The 9 Best Motivational Quote Books

Keep your head up with these inspirational remarks

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We’ve all had days when the horizon seemed more distant than it was the day before, so it shouldn’t come as any surprise that people have had a lot of brilliant things to say about setbacks over the years. Some quotes are motivational, others are funny, but all can serve the same purpose: They inspire you to dig in and try again. They remind you that you’re not the only one who has experienced this sort of thing.

These collections of famous and not-so-famous sayings should have you up and going again in no time, no matter what business, professional, or personal hurdle you’ve just spotted up there on the horizon. 

Best Overall: Fired Up! Selling TM: Great Quotes to Inspire, Energize, Succeed

This one gets the nod as the best of the best because of its great reviews and its five-out-of-five star ranking. “Fired up” is the key phrase here. These words are all incendiary motivators. They’re particularly oriented toward entrepreneurs and salespeople in general.

Others aren’t left out, however. If you sometimes just need a little nudge to start your day, Fired Up has something for you, too. There are only 324 quotes here, but one of the reasons for the book’s popularity is that they were chosen through crowd-sourcing. In other words, people told Bard what they liked and what worked for them. Bard has been publishing business books for over 21 years, many of them bestsellers. 

Best Historical Quotes: The Founding Fathers: Quotes, Quips and Speeches

Who better to turn to for a little inspiration than the guys who helped build a mighty nation? Gordon Leidner has gathered this collection of more than 200 pithy and profound utterances from the likes of Patrick Henry and George Washington. Each comes with a little footnote to source and substantiate it.

Leidner has written other books, most notably about Abraham Lincoln, but World Magazine has said that The Founding Fathers “packs a wallop.” Readers give it five out of five stars. As an added bonus, it’s handsome. It will look great on your coffee table. 

Most Electic: 365 Days to More Happiness, Success & Motivation

Greatest Inspirational Quotes: 365 days to more Happiness, Success, and Motivation
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Dr. Joe Tichio launched a website,, in 2008, featuring stories, newsletters and — of course — quotes. This book is a collection of his favorites over the years. Some of them are historical, but they’re not all American voices. Tichio has gathered his quotes from all over the world. 

Greatest Inspirational Quotes delivers quote a day to start your morning off right, and Tichio promises that each one will goad you into taking action now rather than later, to find your inner strength and achieve your dreams. 

Best Quotes From World Leaders: Words From the Leaders Who Shaped the World

Leidner and The Founding Fathers might have the corner on our original U.S. statesmen, and author Peggy Anderson includes a few of them in Great Quotes From Great Leaders as well. But this is a somewhat more expansive collection including wise, inspiring quotes from 32 leaders from more recent pages of our history and from all over the world, including Winston Churchill and Eleanor Roosevelt.

An updated edition of Great Quotes From World Leaders released in 2017 and it includes 150 pages of new quotes and content. It’s been said that if you like quotes, this one will “knock your socks off.” 

Best With Pictures: Motivational Quotes…To Help You Go The Distance

Why stop at quotes when you can have dramatic and blood-pumping pictures, too? Bestselling author Dan Brown has gathered these quotes with a mind toward facing tough times and seemingly impossible circumstances. The focus here is on overcoming adversity.

This book is an offshoot of Green’s 2008 release Finish Strong. It includes 103 quotes and 52 photographs.  

Best Quotes for Women: Words From Women Who Have Shaped the World

Yes, this is from the same Peggy Anderson who gathered those amazing quotes made by world leaders. She’s focused on the female perspective in the new edition of Great Quotes From Great Women, released in 2017.

More than 250 pages are filled with stirring and sometimes comforting words from the likes of Rosa Parks and Amelia Earhart, two highly motivated ladies. This one has earned five out of five stars from readers and it also includes some photography. 

Best Quotes From One Person: Great Quotes on Leadership and Life

Dr. Covey was an internationally renowned teacher, family expert, and leadership authority before his death in 2012. He might be equally as famous for his succinct, powerful one-liners over the years. This book is a collection of some of the best he included in his books, including, “The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.”

These are the words that Covey personally found most inspiring, all gathered in one place. It also includes some delightful and inspiring pictures. 

Most Quotes: The Big Book of Quotes

“Big” might be an understatement. This book includes more than 3,500 quotations that the author considers to be the best in the world. You might not always agree with him, but you can move on to the next without worrying about running out of them anytime soon.

Prefontaine is actually a quotation guru. He’s published several books, many of them quote collections that focus on a specific area such as sports, golf, humor, and quotes for kids, to name a few. But The Big Book is the granddaddy of them all. You’re sure to find something in here to spur you on to greater heights no matter the nature of the mountain you intend to climb. 

Best Motivational Extras: Daily Motivation for Your Best Year Ever

The idea here is to begin each day with a quote that will convince you that it’s going to be an even better day than the one before. Kruse is the bestselling author of several other books and a highly successful entrepreneur who started his first business at the age of 22. That first effort wasn’t successful, but it taught him a great deal about motivation.

These quotes are among Kruse’s own favorites, some that got him where he is today. 365 Best Inspirational Quotes comes with a couple of bonuses, too: an online video and activities list designed to get you motivated and keep you that way. You’ll really get your money’s worth.