The 7 Best Mail Organizers of 2020

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If you want to keep a neat home and make sure your bills are organized (and paid on time!), then a mail organizer is essential in your household. And whether you plan on keeping it by your keys, in the kitchen or in your home office, there are many different ones to choose from. Some may be fine with the standard three-tier system, but others might want something that serves a dual purpose and has space for other gadget and trinkets. Need some help finding the best one for your needs? We’ve picked the top mail organizers that will fit just about anyone's needs.

Best Overall: Lipper International Bamboo Mail Organizer

If you want a standard mail organizer that doesn’t have any added bells and whistles then Lipper International has you covered. Their Bamboo Mail Organizer has two different tiers and measures about 10 inches wide, four inches deep and six inches high. It’s also made with real bamboo, and includes foot disks at the bottom so it won’t scratch any of your furniture.

Customers have enjoyed this ‘plain Jane’ of the bunch, thanks to its ability to be customized. You can paint it to your liking, add labels and more. You can also wash this box with mild soap and water; so don’t worry about having to go through any extensive cleaning scenarios.

Best Mail Organizer for Families: MyGift Black Mesh Metal Wall Rack

A multi-functional mail organizer can really be a dream. You get a little memo-board for family announcements, two slots for mail and a key holder for just about everyone with MyGift’s Black Mesh Metal Wall Rack. This small organizer measures 11.75 inches in width, 9.5 inches in height and 3.25 inches in depth. This is a better fit for smaller families who like to leave notes for one another and want a place to store their keys.

Best Mail Organizer for Home Offices: Veesun Wall File Holder

When you have a home office, it can be hard sorting through your mail. You have bills and mail that are personal and professional, so having a variety of racks to set your various kinds of mail is essential.

Veesun offers you five different tiers to organize to your liking (with space for labels as well). This organizer is meant to be hung, but can also fit nicely in a little side nook at your desk if you want to use it for mail and other paper items.

It is only available in black steel mesh, so again, if you like to personalize your office supplies and keep things bright and cheery, a basic mail organizer like this may not be for you. This model measures 12.8 inches wide, 4 inches deep and 16 inches long.

Best Mail Organizer for Bills: Etna Products Co. Inc Space Saver Organizer

Perhaps you prefer to keep things old school. Forget filing everything through online accounts and setting automatic payments. Plenty of people still depend on the old school way of paying paper bills: with checks, of course. If this describes you, then you will certainly benefit from this Space Saver Letter and Bill organizer by Etna Products Co. Inc.

The special thing about this design is the fact that it is made to hold single letters — this model features thirty-one separate slots for our bills and other papers. It has built-in felt liner in the bottom compartments, which is perfect for storing stamps, pens, paper clips, etc. You can have all of your mailing essentials in one area without running all over your home to gather things together.

This mail organizer measures 12.75 inches in length, 6.34 inches in width and 6.4 inches in height.

Best Mail Organizer for a Desktop: High Desk Organizer by Rebrilliant

High Desk Organizer
Courtesy of Wayfair

The High Desk Organizer by Rebrilliant doesn’t just make for a great mail organizer, but it also gives you the ability to sort your desk items as well. There are various storage compartments that you can designate for mail. This model holds three slots for mail and other paper goods. You also get two slots on top for mail or other items (stapler, hole punch, etc.), as well as a single shelf to store books and binders. This model is made from birch plywood and requires minimal assembly.

Best Caddy-Style Mail Organizer: ‘Letters In’ Mail Caddy by Colonial Tin Works

The Colonial Tin Works put looks and sensibility into one adorable product that you could feasibly bring into your home. Their ‘Letters In’ Mail Caddy is a vintage style organizer that has an aged nickel finish.

It has a two-level design designated for incoming mail and outgoing mail. The hard part is over, this caddy will tell you exactly what to do with your mail before you even have time to forget about it. This model measures at 10 inches high, 10.5 inches wide and 5.5 inches deep.

This caddy organizer can sit beautifully on your desk, counter or wall. Each slot measures two inches deep, so you have plenty of room to sort your mail.

Best Mail Organizer for Cubicles and Offices: Kate and Laurel Industrious

Kate and Laurel
Courtesy of Wayfair

Kate and Laurel’s Industrious collection features their Desktop File Folder Organizer that has a three-level design to hold all of your desk items in place. Aside from mail, you can store your notebooks and other paper goods.

This model weighs about 3.75 pounds and measures at 9 inches in height, 13 inches in width and 9 inches in depth. The desktop has two-tiered pockets and two organizer drawers. It comes in rustic wood and white, rustic wood and galvanized or white and gold finishes.