The Best Times to Post on Twitter for Maximum Effectiveness

Best time to post to Twitter
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Twitter is a dominant social media platform with over 300 million active monthly users who tweet out a crazy five-hundred billion tweets per day! Beyond the professional athletes and entertainers who drove its growth in earlier days, can internet marketers justify their own involvement here?

In a nutshell, the answer is yes.

Increasingly, sharp online entrepreneurs recognize Twitter's potential for boosting traffic, raising brand awareness, generating leads and increasing sales. Cynics may ask what can be done with one-hundred forty-four (144) character tweets. In fact, you can do an awful lot, especially if you maximize the timing of your posts. Fortunately, online entrepreneurs can increasingly tap into Twitter analytics on a real-time basis.

General Twitter Timing Facts

Twitter is one of the most heavily monitored social networks in the world, with Tweroid, Followerwonk and other analysis tools leading the way.

Online businesses are 24/7 with a global reach, but the following general, time zone-independent observations about Twitter may provide some valuable insights to guide your social media marketing strategy on Twitter:

  • The highest average click-through rates (CTR) occurs between Mondays and Thursdays, 1 pm and 3 pm, with no specific peak times. This would be the ideal time to post if your goal is to get people to click-through to your website or landing page.
  • The worst time for posting appears to be weekend evenings (after 8 pm), and Fridays after 3 pm. These times coincide with the lowest amount of engagement, clicks, re-tweets, etc.
  • Tweets with images are most effective. Be sure to use good images in your marketing strategy.

    Also notable is the increased effectiveness of using images, as tweets with images result in:

    • 36% more click-throughs
    • 31% increase in website visits
    • 41% more retweets
    • 48% increase in tweets being favorited
    • 33% increase in visitor to lead conversions

    Catering Your Tweet Schedule to Your Specific Audience

    In the workplace, to have your tweets seen, read, shared and acted upon, you'll want to post them around lunchtime. That's when a lot of people enter the Twittersphere to check what's going on. If they haven't looked at your tweet by 3 pm, chances are they won't be seen. This is especially true on Fridays when employees' thoughts have already turned to the weekend. Evenings after 8 pm are also poor times to draw in your target audience.

    You can also try posting early morning; as this is a time a lot of people will do a quick social media check-in before starting their day.

    Business to Business (B2B) marketing is slightly different. In this case, weekdays (Monday to Friday) are 15-20% better for meaningful engagement. In addition, 5 pm (most retweets) and 6 pm (best CTR) tweets are recommended, because the '5 to 7' crowd includes many motivated entrepreneurs looking to catch up on the latest news. Perhaps surprisingly, Business to Consumer (B2C) Twitter activity is best on Wednesdays and on the weekend; consumers like engaging with brands outside the workweek and on the traditional grocery shopping day.

    The same is true when dealing with a hobby / personal interest type of market; where people are more likely to engage on the weekend.

    Link-based tweets work best, and based on the above percentages, it appears to be worth the effort to add images whenever appropriate. There are services online that make Twitter scheduling especially easy, allowing you to concentrate on your message.

    Linking Twitter Use to Commuting Time

    Twitter appears to be more popular at school, work, and in transit. The '9 to 5' crowd often uses commuting time between home and work to interact with their mobile devices, especially with social media. Public transit users, in particular, have anywhere from one to three hours daily to kill, so Twitter becomes a prime source of vital information (note: We strongly recommend not tweeting or reading tweets while driving).

    Of course, the best recommendation is to look at your own analytics to keep track of the best days and times for you to tweet and engage with your specific audience. This is also true of other social media networks you may be using, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram - you can get a tremendous amount of insights and data based on how your own audience interacts with your brand.

    Final Thoughts on Twitter Marketing

    The formula for successful Twitter marketing is actually quite simple:

    1. Write great tweets.
    2. Time your tweets well.
    3. Measure (test) your Twitter performance.
    4. Make the appropriate adjustments.

    It makes sense to time your tweets so that your best content gets in front of the right eyeballs. It can mean the difference between great success and repetitive failure. Given the nature of internet commerce and marketing, social media timing today merits a serious look. Review Twitter basics and your posting schedule to better reach and satisfy your target audience.

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