The 7 Best Standing Desk Mats of 2022

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There are many benefits to using a standing desk over a traditional sitting desk, but standing too long can be uncomfortable. That’s why it’s smart to pair your desk with a standing desk mat. Whether you’re looking for something basic and affordable or want the most ergonomic option, here are the best standing desk mats to consider.

Best Overall: Sky Solutions Anti Fatigue Mat

If you've never used a standing desk mat before, but find yourself feeling sore after standing all day, the Sky Solutions Anti Fatigue Mat will likely meet your needs. It’s ideal for relieving knee, back, and foot pain, yet it's reasonably priced.

Made of a foam that is equally supportive and soft, this mat has a non-slip backing, so you won’t have to worry about accidentally tripping over it. The mat also comes in nine different colors, including Chocolate Brown, Grey, and Midnight Black, along with several patterned options. Plus, it's available in three different sizes.

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Best Splurge: Ergodriven Topo Comfort Mat

For those committed to using a standing desk on a regular basis, it’s worth splurging on the Ergodriven Topo Comfort Mat. Unlike most standing desk mats, this one isn’t flat. Made of polyurethane, a substance that's engineered with both micro and macro movements, the mat shifts your feet slightly as it sits underneath so your legs won't feel stiff or fatigued. You can also stretch your legs or massage your heels and arch on the mat's raised surface for even more relief. Better yet, polyurethane is durable and easy to clean.

Sized at 29 by 26 inches, the mat is thick at 2.7 inches high. It’s also easy to tuck under your desk when you're finished with work for the day.

Best Gel: GelPro Carlyle Designer Comfort Mat

New Life by GelPro Carlyle Designer Comfort Mat

If you like the soft yet supportive feeling of a gel mat, opt for the GelPro Carlyle Comfort Mat. The foam core is nearly an inch thick and is designed to hold firm with its stain-resistant polyurethane surface. This allows you to stand as long as you need to, whether you're using it in your office or kitchen. The mat also wins points for style: It has a classic gingham print with 12 different colors available including Winter Grey, Navy, and a cheerful Grapefruit pink. 

There are several sizes available to accommodate most spaces, and the mat is even made in the United States.

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Best Anti-Fatigue: Royal Anti Fatigue Comfort Floor Mat

While using a standing desk can help you focus, it can leave your body feeling tired at the end of a long day. So, opt for a desk mat specifically designed to prevent fatigue, like the Royal Comfort Floor Mat. It can relieve up to 40 percent of the pressure on the delicate joints of your knees, feet, and legs. 

Measuring 20 by 32 inches, the mat functions well on a variety of flooring types, whether you have wood, marble, or laminate. While soft, it shouldn’t slip, fold, or bend. Note that one major drawback is that pointed or stiletto heels will cause the mat to puncture.

Best Active Mat: FluidStance Balance Board

The FluidStance Balance Board is an excellent product I’ve personally tried. It not only functions as a standing mat but also as a piece of fitness equipment that helps strengthen muscles and improve balance.

The 24 by 12-inch mat is shaped like a curved skateboard without wheels, so it gives you a little bit of height. People of shorter stature can even use it to turn any bar height table into a standing workstation. However, if your countertop is lower, it may be necessary to use a standing desk converter.

When you’re finished with work, you can use the board to spin or twist, working the oblique muscles. Or, simply stand on it while lifting weights or doing other exercises

Best Budget: ComfiLife Anti Fatigue Floor Mat

The ComfiLife Anti Fatigue Floor Mat is an affordable yet high-quality option. Measuring almost an inch thick, the high-density foam reduces discomfort throughout the lower body and back, even while standing for an extended period of time.

You can also work while wearing shoes on this mat as the surface is antimicrobial. This is key as bacteria or fungi from the bottom of shoes can cause or aggravate foot conditions such as athlete’s foot. Even more, the mat is stain- and puncture-resistant.

In addition to this 20 by 32-inch option, there are various sizes available, as well as colors like Beige, Black, and Red.

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Best Non-Flat: Ergohead Standing Desk Mat

An excellent non-flat option, the Ergohead Standing Desk Mat features a patent-pending design that supports more than 10 different positions. Made of a calculated terrain, it encourages users to move more than they would on a flat mat. This prevents standing in one position for too long, which stresses the muscles and joints. 

Uniquely designed, this mat has different zones for a variety of purposes. The center teardrop bump, for instance, allows the feet to rest when tired and relieves pain from the knees if they’re feeling slightly locked up. The flat anti-fatigue zone is designed to give your feet a rest from the hard floor. The back ramp facilitates stretching of the calves, while the firm raised corners help massage the feet and ankles. 

This standing desk mat measures 26 by 28 inches and is also easy to slide under a desk.

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