The 8 Best Office Games of 2020

Because it's important to have some fun at work every once in a while

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A happy workplace is a productive workplace, and happiness can depend on taking a break from the pressure now and again. Breaks rejuvenate the mind and body and help workers regain focus.

You can all gather in the lunchroom and put your feet up, guzzling coffee and shooting the breeze, or you can get creative and engage in a little competition that will really give your mind a break, taking your thoughts in a whole different direction. We've put together a list of the best office games to buy today. From card games to foosball tables, get ready to have some fun with your co-workers.

Best Game for Laughs: Uno Emoji Card Game

Uno Emoji Card Game
 Courtesy of Amzon

Admit it, you’ve done it, you’ve tacked on a smiley face or a thumbs-up at the end of a sentence when you’re texting, posting on social media, or even in e-mails. The practice might be frowned upon in the business world, but it’s still a lot of fun and now you can take it a step further.

The Uno Emoji Card Game plays just like regular Uno but with an emoji theme. That theme involves making the expression shown on the card and holding it for a required period of time. Go ahead. Try to stick your tongue out for 30 seconds — or more because you have to do it for two turns — without cracking up. The game accommodates up to 10 players, making it suitable for larger offices.

Best Game for Parties: Winning Moves Classic Twister

Twister isn’t just for kids. But the workplace? Why not? It can definitely work in offices with a more relaxed dress code — at least where the women aren’t wearing skirts.

Twister has been around since 1966, so you probably know the rules. The game comes with a vinyl mat adorned with 24 circles in four different colors. Each player sets the spinner in motion, then he must place his free hand or foot on a circle matching the color it lands on. But he can’t select just any corresponding circle. They’re labeled for “right foot,” “left foot,” “right hand,” and “left hand.” That extra complication can result in players becoming … well, twisted up. They might also get twisted together, so it helps if all your employees are fond of each other.

Best for Arcade Lovers: New Entertainment Desktop Skill Ball

This desk-sized game has everything you’ll find those big machines found on the boardwalk or fairgrounds have. It’s not exactly little — it measures about 20 x 10 x 15 inches — so you’ll have to create a little space for it, preferably in the breakroom. It might not leave a lot of room left over on a desk, which might earn a frown or two from your employer.

But it’s big enough to be fully functional, with two stainless steel balls, a ball launcher, five goal holes, as well as an automatic ball return. It will hold up to a good bit of use, too, because it’s made of hardwood.

Best Trash Can Game: Document Dunk

Throwing things can help you let off steam, but it’s not always appropriate in the workplace — at least if you don’t have a Document Dunk waiting in the corner. It’s a trash can stand with a wooden base. Place the trash can on the base beneath the 31.5-inch post that holds the basketball net. Toss, whoosh, nothing but net. If you want to get really competitive, you and your co-workers can try shots from across the room.

You can fold the rim down when you’re not using the Document Dunk or if you’re not in the mood to hurl anything. So go ahead, wad up that paper or paper cup and toss it. You have to provide your own trashcan.

Best for the Whole Office: American Legend Charger Foosball Table

Foosball promises hours upon hours of competitive fun for the office. It’s that game you’ve probably noticed in sports bars where the players are all staring intensely at little guys on rods as they make them dance around inside a table of sorts.

Twist and turn four rods, so the players connected to them kick the ball that’s rolling around inside the frame. The idea is to get them to score a goal while preventing your opponent from doing the same. American Legend’s Foosball Table uses abacus scoring and it has an internal ball return system. It’s solid and the legs have cross-bar support to keep the table upright and in one piece if your coworkers get excited and lean against it — and they will. And it’s not that big, either, about 52 inches. It might not fit circumspectly in a corner of your office, but it should do in the break room just fine.

Best Old-Fashioned Game: Mainstream Classics Micro Bean Bag Toss

Mainstream Classics Bean Bag Toss is compact enough to let you bring a little outdoor fun into the workplace. At just over 15 x 10 x 2 inches, you can even play with it in a smaller office. The game comes with two portable boards that you can take just about anywhere — they even have carrying handles and collapsible legs.

With eight bags, there’s enough here to keep everyone occupied during break time and encourage a little competition. The target holes are considerably smaller than those in the outdoor version of the game, so they’re harder to score on than you might remember from your childhood. The bags are small enough and soft enough that an errant throw shouldn’t break anything.

Best Darts: Mini Magnetic Desktop Dartboard

Darts in the workplace? Why not? It can work as long as everyone pretty much gets along. This is a desktop dartboard, just 4.5 x 5 inches, so you won’t be sailing those darts across the reception area. The darts are magnet-tipped to help guide them in the general direction of where they’re supposed to go, not into the coffee mug on the desk next to yours or your supervisor’s forehead.

The dartboard folds flat so you can tuck it into a drawer and get it out of the way at inopportune moments, such as when your company’s best client suddenly appears in your doorway.

Best Ring Toss: Elite Sportz Equipment Hookey Ring Toss Game

Give a nod to the Irish and the Australians for this one—they pretty much invented this game. It’s called Hookey or Ring Board in those countries. It’s similar to darts, but much safer if your office happens to be one of those with lots of workers walking about at any given time. There’s nothing sharp or dangerous here. You’re throwing soft rubber rings instead, attempting to catch them on little hooks on the board.

The ring board measures 12.8 inches and has 13 hooks. Each hook is marked with a number for easy score keeping. The game comes with several suggested versions, making it suitable for almost any crowd.