The 7 Best Office Decor Pieces of 2022

Stylish yet functional ways to decorate your office

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Decorating your office space can help make long days spent at your desk more bearable. From office plants to desktop organizers, incorporating pieces of office decor is a fun way to both accessorize your workstation and make it functional. Here are the best pieces of office decor, whether your style is more traditional or modern.

Best Mouse Pad: Nakapa Mouse Pad

Add a pop of color to your desk setup with this stylish yet functional mouse pad. With a pink and gold marble design, the Nakapa Mouse Pad is made with a soft microfiber fabric with precise tracking for smooth movement. The backing is made from natural rubber and won’t slip, protecting your desk from scratches. 

While this mouse pad is very inexpensive, it doesn't sacrifice quality. The circle edge stitching prevents the top layer from getting cracked or damaged, and it's even water-resistant so you can wash the mouse pad by hand.

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Best Plants: Haworthia Succulent Collection

Haworthia Succulent Collection

Courtesy of Terrain

Having plants in your office can help increase productivity, according to a 2014 study by the University of Exeter. So, channel your inner green thumb with the Haworthia Succulent Collection, which comes with six different succulents per set. Because of their small size, these succulents can be grouped together, lined up on a shelf, or on the edge of your desk.

Succulents thrive best in full to partial sunlight, so you may want to opt for another plant if your office doesn’t have an abundance of natural light. Also, keep in mind that these particular succulents need to be watered two to four times a week.

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Best Pen Holder: House of Hampton Desk Carousel

 House Of Hampton Chidester Faux Leather Desk Carousel

Courtesy of Wayfair

Keep your pens in one place with the House of Hampton Faux Leather Desk Carousel. Designed as a lazy Susan for office supplies, it has six individual pockets, so there is plenty of space for all of your writing instruments like pencils and highlighters.

Incredibly convenient to use, the holder's middle pocket has a divider that’s removable for storing larger items such as a ruler or scissors. And should your pen accidentally leak, the faux leather is easy to clean.

Best Desk Organizer: Pottery Barn Bedford Desk Organizer

Pottery Barn Bedford Desk Organizer

Courtesy of Pottery Barn

Avoid clutter on your desk (while providing a nice decorative accent) with the Pottery Barn Bedford Desk Organizer. Made of MDF, it features an antique white painted finish that looks good in both traditional and contemporary home offices.

Measuring 13.5 inches wide by 7 inches deep by 7 inches high, there’s plenty of room to store smaller items such as pens in the three slots. Assorted papers, planners, and notebooks also fit perfectly in the two larger slots. Best of all, this organizer can display three photos.

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Best Notepad: Sticky Note Set

Keep a notepad on hand to jot down quick memos, like this Sticky Note Set. A more stylish alternative to classic legal writing pads, this set features five adhesive notepads, each with a generous 100 sheets of paper.

It includes a large pad lined with fun rainbow colors, a medium-sized pad with encouraging affirmations, and three page markers with various vibrant designs (particularly useful for labeling pages in notebooks and organizing documents). 

Best Calendar: MOMA Cubes Perpetual Calendar

Add some fun to your desk setup with the MOMA Cubes Perpetual Calendar to keep track of your workdays. Each of the four cubes is housed on a black display—one has the days of the week, one has the months, and the other two cubes indicate the date. Just rotate the cubes every morning or before you finish work in the evening. This budget-friendly calendar also makes a great gift to give to a co-worker, manager, or direct report. Choose from two color combinations: red, gray, and black or yellow, pink, and blue. 

Best Desk Lamp: Urban Outfitters Rye Desk Lamp

Rye Desk Lamp

Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

Illuminate your workstation in style with Urban Outfitters' Rye Desk Lamp, which features a blue metal base and conical-shaped shade, along with a gold neck and wood accents. Its slightly vintage aesthetic will complement a range of office decor from mid-century modern to contemporary styles. 

This lamp plugs in any outlet and uses a 40-watt bulb, which isn’t overly bright, yet is the right amount of light for a task lamp. It’s ideal for reading, working, and supplementing lighting on a Zoom call. Best of all, this lamp has a USB charging port, making it easy to power your smartphone, tablet, or Bluetooth headphones without needing an extra outlet or USB adapter.

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