The 6 Best Shoe Shine Kits of 2020

For dress shoes that always look sharp

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Dress shoes are expensive, and if you wear them every day for work, they can really start to show some wear and tear. Polishing your shoes is a great way to not only restore the look of the leather but condition it, too. Most quality polishes contain waxes and conditioning ingredients that can soften and restore the suppleness of your most-loved leather shoes, as well as provide some water-resistant properties to improve their durability. 

If you've already spent some money on a good pair of dress shoes, it makes sense to invest in a shoe shine kit that will keep them looking their best. These kits are generally inexpensive and easy to use. Just be sure to test out any new polish on an inconspicuous area or an older shoe before diving in with your most expensive pair.

Whether you're looking for a basic kit that gets the job done or a giftable high-end option, we've got you covered. Read on for our picks of the best shoe shine kits you can buy online.

Best Standard Kit: KIWI Deluxe Shine Kit, Black

KIWI Deluxe Shine Kit M-26
Courtesy of Amazon

There's nothing quite as classic as a pair of shiny black leather dress shoes. If you're looking to breathe some new life into your work wardrobe, this kit from KIWI will give you the shine you want at a hard-to-beat price. It includes two tins of black polish, a 100 percent horsehair dauber and shine brush, and a super-soft shine cloth for those finishing touches. KIWI's polishes are made with carnauba wax to give your leather shoes some extra water resistance, too. 

Best Brushless Kit: Moneysworth & Best Instant Shoe Shine Cream Kit, Black

If you want to quickly spiff up your shoes without pulling out a bunch of brushes or shining clothes, this "instant shine" kit from Moneysworth & Best is the way to go. There's no buffing or brushing required — the container has a dauber sponge built into the lid that allows you to apply the cream polish directly to your shoes. The polish dries quickly, has a shiny finish, and contains ingredients that condition and add water-resistance to the leather. In a matter of minutes, you can revitalize dull shoes to their former glory. Plus, it's the least expensive option on this list. 

Moneysworth & Best also make Instant Shoe Shine Cream Kits in ever-popular light brown and dark brown colors, as well as several other less-conventional shades like navy and burgundy. 

Best Travel Kit: FootFitter Executive Travel Shoe Shine Kit

If you're often on the road for work, you may want to invest in a travel-size shoe shine kit to keep your shoes smudge-free between those important meetings. This seven-piece kit from FootFitter includes one large horsehair shine brush, two stencil daubers, a shine cloth, a seven-inch stainless steel shoe horn, and two tins of FootFitter shoe polish in both black and brown. It's everything you need to keep your shoes looking great, all tucked into one 7.5 x 5 x 3-inch bag. FootFitter's polishes are enriched with beeswax and carnauba to condition and cover any scuffs and scratches in the leather. An added bonus: the hardwood brushes and sleek black case don't look half bad.

Best for Uniforms: Moneysworth & Best Military Shoe Shine Kit, Black

If shined shoes are part of your uniform, military or otherwise, the Military Shoe Shine kit from Moneysworth & Best delivers the professional quality you need. This no-frills travel kit includes a polishing cloth, shining brush, dauber brush, shoe horn, a tin of Moneysworth & Best's Professional Black shoe polish, and a zippered case to hold it all. If you don't wear a uniform, it also makes a high-quality, travel-friendly kit for any other black leather dress shoes. 

Best Brush Kit: FootFitter Classic Shoe Shine Brush Set

If the little brushes included in budget shoe shine kits just don't seem sufficient, you can always buy a separate set to use with the polish of your choice. This German-made, nine-piece brush set from FootFitter delivers luxury quality at a reasonable (and definitely giftable) price. For under $50, you get two full-sized horsehair polishing brushes, two horsehair daubers, one coco-bristled sole-cleaning brush, one seven-inch stainless steel shoehorn, two microfiber shine cloths, and a four-way suede and nubuck tool that has two kinds of cleaning bristles, a rubber crepe suede brush, and a solid stain eraser. This kit will keep all your shoes — not just the shiny leather ones — looking as good as new.

Best Splurge: KIWI Select Shoe Shine Valet Kit

If you've already spent money on your dress shoes, why not spend a little extra to maintain them for the long run? This ten-piece KIWI Select Shoe Shine Valet Kit has everything you need to keep your shoes shined to perfection — including a storage box with a built-in footrest. The kit includes two tins of KIWI Select Premium Paste Polish in brown and black, two horsehair shine brushes, two shine cloths, two sponge daubers, a shoe horn, and of course, that classy-looking wooden storage box. It's like having your own shoe shine station at home (that can be packed into a 12 x 9 x 9-inch box when you're done).