The 7 Best Office Plants of 2021

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Stuck working inside all day long? Then add a touch of nature to your office with an indoor plant. Essential for any workspace, plants help improve productivity and concentration while reducing stress and anxiety. Whether you are a seasoned green thumb or a beginner, here are the best office plants to consider.

Best Overall: Lula's Garden Succulents

Lula’s Garden Succulents

 Courtesy of 1800 Flowers

These succulents come packaged in a box with a cover, so there’s no need to replant them in separate pots. They’re also easy to take with you, as the chic box is sturdy yet light, while also easily complementing any desk or waiting area.

There are three sizes available: Small comes with a single, 4-inch succulent, Medium has three, 2.5-inch succulents, and Large contains three, 4-inch succulents. A water dropper is even included with your purchase, but keep in mind that due to availability, the plants you receive may vary.

Best ZZ Plant: The Sill ZZ Plant

The Sill ZZ Plant

 Courtesy of The Sill

Zamioculcas zamiifolia, also known as the ZZ plant, is ideal for beginners and aspiring green thumbs. These plants can tolerate low light, which is key as many commercial and home offices are devoid of natural light. Better yet, they don’t require frequent watering.

Winning points for aesthetics, ZZ plants are known for having waxy, thick leaves. The Sill offers these plants in small and medium sizes in various planter styles and colors. If you’re looking for a thoughtful gift, this plant checks every box.

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Best Snake Plant: Pure Beauty Farms Snake Plant

Pure Beauty Farms Sansevieria Laurentii Snake Plant

 Courtesy of Home Depot

Snake plants are named not because they attract snakes, but because of the shape of the leaf. These types of plants are great for offices, especially ones without too much natural light because they require low sunlight. Just keep in mind that extremely cold temperatures aren’t good for them.

Even more, snake plants live for a long time, making this Pure Beauty Farms Snake Plant an excellent value. The air-purifying plant comes in a 9.3-inch pot.

Best Aloe: Bloomscape Hedgehog Aloe

Bloomscape Hedgehog Aloe

 Courtesy of Bloomscape

Great for beginners, aloe plants are a type of succulent and have blue-green colored leaves that bloom beautiful, coral-red flowers during the late summer and spring months. Like other succulents, aloe plants are low maintenance as they don’t need much water, though they require a good amount of direct sunlight. They are also practical as aloe leaves can help treat minor burns.

Bloomscape’s Hedgehog Aloe plant comes with premium soil in an eco-friendly pot and saucer made from 80 percent recycled plastic. Choose from five different colors: Stone, Clay, Charcoal, Slate, and Indigo. Including the pot, this aloe plant should grow between 10 to 16 inches high. 

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Best Succulent: UrbanStems The Cathy

Urban Stems The Cathy

 Courtesy of Urban Stems

Succulents are a popular choice as they're equally low maintenance and aesthetically pleasing. They're also pet-friendly, meaning the leaves are non-toxic. 

A unique option, UrbanStems’ The Cathy has longer, slightly curly leaves than most other succulents, and it's also packaged in a charming ceramic planter that's available in three different colors. Measuring 4.8 by 3.8 inches, this is an excellent air plant to keep on a desk.

Best Peace Lily: WhiteOakFarms Peace Lily Air Purifying Plant

WhiteOakFarms Peace Lily Air Purifying Plant

 Courtesy of Etsy

Peace lilies are beautiful plants with large green leaves and elegant white blooms. They are some of the best plants for purifying air as they remove benzene, which is a toxin that is naturally given off by paint, gas, rubber, synthetic fabrics, and tobacco smoke. These plants also remove trichloroethylene, which can be found in glue and paint. 

This particular peace lily comes in either a self-watering or ceramic pot, though you can choose an unpotted option as well. An attractive handmade wood stand, which adjusts from 5 to 9 inches, is also available at an additional cost.

Best Spider Plant: JM Bamboo Ocean Spider Plant

Spider plants thrive in bright, indirect light as well as artificial light—making them perfect for offices that don't have windows. (Just keep them away from direct sunlight as the leaves will burn.)

A great value, JM Bamboo’s Ocean Spider Plant comes in a pack of three, though they will need to be repotted because the included planters are temporary. Ocean spider plants also have more white in the leaves than other types of spider plants, along with beautiful white flowers that grow along the stems. Additionally, these plants are useful for cleansing air, especially from toxins such as carbon monoxide and formaldehyde.

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