The 9 Best Office Supplies

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Workdays always pass more productively when the space around you is organized and neat, but not all of us are blessed with a knack for tidiness. Don’t give up if clutter seems to have a way of following you as you go about your job. Numerous office supplies are designed not only to do their jobs but to make yours a little easier and tidier as well. Use one or more of these office helpers to tame your desk, so you can get more done.

Best Cable Concealer: The Cable Management Box by UGREEN

They’re not just unsightly. They can be dangerous, too — all those snaking cords running from your laptop or computer and various other desktop electronics, coiling under and around your desk, just waiting to snag your heel.

What sets UGREEN’s box apart from the other concealers is that it’s 16.8 x 6.8 x 6 inches, big enough to hold all those cords along with an adapter, a surge protector or whatever else you have under your desk. There’s also a charging cable hole on the top for your smartphone or tablet. It’s fireproof and heat-resistant, and it will stay where you put it on most flooring surfaces because it has little rubber feet to hold it in place. You won’t trip over the box after you’ve rounded up the cords.  

Best Shredder: The Hand Shredder by MUJI

The Hand Shredder by MUJI
 Courtesy of Amazon

You have one small sensitive document that you’d like to get rid of for all time. Sure, there’s that mammoth paper shredder waiting to serve your needs down the hall in the storage room. But do you really want to fire it up for just one piece of paper or a single canceled check?

This hand shredder is barely more than seven inches wide and it doesn’t require electricity. Just wind it up, insert the paper, and let it do its job. It won’t replace the giant shredder down the hall for big jobs, but it will make the little jobs a lot more convenient.  

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Best Stapler: The Paper Clinch Staple-Free Stapler

You're probably wondering how the Paper Clinch Staple-Free Stapler works. The specifics are something of a trade secret, but suffice it to say that the “stapler” somehow folds edges of paper together and punches small holes to keep the pages tethered. Use it just like you would a regular stapler. Insert up to five sheets of paper and push. It’s lightweight enough that you’ll only need one hand to operate it. You do have to empty out the punched-out pieces of paper periodically, but that seems like a small price to pay. It’s available in several cheerful colors.  

Best Scissors: Westcott Straight Titanium Bonded Scissors

Titanium is three times harder than stainless steel, so you’ll won’t have to replace these scissors for quite a while. The blades will remain sharp longer than your average scissors, too, and titanium is also corrosion-resistant. Westcott has patented its bonding system, so these scissors are really one of a kind.

Titanium is also lighter than stainless steel, so these scissors are easy to handle. The grip is much softer and it's contoured to fit comfortably in just about anyone’s hand. Westcott’s scissors measure eight inches and can handle most jobs. 

Best Sticky Notes: Redi-Tag Divider Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are an office staple. But most are pretty boring, a bunch of same-old-same-old little pieces of paper that you can peel off and press here, there, wherever.

Redi-Tag’s sticky notes leave those in the dust. At four by six inches, they’re larger than the standard variety and they’re ruled to keep your notes as legible as possible. They also have little tabs. You can press them onto pages you’re reviewing, complete with your notes on those pages, and the little tab will stick out so you can easily find that section or note again. The tabs are even color-coded.

The adhesive is water-based, not chemical-based, so the stickies won’t leave traces of themselves behind when it’s time to remove them. They won’t damage whatever they’ve been attached to either. And they don’t give out after just one press — you can move the notes from one location to another without starting all over and writing another. 

Best File Organizer: The Bonsaii Desktop Letter and File Organizer

You can anchor loose papers down with a paperweight, or you can organize them somewhere that allows you to easily put your hands on whatever you need without leaving your desk. This is where the Bonsaii desktop organizer comes in. It has eight separate compartments — five vertical and three horizontal — that can accommodate everything such as loose papers, thick files and books. 

Best Drawer Organizer: The Bambusi Bamboo Office Desk Organizer by Belmint

Bambusi’s organizer might say that it organizes desks, but don’t let that fool you. It’s designed to fit and slide into most drawers to hold all those odds and ends that otherwise litter your desktop. It consists of eight small compartments and, best of all, you can adjust them to comfortably hold whatever you need them to hold. There’s even a five-inch extension that you can slide out to accommodate larger drawers up to almost about 17 ½ inches wide. It does its part for the environment, too, because it’s made of bamboo, which also resists stains if that pen you drop in there should leak. 

Best Mouse Pad: The Belkin WaveRest Gel Mouse Pad with Wrist Support

There are a lot of mouse pads out there, but this one goes a step beyond average. Belkin’s ergonomic pad is ideal for those who spend a lot of hours continuously clicking your mouse. It has a special wrist rest to relieve stress. Consider it a carpal tunnel-buster.

All that would be great just by itself, but the WaveRest is also designed not to wear within a few months the way a lot of heavily used mouse pads do. Belkin’s model is made of durable polyurethane, which also means easy gliding for your mouse, and its rubber base will keep it from sliding around if you find yourself in a bit of a clicking frenzy. The wrist rest is gel: It's nice and comfortable, and it molds to the unique shape of your own hand and wrist.

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Best Paperweight: The Natico Decision Maker and Paperweight

The Natico Decision Maker and Paperweight is sturdy and solid at eight ounces and just a few inches wide, so it gets the job done without cluttering up your desk even more. It comes in a sedate matte silver color. And best of all, when you’re on the fence about something, you can just give the top a little spin. The red dot in the center will stop next to one of several “decisions,” from “Yes” to “Tomorrow” to “Maybe” and even “Pass the buck.”

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