The 9 Best Mouse Pads of 2022

For accurate mice tracking

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The best mouse pad provides a reliable surface for precise tracking and smooth movement. From ergonomic pads with wrist rests to extended pads for protecting your desk, there's an option for almost any business or home office setting. Whether you need a basic, reliable mouse pad for everyday use or a specialized pad for niche work, you'll be able to find the right option for your needs with our picks.

Best Overall: VicTsing Mouse Pad with Stitched Edge

VicTsing Mouse Pad with Stitched Edge

The VicTsing mouse pad is an excellent, multipurpose option for general office work and everyday use. The edges of this pad are stitched to prevent the cloth top from fraying or peeling away from the non-slip rubber backing. The tightly woven cloth top is treated with teflon so it's water-resistant and has low friction for precision tracking and smooth motion. The mouse pad can also be spot cleaned and hand-washed, keeping it in great working condition. It can be used with both laser and optical mice, allowing you to take on different projects and programs without switching pads or surfaces. Measuring 10.2 x 8.3 inches, it's the perfect size for the average work desk.

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Best Budget: 3M Precise Mouse Pad

A solid, reliable mouse pad doesn't have to cost a fortune to give you great results. The 3M Precise mouse pad is designed specifically for use with wireless and optical mice. The textured plastic top features a light-colored print that extends the battery life of wireless mice of up to 50 percent by helping it draw less current than darker mouse pads. The plastic top is also easy to clean: simply wipe away dirt build-up with a soft damp cloth and pat dry. The core of this 9 x 8-inch pad is made of soft foam for comfort when resting your hand against it. The backing is non-slip rubber to keep it in place during long or intense workdays.

Best Extended: Corsair MM200 Extended Mouse Pad

An extended mouse pad is perfect for those who need more space to move their mouse. The Corsair MM200 mouse pad measures 36.6 x 11.8 inches—this not only gives you plenty of room for your mouse, but it also keeps your keyboard firmly in place and protects your desk from damage. The textile-woven cloth top is designed for use with both laser and optical mice and also provides a low-friction surface for smooth and fast movement. Additionally, an extended mouse pad is handy for anyone who uses digital art or CAD programs. It's even useful for a multi-monitor setup, as these pads give you plenty of space to manipulate windows or copy and paste documents.

Best Hard Surface: Logitech G440 Hard Mouse Pad

Hard mousepads are becoming more popular, thanks to their durability and ability to improve mouse input reaction times. The Logitech G440 is made with a polypropylene surface that gives you the familiar feel of a traditional soft cloth pad and a rigid polyethylene core for stability. The cloth surface features a clean, design-free weave that allows for better accuracy in high DPI (dots per inch) usage, including delicate work like digital art or 3D modeling. The back features a non-slip rubber base that keeps the pad firmly in place, even during long workdays. The pad measures 13.4 x 11 inches, making it an easy fit for most desk setups.

Best Ergonomic: MROCO Ergonomic Mouse Pad

If you spend most of your workday using a mouse, ergonomics is an important factor to consider. The MROCO mouse pad features a raised, soft-gel filled wrist rest that supports your arm and hand while you work to prevent cramping and fatigue. Even more, the Lycra cover keeps your wrist from becoming uncomfortably sticky. The mouse pad surface is also covered in Lycra cloth for smooth movement and better accuracy than more coarsely woven cloth top pads. This 9.4 x 8.1-inch pad features a design for optimal mouse movement: larger at the top than the bottom, giving you plenty of space when moving between monitors or switching programs. The base is a non-skid rubberized foam to help keep it in place.

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Best for Travel: Buti-Bag Travel Mouse Pad

The Buti-Bag mouse pad gives you a traditional, small-sized pad that easily rolls up for travel, as well as a zippered storage bag that folds flat to use as a mouse pad in more confined spaces like an airplane or train. The zippered bag can be used to not only store your mouse pad, but also a travel-sized wireless mouse, extra batteries, and flash drives to keep all your accessories within reach. The bag measures 9 x 4.5 inches, making it the perfect size to slip into your laptop bag, carry-on luggage, or backpack. Both the bag and travel mouse pad are optimized for optical and laser mice.

Best Splurge: Corsair MM1000 Qi Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

Professional and hobbyist gamers aren't the only ones who need a high-end mouse pad. The Corsair MM1000 is a hard-surface pad that features a Qi-certified wireless charging zone to keep your compatible mice and mobile devices powered up throughout the workday. It comes with USB Micro-B, Type-C, and Lightning adapters to charge non-Qi devices. The charging area has an LED indicator zone that lets you know when it's in use. Plus, there's a USB 3.0 passthrough that allows you to plug in flash drives, microphones, headsets, and other peripherals that need USB power. The 13.7 x 10.2-inch, textured hard surface is optimized for pixel-perfect tracking with both optical and laser mice.

Best Leather: Londo Leather Mouse Pad

The Londo leather mouse pad is made of quality faux leather and durable stitching for a polished, professional look. The built-in wrist rest allows you to comfortably position your hand to reduce pain and fatigue while working. The smooth pad surface is compatible with both optical and laser mice for precision tracking and faster motion. The pad measures 8.2 x 8.2 inches, so it can be used on smaller desktops or in multi-monitor setups. There are several colors available, along with genuine leather options for enhanced style and long-lasting durability.

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Best Design: Prosumer's Choice Bamboo Mouse Pad

Ideal for offices where desk space is at a premium, the Prosumer's Choice bamboo mouse pad doubles as a desk organizer. It features a slot for holding pens and pencils, as well as a stand for smartphones and tablets. The unit is made of eco-friendly bamboo, which is also bacteria resistant. The pad surface is made of faux leather for enhanced style, smooth motion, and great DPI tracking for both optical and laser mice. The entire unit measures 11.13 x 7.5 inches so it can fit on smaller desktops or with multi-monitor setups, while the mouse area measures 8.13 x 7.13 inches. Better yet, the four non-skid feet keep it firmly in place while you work.

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