The 6 Best Pencil Cases

Keep writing utensils organized with these pouches

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If your office or workspace requires lots of supplies, you may deal with clutter, especially when it comes to pens, pencils, markers, and other writing utensils. And if you need a pen or pencil in a pinch, having to dig through your bag or purse can be a major pain.

That's where pencil cases come into play. You can use them to corral any loose writing utensil and in turn organize your desk space or office. Plus, you can travel with your pencil case and have your pens ready on the go.

When choosing a pencil case, you should consider whether you want a hard or soft case, the size of the case, and if the case offers any extra features, like space for your makeup or zips closures for extra security.

Read on to learn about the best pencil cases you can buy now.

Best Overall: ProCase Pencil Bag Pen Case

ProCase Pencil Bag Pen Case
 Courtesy of Amazon

ProCase’s highly popular pencil case is soft, made of durable gray felt, so it can easily fit anywhere you want to put it: in a book bag or even that purse that keeps eating your pencils. It’s less than 9 x 4 inches, but that’s still large enough to hold a pair of scissors, a protractor, or any other reasonably small tool you’ll need for class or when you’re away from your desk.

The zipper on top provides for easy opening and closing, and ProCase says this case can hold up to 25 pencils or pens if that’s all you want to tote around. Best of all, the ProCase pencil case comes in a two-pack. You’ll get twice as much storage at a pretty reasonable price.

Best Budget: Staples 3-Ring Pencil Pouch

You might not want to spend a fortune on Junior’s first pencil case when he’s heading off to elementary school for the first time. Staples’ pencil case is suitable for older students and business people, too, and it’s so affordable, you can buy one for each of your kids.

This is the kind of case that sports three reinforced, metal-rimmed holes so students can fasten it right into their binders. Junior won’t have to dig through his book bag, trying to find his case. All he’ll have to do is flip his binder open. For all its simplicity, the pencil pouch still offers two separate pockets—the larger one is for pencils and there’s a smaller, mesh compartment for other items, like paper clips or erasers.

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Best Design: BTSKY High Capacity Zipper Pens Pencil Case

Consider the BTSKY High Capacity pencil case if you want to keep a lot of pencils with you or if you just want to store them very neatly. This case holds up to 72 pencils in little elastic loops to keep them from scratching each other and crowding together—perfect for art supplies like colored pencils and markers. It’s deep and firm, but it’s still lightweight with a double zipper that runs around the top of the sides.

It’s full of slots and compartments for holding other odds and ends as well, including two detachable sleeves and one interior zippered compartment. You can even fit your cellphone in here, making it a versatile option for all types of professionals. This BTSKY model comes in purple, black, blue, and pink.

Best Canvas: Poppin Canvas Zippered Pencil Holder Pouch

Poppin’s offering on our list can stand up to just about anything. It’s made of sturdy, coated canvas and it’s fully lined so what’s inside won’t come out and what’s outside won’t get in. This includes liquids, since the fabric is water-repellantand the zipper is silicon.

True, this zippered pencil holder is more or less just one pouch, but it does have an extra, exterior pouch for your car keys or anything else you want to keep separate from your pencils and pens. It also holds a good amount of pencils while still being slender enough to fit comfortably in your purse or briefcase. It’s available in multiple colors, too.

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Best Hard Shell: Cosmos EVA Hard Shell Stylus Pen Pencil Case Holder

If you’re not comfortable entrusting your more valuable pencils and pens to a case that’s soft and made of fabric, one that can’t withstand odd emergencies such as someone stepping on it, this might be the best pencil case for you. It’s as solid as a rock.

It offers dual-zipper access and a built-in mesh pocket for any items that you might want to keep separate. At about 8 x 2 x 1 inches, it’s also small enough to fit tidily in a variety of places, including your pocket. 

Best Multipurpose: Homecube Large Capacity Pencil Bag Makeup Pouch

Homecube doesn’t limit you to just pencils or pens. This large capacity case promises to hold makeup, too, or just about anything else you want to stuff inside the pencil case. It’s the size and shape of a book and it unzips on three sides to provide a variety of pockets, nooks, and crannies for safely storing all manner of odds, ends, and school day or workday necessities. It also holds up to 80 pencils.

Homecube’s pencil case is made of durable canvas and you have your choice of four colors: black, brown, green or pink.

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