emergency requests. Clients do have the option to get a dedicated, full-time virtual assistant, however, who will also prepare a backup VA with well-documented notes and procedures.

MyTasker can assign an account manager to any user needing VAs with multiple skills. This point of contact will help brainstorm and scope the needs of each user and collaborate on implementation strategies. Users also get access to a secure web portal that allows them to place requests, monitor projects, and even request an interview with an individual assistant.  

MyTasker offers both monthly plans priced by total hours, pay-as-you-go pricing, and pricing for a dedicated, full-time virtual assistant. The company also offers a $1 trial with a relationship manager who will assess the user’s needs and suggest the right plan. Discounts are available for paying for three months, six months, or one year at a time.

Monthly Plans

  • 10 hours: $140 per month
  • 20 hours: $250 per month
  • 40 hours: $450 per month
  • 60 hours: $600 per month
  • 100 hours: $900 per month

Full-Time Virtual Assistant

  • $1,200 per month
  • Available five days a week for any business hours

Pay as You Go

  • $18 per hour

BELAY: Best for Highly Qualified VAs



Originally founded in 2010 to help pastors and churches outsource their administrative work, BELAY has grown into a provider of virtual assistants for small and large businesses nationwide. We chose it as the best for highly qualified VAs because it offers its clients dedicated, U.S.-based, college-educated, career professionals.

BELAY claims that its services are ideal for executives, entrepreneurs, small businesses, attorneys, consultants, and more. The company uses a rigorous search process to find seasoned, remote professionals in the U.S. with proven experience in their careers, including virtual assistants, bookkeepers, website specialists, and social media strategists. BELAY mostly hires assistants with bachelor’s degrees or higher and boasts an acceptance rate lower than Harvard’s.    

BELAY also uses a simple three-step process to onboard new clients. First, they meet with a team member to discuss their needs. Next, a client is assigned a Client Success Consultant who works with them step by step through the process. Finally, the consultant works with the client to find the right talent for their needs.  

BELAY goes above and beyond some of the other services by supplying additional support and education for its clients. The company offers a number of webinars, e-books, downloads, courses, and more to help businesses learn how to use remote workers to help them grow.

BELAY only offers prices for clients who request and complete a full consultation. Third-party sources indicate that the company charges a one-time $495 setup fee with pricing for assistants ranging from $35 to $44 per hour with a minimum of 10 hours per week.

Fancy Hands: Best for Short Tasks

Fancy Hands

Fancy Hands 

Founded in 2010, Fancy Hands offers U.S.-based virtual assistant services to clients and around the world. We chose it as the best for short tasks because it allows users to request quick or recurring tasks as well as a dedicated virtual assistant with budget-friendly pricing. 

Fancy Hands offers two types of requests. A standard request is for a maximum of 20 minutes of work, is answered in less than 24 hours, and is best for research or tasks that involve a lot of back and forth. If a request takes longer than 20 minutes, the assistant will communicate with the client to discuss how many requests it will use up and request approval. 

Live requests connect users with an assistant via text or webchat for requests up to a maximum of 10 minutes of work. Live requests are charged by the minute so a request that takes 12 minutes will count as two requests, leaving the user eight more minutes for their second request. 

Users can also request recurring tasks that can be set to repeat daily, weekly, monthly, or on weekdays. Fancy Hands will also send an email one day prior giving users the option to skip or stop the request completely. Any unused requests are rolled over into the next month.

Like most virtual assistant services, Fancy Hands offers monthly pricing by the total amount of requests. Users can also request a dedicated VA billed by the minute that they can communicate using any tools they prefer (email, Slack, etc.).

Standard and Live Requests

  • Three requests: $17.99 per month ($6 per request)
  • Five requests: $29.99 per month ($6 per request)
  • 15 requests: $74.99 per month ($5 per request)
  • 30 requests: $149.99 per month ($5 per request)
  • Up to 20 minutes of work
  • Rollover requests
  • Referring new users get free months
  • Usage stats
  • Recurring requests
  • Third-party integrations
  • VIP customer service

WoodBows: Best Service Guarantee



The mission of WoodBows is to “free up as much time as possible for business owners, entrepreneurs, and executives.” The company boasts over 1,000 clients and a 98.4% client retention rate. We chose it as the best service guarantee because it offers its customers a staggering 200% money-back guarantee.

WoodBows provides dedicated, English-speaking virtual assistants in the U.S., Philippines, and India. The company selects only the top 3% of the VA applicants it receives and only hires college-educated candidates with 10 or more years of experience in their fields. WoodBows virtual assistants are available for bookkeeping, accounting, real estate, software development, digital and social media marketing, customer support, writing, and graphic and web design.

Every WoodBows client is assigned a dedicated virtual assistant who can be reached by video, phone, or web chat any time of the day or night. Dedicated VAs are also responsible for managing other assistants with specific skills so clients don’t have to worry about interviewing or selecting multiple assistants. 

All VAs work from well-supervised offices and offer 24/7 support. Most importantly, if a client is not satisfied with their experience, WoodBows will refund 200% of the money the client spent during that month.

WoodBows offers pricing for both U.S.-based virtual assistants and VAs based in the Philippines and India.

Philippines/India-Based VAs

4 Hours Weekly Plan

  • $49.90 per week ($12.48 per hour)
  • Additional hours: $13.99 per hour
  • Four hours of task work
  • Dedicated, part-time virtual assistant
  • Dedicated, U.S.-based account manager
  • No contract; cancel anytime
  • Staff tracking system
  • Work in any time zone
  • Video chat/call with virtual team

10 Hours Weekly Plan

  • $99.90 per week ($9.99 per hour)
  • Additional hours: $12.99 per hour
  • 10 hours of task work
  • All 4 Hours Weekly Plan features

U.S.-Based VAs

5 Hours Weekly Plan

  • $149.90 per week ($29.99 per hour)
  • Additional hours: $34.99 per hour
  • Five Hours of Task Work
  • Dedicated, part-time U.S. virtual assistant
  • Dedicated, U.S.-based account manager
  • No contract; cancel anytime
  • Staff tracking system
  • Work in any time zone
  • Video chat/call with virtual team

10 Hours Weekly Plan

  • $299.99 per week ($29.99 per hour)
  • Additional hours: $29.99 per hour
  • 10 hours of task work
  • All 5 Hours Weekly Plan features

Uassist.ME: Best for Bilingual VAs



El Salvador-based Uassist.ME was founded in 2009 to offer bilingual English/Spanish virtual assistants who are highly skilled in secretarial and administrative duties. We chose it as the best for bilingual VAs because it specializes in fully bilingual, dedicated, college-graduated virtual assistants.

Uassist.ME offers virtual assistants in the areas of technology, real estate, consultancy, design, development, advertising, and more. In addition to being fully bilingual in Spanish and English, its VAs are college-educated and well-versed with U.S. culture, with most having either studied or lived in the U.S.

Users can choose between a full-time assistant and a full-time support team. While a full-time assistant is equivalent to a dedicated VA, a full-time support team offers a point of contact who distributes work between team members. A team lead or full-time assistant can be contacted via phone, email, Skype, WhatsApp, or any form of communication users prefer.

Uassist.ME has gone out of its way to assure U.S. clients of its service reliability since they are based offshore. All VAs work out of supervised offices with reliable VoIP for making calls and multiple dedicated internet connections with multiple backups. 

Uassist.ME offers plans based on virtual assistants, design and development assistants, and industry-specific assistants (e-commerce, real estate, administration). All pricing plans include unlimited calls throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Virtual Assistant Plans

20-Hour Plan

  • $399 per month
  • Fully equipped workstation
  • Direct supervisor
  • U.S. phone number
  • Unlimited U.S. calls

Shared Assistant Plan

  • $959 per month
  • Fully equipped workstation
  • Direct supervisor
  • Dedicated U.S. phone number
  • Unlimited U.S. calls 

Full-Time Assistant Plan

  • $1,598 per month
  • All Shared Assistant Plan features

Full-Time Support Team Plan

  • $1,798 per month
  • Team captain
  • Custom package of services for administrative solutions
  • Workforce redundancy
  • Fully equipped workstation
  • Dedicated U.S. phone number
  • Unlimited U.S. calls

Design and Development Plans

20-Hour Package

  • $444 per month
  • Fully equipped workstation
  • Back-up electricity
  • Direct supervisor
  • U.S. phone number
  • Unlimited U.S. calls

40-Hour Package

  • $594 per month
  • All 20-Hour Package features

80-Hour Package

  • $999 per month
  • All 40-Hour Package features
  • Two to four hours per day
  • Backup assistant

Full-Time Package

  • $1,840 per month
  • All 80-Hour Package features
  • Eight hours per day

Industry Solutions


  • $2,000 per month  
  • Customer service
  • Customer care services
  • Back office support

Real Estate

  • $2,000 per month  
  • Customer service
  • Administrative support
  • Advertising support


  • $2,000 per month  
  • Project management
  • Customer support services
  • Bookkeeping, billing, invoicing

Prialto: Best for Executives



Prialto is a U.S.-based virtual assistant company offering virtual assistants for executive teams. The company is headquartered in Portland, Oregon, with a global network of talent in Asia and Central America. We chose it as the best for executives because it focuses exclusively on providing virtual administrative assistants to executives, entrepreneurs, and businesses.  

Prialto differs from the other providers we reviewed because it only offers VAs for executive teams, business owners, sales professionals, high-growth startups, service professionals, and real estate professionals. Rather than assigning a single virtual assistant, the company offers clients a team with a project manager, primary assistant, back-up assistant, and an internal manager.

Prialto trains its virtual assistants to be proficient in popular administrative tools and tasks. Once a client is onboarded, the company will work with users to get their assistant trained on any specific processes. Assistants can be reached via email, chat, or phone and are monitored and coached for quality as needed. 

All of Prialto’s virtual assistants work in offices secured with desktop monitoring, security cards, IP restrictions, video monitoring, and more. Additionally, all client processes are documented and a back-up is trained if a client’s primary assistant is sick or on vacation. 

Prialto offers simple pricing without any extra fees or hourly charges. Rates are $1,200 per month and include at least 55 hours per month of support (about 2.5 hours per day), no overage fees if a client is over by 10% to 15% on a day or in a month, an engagement manager, and a trained back-up VA.

What Is a Virtual Personal Assistant Service?

A virtual assistant service offers skilled remote assistants who can help business owners with a variety of tasks they would otherwise have to do themselves or pay an employee to do. This can be anything from responding to emails and customer service requests to updating a website or offering technical support.

Most services offer their clients either a dedicated virtual assistant and access to assistants with other skills as needed or a dedicated virtual assistant who can organize and outsource tasks outside of their skillset for the client.   

How Do Virtual Personal Assistant Services Work?

Virtual personal assistant services start by setting up a meeting with a client to scope their needs. Then the service either assigns a dedicated assistant who matches those skills or an account manager who can delegate tasks to the right individuals.

Virtual assistant services make it easy for users to request tasks directly with their VA by email, phone, or chat. These services offer pricing plans based on the total number of hours users can request each month or week. 

Virtual assistant services focus on offering educated and trained professionals who can handle nearly any task capably and professionally. Since many services are located outside of the U.S., they strive to provide English-speaking assistants who are available during U.S. business hours and often work in secure and supervised offices.   

How Much Do Virtual Personal Assistant Services Cost?

Personal assistant services are offered in monthly plans priced by the total amount of requests, usually translated as hours, available to a client each month. Pricing ranges between $14 to $44 per hour with the smallest package available coming in at around 10 hours per month.

Higher-priced packages typically reflect additional available hours and sometimes include additional features, like a back-up assistant and an account manager. Assistants with other skillsets are often available for an additional hourly rate as needed.   

Are Virtual Personal Assistant Services Worth the Cost?

Small business owners are often caught at that tipping point between having too much to do every day that distracts them from their business and not enough money to hire full-time employees to handle the overflow work instead.

A virtual assistant can bridge that gap by handling a variety of tasks as needed for a reasonable hourly rate, freeing up time for owners to focus on the work that helps their business grow. Even many large businesses employ VAs rather than taking on the expense of full-time salaried assistants.    

How We Chose the Best Virtual Personal Assistant Services

We looked at over a dozen personal assistant services for this review. We made sure to choose providers with well-trained and educated assistants whether they were based in the U.S. or in another country. Reliability was also an important consideration, so providers that offered security, supervision, project managers, and backup assistants were also high on our list.

Finally, we wanted to find providers with affordable rates and multiple pricing plans that could meet the needs of both small and large businesses. The point of a virtual assistant is to save businesses time and money while helping them get more done. As a result, it didn’t make sense to choose service with exorbitant fees beyond the budget of most small businesses.

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