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A Review of Letitia Baldrige's New Complete Guide to Executive Manners

New Complete Guide to Executive Manners.
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There are few books that can be recommended to both corporate event planners and the company executives they typically work for, but Letitia Baldrige's New Complete Guide to Executive Manners is one of them. Baldrige's "how to" guide has been a best-seller since its first publication and after sixteen print runs in the first edition and two so far in its updated second edition, it remains an authority on business etiquette.

Book Overview: New Complete Guide to Executive Manners

Baldrige's New Complete Guide to Executive Manners was first written as a business etiquette and behavior guide geared toward the corporate executive. The book takes professionals through the initial interview to the first day of work to the more complex and difficult scenarios professionals face at different phases of their careers. What most involved in the book's development probably didn't realize is that the various topics covered aren't just limited to the folks working in corporate America, but can be expanded to those who work with them. In the end, this guide covers business etiquette rules and considerations that are directly applicable to the business meetings and events like conferences and seminars making it a great resource for corporate event planners.

What's Inside For Corporate Event Planners

When it comes to business etiquette, there are almost an unlimited number of scenarios for which an executive would want to be prepared. While it would be impossible to cover them all, Baldrige's book attempts to develop the reader's skills to maneuver all various possibilities. From a corporate event planner's point of view, there are several chapters dedicated to topics and resources like:

  • Template suggestions for event invitations
  • Template suggestions for event seating etiquette
  • Overview of business meeting basics
  • Gift ideas from event planners to internal clients

The book also dedicates discussion to answering the most common business questions surrounding business entertainment, event invitations and protocol, and even the proper seating of guests.

How Corporate Event Planners Can Benefit

At a minimum, corporate event and meeting planners are expected to master the art of business and social etiquette in order to execute successful events. Whether it's to position themselves as understanding how to conduct themselves in business situations or to help clients to effectively interact with their guests, good etiquette and manners are a must in the industry.

Of course, few have an opportunity to formally train and study the formalities of etiquette. Thankfully, Letitia Baldrige is one of the foremost experts on this subject as she has worked internationally in diplomacy and served as Jacqueline Kennedy's chief of staff in the White House. She produces management training seminars on business behavior, and authors several books on the subject.

Letitia Baldrige's New Complete Guide to Executive Manners is a book that should be on every meeting and event planner's shelf. It includes the kind of information that will be referenced over and over again.

Although the book is focused on the executive, Baldrige answers many of the basic and advanced elements of business etiquette that event and meeting planners (and arguably every professional) should be expected to master. Examples include:

  • Knowing how to say thank you
  • Greeting in the business world
  • Overview of table manners
  • The art of conversation
  • Etiquette of using electronic devices
  • Writing business letters
  • Importance of stationery
  • Dressing (and grooming) for occasions
  • Appropriate and inappropriate business gifts
  • Delivering toasts at events
  • How to address individuals and their titles
  • How to organize and run meetings
  • Overview of business entertainment
  • How to create invitations
  • Overview of company events and parties

The Bottom Line

Baldrige's guide may not be an event planning book per se, but it can help corporate event planners to hone their skills in the professional and corporate world. And while the book may stress a level of etiquette that may not be mandatory in today's business world, a corporate event planner can never go wrong with erring on the side of formality.