Best Restaurant Reservation Software

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Restaurant reservation software is designed to help restaurants manage the influx of reservations and thus properly allocate the appropriate resources and staff. Some even let guests add special notes on their reservation, track no-shows and cancelations, and provide wait-list features and table management features. 

We reviewed restaurant reservation software and chose reputable companies with deep industry experience and positive overall reviews. We also compared each software’s features, tools, ease-of-use, and third-party integrations. Keep reading to find out which reservation software is best for your restaurant.

Best Restaurant Reservation Software of 2022

Best Overall : Eat App

Eat App

Eat App

Why We Chose It

Eat App is a comprehensive restaurant reservation software with a free trial, multi-platform support, an easy and intuitive interface, and around-the-clock support.

What We Like
  • Available on mobile apps and web browsers

  • Simplifies daily operations with intuitive features

  • 24/7 phone and chat support

What We Don’t Like
  • No enterprise pricing available online

  • POS integration costs extra

Eat App was founded in 2015 with headquarters in Dubai and serves restaurants across the world. It was designed to allow diners to search for and discover new restaurants and make online reservations easily. Its backend offers a seamless experience for restaurant owners, managers, and their staff and provides a digital record of all reservations and reports on the performance of the restaurant. 

Eat App also lets guests make a reservation in real-time and receive a confirmation via email and text they can share with friends and family. The app also lets users update or cancel the reservation, and in some cities, request an Uber to the restaurant directly from the app. 

The software also offers many other useful features, including a floorplan editor, phone integration, an advanced waitlist, data security, and custom messaging. Other features include custom email templates, table capacity management, guest profiles, and databases and reports. 

Eat App offers both Pro and Enterprise tiers. The Pro level is $159 per month but you can save 20% by paying annually. The Enterprise tier is more customized pricing and details are available by speaking to a representative. Eat App also offers optional add-ons for $90 per month, including POS integration, automated guest surveys, contactless dining options, and more.

Best for Customization : Wisely



Why We Chose It

Wisely offers a branded restaurant management experience with loads of customizable features, marketing automation, and integrations.

What We Like
  • Software maps the dining room to optimize operations

  • Integrates with loyalty programs

  • Intuitive interface built by restaurateurs

What We Don’t Like
  • Website is a bit disorganized

  • You have to request pricing information

Founded in 2012, Wisely offers reservation software for restaurants, CRMS, marketing automation, and operations management software. The company believes that personal interactions make people feel valued and designs its products to bridge the gap between customer data and the customer’s experience. 

Wisely makes it easy for guests to book a reservation and join a waitlist with one click, regardless of what platform they used to find your restaurant. Additional features include two-way texting with guests, curbside pickup management, real-time updates, branded landing pages, and loyalty program linking. 

Wisely really focuses on customization, letting you brand all of your materials, text messages, and automatic emails as well as customize guest details and restaurant availability. Wisely can be used with your point of sale (POS) system, on an iPad or iPhone, and on any web browser. Support is available 24/7 and you need to contact them directly for pricing and feature details.

Best Free Option : GloriaFood



Why We Chose It

GloriaFood is a table booking, food ordering, and delivery management system that is free, easy to use, and includes many optional add-ons.

What We Like
  • Lots of features included in the free plan

  • Multiple restaurant services all on one platform

  • Free widgets let customers book a table

What We Don’t Like
  • Outdated website

  • Add-ons aren’t free

  • Customer support is lacking

Founded in 2013 to fill the gap with online orders, GloriaFood serves restaurants around the world. It’s free to use for unlimited locations and offers free online orders as well as restaurant reservations management, deliveries, and dine-in management. There’s no setup fee and you can fill out a form online and get started right away. 

GloriaFood offers a complete online ordering and delivery system that centralizes all dine-in, pick-up, and delivery orders as well as table reservation management. You can take unlimited orders from your mobile app, website, or Facebook page. Customers can also choose table reservations or order ahead with widgets that are easy for customers to find and use. 

GloriaFood also offers menu pictures, vacation mode tools, and detailed reports at no cost. The company also offers paid add-ons, including promo marketing, online credit card payments, a branded mobile app, and a sales-optimized website. Pricing varies for each add-on, ranging from $9 to $59 per month.

Best for Customer Management : Resy

Why We Chose It

Reesy focuses on customer management, has a large guest network, and offers comprehensive features for table management and takeout.

What We Like
  • All plans free through June 2021

  • Easy to use

  • Pre-, post, and during-service features

What We Don’t Like
  • Basic plan lacks POS integration

  • Expensive after free plan ends

Headquartered in New York and founded in 2014, Resy provides back-end software for restaurant reservation management. The company is offering all of its plans free through June 2021. Once that promotion ends, the Basic plan costs $249 per month, the Pro plan runs $399 per month and the Enterprise plan is $899 per month. The company also offers a demo as well as 24/7 customer support.

Some of Resy’s features include a mobile waitlist, website and app booking, and auto-confirmation texts. You can also let customers feel like VIPs by letting them book during certain hours and giving them a table and area choice such as patio, chef’s table, inside seating, and more. 

Reedsy also offers POS integration in all but its Basic plan. You can also set access levels for restaurant staff, management, and owners. Resy can even monitor guest data so you can recommend relevant upsells and alert them of special occasions to increase their positive experience.

Best for Reducing No-Shows : Tock

Why We Chose It

Tock is a full-service restaurant management software that includes reservations, takeout, delivery, and contactless payments as well as a deposit system for reservations to reduce no-shows.

What We Like
  • All-in-one restaurant management system

  • Offers unique experiences like tasting menus

  • Seamless importing from other systems

What We Don’t Like
  • Plus plan charges for prepaid reservations

  • Enterprise plan pricing not available online

Tock was founded in 2014 as a culinary reservation service by a former trader and a restaurant group owner. Its concept is to sell “tickets” to events and for tables at high-end restaurants. It works with restaurants of all sizes as well as wineries, classes, distilleries, breweries, culinary tours, bars, and more. Some of its clients include renowned restaurants all over the world including 1720 in Los Angeles and Z Bar in Chicago. 

Tock uses a system to help reduce no-shows by requiring guests to leave a deposit with their reservation and send them reminder texts as well. The software also manages reservations, takeout, delivery, and events all in one place. You can update your floorplans in real-time and automatically refill cancelations with guests from the waitlist. The software can be used on any device at any time and includes an offline mode in case your Internet connection goes out. 

Tock’s Plus plan is $199 per month plus a 2% prepaid reservation fee. The next tier is the Pro plan for $699 per month with no prepaid reservation fee. Pricing for Tock’s Enterprise plan is customized for each restaurant.

Best for Increasing Reservations : OpenTable



Why We Chose It

The most well-known reservation software on the list, OpenTable has a huge guest network to help give your restaurant more visibility and includes training and an app.

What We Like
  • Popular website and app increase your restaurant’s presence

  • Marketing tools and reservations on one platform

  • 24/7 virtual customer support

What We Don’t Like
  • Plan pricing is confusing

  • POS integration isn’t included in the Basic plan

Founded in 1998, OpenTable started offering reservations to only a select few restaurants in San Francisco. Today, it offers reservations to more than 60,000 restaurants around the world and seats more than 31 million diners via online reservations each month.

In addition to managing online reservations through its site and an app, OpenTable also manages deliveries, takeout, and offers marketing features as well as restaurant management solutions. Features include integration with popular apps and multiple POS systems, flexible table inventory, custom dining floor plans, waitlists, and automatic status updates. 

OpenTable’s Basic plan starts at $29 per month plus service fees, per network cover fees, and reservation fees. The Core plan starts at $249 per month and also charges additional fees. The Pro plan starts at $449 per month plus extra fees. Each plan comes with free online training, virtual support, and certifications.

Final Verdict

Most of the restaurant reservation software that made our list comes with robust features, including branded marketing materials, and two-way communication with guests. Some can also be used on any device and even has downloadable apps for guests and restaurants. 

Overall, we recommend checking out Eat App first because this reservation software is easy to use, comes with a free trial, and has a wide range of helpful tools and features.

Compare Providers

Best Restaurant Reservation Software of 2022
Company Wins For Cost Notable Features
Eat App Best Overall $159 per month Includes an app and floorplan editing tools
Wisely Best for Customization Not disclosed Guests can add their names to a waitlist from anywhere
GloriaFood Best Free Option Free with paid add-ons Offer sales optimized websites with widgets
Resy Best for Customer Management $249 to $399 per month Helpful tools for managing customers
Tock Best for Reducing No-Shows $199 to $699 per month (plus pre-paid reservation fees) Reduces no shows by asking for deposits
OpenTable Best for Increasing Reservations $29 to $449 per month Large diner network helps increase reservations

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Restaurant Reservation Systems Work?

Restaurant reservation systems let guests make reservations online or through an app. The restaurant then receives the reservations and updates table availability in real-time. 

The software typically also sends guests a confirmation of their reservation and lets them add any special requests. Restaurant reservation software also helps keep reservations organized and within business hours and can assist with making the guest experience better. 

What Are the Best Ways to Manage Restaurant Reservations?

Some of the best ways to manage restaurant reservations include: 

  • Ensuring everyone using the system knows how to best use it
  • Having real-time updates
  • Integrating with POS and apps that you use often
  • Having a written cancelation and no show policy and sticking to it
  • Tracking where your reservations come from and spending your marketing dollars accordingly
  • Customizing and branding your communications as much as possible
  • Linking reservation systems with loyalty information
  • Remembering to look at guest notes and details to make sure their meal is special
  • Managing reservation times to suit restaurant capacity and opening hours 

How Much Does Restaurant Reservation Software Cost?

The cost of restaurant reservation software varies as much as the features do. Some of the more basic software is free, while others offer free trials to test out their products before committing to buy. 

The platforms we reviewed range in price from $159 up to over $1,000 per month with additional costs for add ons. The pricing really depends on how large your restaurant is and how many features and add-ons you need.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Restaurant Reservation System?

Unless you own a really small restaurant with only a couple of tables, you need a restaurant reservation system to help you improve efficiency, productivity, and focus more on money-making tasks. 

Other benefits include keeping your reservations organized, tracking and helping allocate marketing dollars based on where reservations come from, and improving guest experiences and loyalty. 


We researched a dozen restaurant reservation software, and our top picks are all reputable companies with industry experience and specific software designed to help with managing reservations. We considered available features, pricing, add-ons available, integration, ease of use, customer support, and additional resources.