The 8 Best Mug Warmers of 2020

Don't let your coffee or tea get cold

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You carry your coffee or tea from the break room to your desk, then work happens. E-mails roll in, co-workers need to speak with you, or a project that was supposed to be finished yesterday didn’t quite make the deadline. An hour or so ​later, you reach for your coffee and it tastes like cold, congealed mud.

Nuking it is an option, but microwaving tends to leach the flavor right out of your brew. Why not invest in a mug warmer to keep your preferred beverage from getting cold in the first place? These have some fun, interesting, and helpful features so you’re sure to find one that suits your needs and style. Take a look at our best mug warmers to buy now.

Best Overall: Mr. Coffee MWBLK Mug Warmer

Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer
 Bed Bath & Beyond

Mr. Coffee knows a thing or two about hot beverages, and the popularity of its mug warmer reflects that. The MWBLK can adequately hold just about any size mug or even a small bowl of soup. The power cord is long enough to reach an outlet without stretching tautly across your desk or snaking around behind your keyboard, potentially interfering with business. Not only will the MWBLK keep your beverage up to temperature if you place a warm mug on it, but it will heat it up for you if your beverage has already gone cold.

The MWBLK is user-friendly and its surface is easy to wipe clean. About the only negative thing that anyone has had to say about it is that it doesn’t work very well in really cold temperatures, but that shouldn’t be a problem if you’re not working in an igloo. A little red light warns you that it’s on, so you can be sure to switch it off before you head home for the night.

Best for Small Offices: Jura Mug Warmer

The Jura Mug Warmer is suitable if your workplace is crowded with coffee or tea drinkers who all like their warm beverages at the same time. Why buy countless mug warmers when just one can get the job done? This multilevel warmer can hold up to 15 cups at once and keep them all at a perfect 131 degrees.

Its design locks in the heat for as long as you want it to keep warming. It will automatically turn itself off at a pre-programmed time or after 12 hours, whichever comes first.

Best for Morning Commutes: Maverick Auto Café

Auto Cafe Take-Out Hot Cup Warmer
Courtesy of Amazon

Maverick makes a warmer specifically for disposable to-go cups because you don’t want your beverage to get cold before you even get to work. The Auto Café works with plastic, paper and foam cups — pretty much anything that a drive-thru window can throw at you. And if you’re bringing your java from home? Not a problem. The Auto Café also accommodates metal and porcelain cups, although it’s said to work best with paper.

It fits into your vehicle’s cupholder and powers with a 12-volt DC cord that you can plug into your car’s power socket. Place your cup inside and the Auto Café automatically turns on. Take it out and it automatically turns off. You don’t have to worry about remembering to power it off when you leave your vehicle.

Best Design: Norpro Decorative Mug Warmer

Norpro makes a mug warmer that’s perfect for those who prefer a tidy, attractive desk. The white surface is marble-like and pretty. It’s made of serviceable, utilitarian plastic, but it doesn’t look like...well, plastic.

The Norpro Decorative Mug Warmer doesn’t sacrifice anything in functionality in exchange for its appearance. At 3.75 inches, it’s a bit wider than some other mug warmers, so it can hold larger mugs and it comes with a really long 60-inch power cord. The element is non-stick. And if you happen to spill any liquid, don't worry. It won’t cake on from the heat if you can’t don’t get around to wiping it clean for a little while.

Best Power Efficiency: Evelots 1 Or 6 Mug Warmer

Evelots is another brand that’s been around for a while and the company offers a few different devices. Like Mr. Coffee’s product, you can place a cold mug on the 1 or 6 Mug Warmer and it will bring it up to warm in very little time, and it does it on just 17 watts of power. It’s extremely power efficient. And this cord is 42 inches long, so just try to find a place in your office where you can’t easily use it.

The little non-skid feet on the bottom are another nice feature — you don’t have to worry about sloshing your beverage on those important papers. If this mug warmer has a downside, it’s that it only holds mugs or vessels up to 3.6 inches. That covers most beverage cups and mugs, but it won’t accommodate jumbo mugs preferred by real caffeine addicts or small bowls.

Best for Versatility: Home-X Mug Warmer

The mug warmer by Home-X is compact and unobtrusive, but it still has all the usual must-have features: It’s made of durable, easily cleanable plastic and it has a non-slip base. It runs on 24 watts and has a bright red “on” light to warn you against touching it when you’re busy or distracted. The Home-X is said to be the best for ceramic mugs and cups.

It comes in white or black and you can power it with either a USB plug or an adapter. The warmer can heat small plates, as well as beverages. And if you don’t work in an office? This versatile model will even melt wax and candles for you if you’re into arts and crafts, and you can take it camping with you if you decide to take a break from work.

Best for Simplicity: The Salton SMW12

The Salton SMW12 mug warmer is small and simple. It won’t hold bowls or larger mugs, but it does share most of the other features of the best mug warmers. It has little rubber feet, so it won’t slip and make a mess, and it will maintain the temperature of your cup’s contents just as well as any of the fancier warmers. It’s one of the least expensive mug warmers out there if you just want to get the job done without fuss.

Best for Disney Lovers: Disney Mickey Mouse Mug Warmer

Yes, Disney makes a mug warmer for those of us who occasionally need an extra reason to smile while we’re toiling away and earning a living. It’s red and black — naturally — and strong and sturdy enough that it won’t shatter into pieces if it somehow gets knocked off your desk. It bears Mickey Mouse’s trademark insignia.

But what’s all this without Mickey himself to lift your mood during a long workday? This mug warmer has the notable distinction of coming with its own 10-ounce mug. No mere insignia here — the mug showcases Mickey in his full glory.