The 8 Best Paper Shredders of 2022

Safely discard important information

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Paper shredders allow you to properly dispose of documents and prevent anyone from salvaging any sensitive information. We've gathered up our top picks for both home offices and small businesses, breaking down their features to help you choose what's right for your needs. Whether you need a shredder to handle the occasional check or one that can dispose of CDs and chew through staples, we can help you narrow down your choices.

Best Overall: AmazonBasics 8-Sheet Paper Shredder

AmazonBasics 8-Sheet Paper Shredder


The AmazonBasics 8-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper Shredder is the best option for any home office or small business. This paper shredder can handle both stacks of documents, as well as credit cards to keep your personal and business information safe from unwanted access. The cross-cutting blades shred sheets of paper and cards into 0.18 x 1.84 inch-strips, deterring criminals from piecing sensitive documents back together. 

The top of the unit features an easy-to-use power switch to activate the automatic, continuous shred mode and a manual reverse mode to clear paper jams. The 4.1-gallon bin means you spend less time emptying the shredder and more time getting things done. This paper shredder's compact size allows you to keep it under a desk or printing cart for easy access when it's needed.

Best Budget: Aurora AS420C Desktop Paper Shredder

An excellent, budget-friendly option, the light-duty, Aurora AS420C Desktop Paper Shredder is ideal for occasional use. The top of the 4-sheet shredder measures 4.5 inches across and can handle 20 pounds of paper, staples, paper clips, and credit cards. The steel cross-cut blades reduce paper and cards to 0.2 x 1.85-inch pieces, while the 1.32-gallon bin holds up to 40 sheets of shredded paper. 

With its 2-minute autorun, you can quickly dispose of multiple receipts or documents without having to manually turn it on. The blades have a thermal safety switch to shut the unit off when it overheats, preventing damage or a fire. The top features a convenient carrying handle for quick retrieval from under a desk or shelf. It also comes with a letter opener accessory to quickly open important incoming and inter-office mail.

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Best for Home Offices: AmazonBasics 15-Sheet Paper Shredder

For the home office, the AmazonBasics 15-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper Shredder reduces invoices, receipts, credit cards, and even CDs to strips measuring 0.18 x 1.12 inches. With a 20-minute continuous run mode, you can leave the shredder on while you gather up documents for disposal.

It also has an automatic detection setting that turns the unit on when you start shredding. The top of the shredder has LED indicator lights that alert you of jams, overheating, standby mode, if the shredder is open, and when the 6-gallon disposal bin is full. The shredder mouth has a handy guide for loading documents, credit cards, and CDs for disposal to avoid damage to the paper shredder.

Best Heavy-Duty: Bonsaii 14-Sheet Paper Shredder

If your business needs a workhorse paper shredder, the Bonsaii 14-Sheet Heavy-Duty Cross-Cut Shredder is a great option. This paper shredder features steel blades that reduce letter-sized and 20 pounds of paper, CDs and DVDs, and credit cards to 0.25 x 1.56-inch strips. The 4.5-gallon bin can hold up to 3,500 shredded sheets of paper and has a transparent window for convenience.

The shredder also automatically stops if you need to open the bin while using it to prevent injury. Along with a 30-minute continuous run time, the paper shredder has a 10-minute cooldown time to prevent overheating. Plus, the shredder features quiet operation so you don't disturb co-workers when using it.

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Best Compact: Aurora AU800SD Professional Paper Shredder

The Aurora AU800SD paper shredder features a compact design that fits over almost any wastebasket, making it ideal for offices with minimal floor space. It has an extension arm to keep it steady and secure on larger wastebaskets and garbage cans. You can shred up to eight sheets of paper into 0.25-inch wide strips. It can also handle credit cards, CDs, and DVDs if fed into the unit one at a time. 

With an automatic start and stop mode, the paper shredder instantly turns on when it detects something is loaded into the blades and shuts down when nothing is being fed into the unit. It also features an automatic shut-off switch to prevent the shredder from overheating or overloading documents. A 2-minute continuous run cycle allows you to shred multiple stacks of documents quickly and efficiently.

Best for Security: GoECOlife 8-Sheet Paper Shredder

GoECOlife 8-Sheet Paper Shredder


This GoECOlife nano-cut paper shredder offers P7 security, the highest level available to businesses and home offices. The blades on this shredder can reduce eight sheets of paper at a time into 0.04 x 0.20-inch pieces (or 12,000 microparticles per sheet) to make them virtually impossible to reconstruct. The mouth of the shredder features a front-load design so it can be placed under a desk or table and still be used. 

The blades have a 20-minute continuous run time and an automatic start/stop cycle to help you quickly chew through stacks of sensitive documents like invoices and other financial statements. The 6.8-gallon bin pulls out for easier emptying, and the casters on the bottom of the shredder let you move the unit around the office. The quiet operation also means you can take care of business without disturbing coworkers. 

Best Micro-Cut: Fellowes 62MC 10-Sheet Paper Shredder

If your office needs to dispose of old bank statements and similar documents, but don't necessarily need a P7 security level shredder, the Fellowes 62MC Micro-Cut Shredder offers plenty of disposal protection. Its blades can turn 10 sheets of paper, including staples, into 2,100 (0.10 x 0.39-inch) pieces. You can also dispose of expired credit cards to prevent fraud or other unwanted use. 

This paper shredder features a safety lock to prevent injury and damage from accidental operation. The 5-gallon bin has a transparent window for visibility, and the 7-minute continuous run-time is quiet enough so it won't disrupt work in the office. For easy mobility, the bottom of the shredder has caster-style wheels.

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Best Auto Feed: Swingline GBC Paper Shredder

Swingline GBC Paper Shredder


The Swingline GBC Cross-Cut Paper Shredder features a 230-sheet capacity auto feeder to quickly and easily handle large stacks of documents. The 16-minute continuous automatic feed means you can load and shred documents while you take care of other tasks in the office. You also get the option to manually feed seven sheets of paper at a time for smaller shred jobs. 

There is a separate slot in the front of the unit for shredding credit cards, CDs, and DVDs. The 9-gallon bin has a transparent window, and the blades of both the paper and plastic slots self-clean to keep the shredder in top condition. They also use a cross-cut design to deliver a P4 security level to your office for disposing of financial statements and other sensitive documents.