The 8 Best Laminators of 2020

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When you’re choosing the best laminator, you want to choose a balance between speed, size, thickness capacity, and of course, the price tag. Additional features such as jam prevention and auto shut off can help you if you’re trying to choose between two similar laminators. Some laminators only have thermal technology and use heat to seal the laminating film and documents together. Others also have cold laminating capabilities – meaning the film and documents are pressed together. If speed is a factor, the ideal laminator for you will be one that warms up quickly and can laminate more inches per minute. With that said, if you're looking for a laminator for your home, office or classroom, check out our list of the best laminators below to find the right on for your needs.

Best Overall: Swingline Fusion 3000L GBC Thermal Laminator Machine

Swingline GBC Thermal Laminator Machine
 Courtesy of Amazon

The Swingline GBC Fusion 3000L Laminator warms up in just one minute, and the ready light and audible alert will let you know when the machine it's ready for use. The machine has a laminating speed of 19 inches per minute, so you can move through large laminating jobs in less time (please note that the maximum document width of this machine is nine inches). And if there's a snafu along the way, the Intelligent Jam Alert System sounds a beep to let you know there’s a jam. Fixing it is easy: Simply press a button to release the jammed pouch and continue with your laminating job. There's also a cold setting available for smooth lamination results with pressure sensitive pouches. And after 30 minutes of inactivity, the laminator will automatically power off to conserve energy. The machine comes with 30 laminating pouches to get you started.

Best Value: AmazonBasics Thermal Laminator

Weighing only 2.6 pounds, the AmazonBasics Thermal Laminator is lightweight and portable. Give the laminator four minutes to warm up and then you’re ready to laminate your documents up to nine inches wide. That means you can laminate letter-sized, business-card-sized and photo-size documents. Choose from one of two heat settings for the best results. With the flip of a switch, you can opt to use the 3 mil heat setting for normal documents or the 5 mil setting for thinner papers. The compact design is great for any classroom or home office. If papers get jammed in the laminator, you can use the jam release lever to quickly and easily clear out the jam.

Runner-Up, Best Value: Scotch PRO Thermal Laminator

Flip the switch on the Scotch PRO Thermal Laminator, give it five minutes to warm up, and when the “ready” indicator light illuminates, you’re ready to go. Choose between two temperature settings for different thermal pouch thicknesses. The no-jam technology automatically prevents items that have been misfed into the machine, while two rollers feed pages through the machine and prevent wrinkles and bubbles in your documents. You can laminate documents at a speed of 15 inches per minute and the laminating machine conserves energy by shutting off after one hour of inactivity. The Scotch PRO Thermal Laminator also features a folding tray, hidden cord storage, as well as a carry handle for easy portability.

Most Versatile: Bluesmart 3-in-1 OL299 Laminator

The Bluesmart OL299 Laminator is more than just a laminator: It’s a combination of a laminator, a rotary paper trimmer and a corner rounder. The three functions combined allow you to create visually appealing documents. The paper trimmer can cut straight, perforated, and wavy edges on up to three sheets of paper simultaneously. And the two-roller system minimizes bubbles and wrinkles in your laminated documents with low noise. This machine supports both hot and cold laminating, so you can use a variety of paper types. When you choose hot laminating, just give the laminator between three to five minutes to preheat and you’re ready to go (an LED indicator light takes the guesswork out of figuring out whether the machine is ready to use). If the machine gets jammed, you can use the built-in jam release button to clear out jammed papers within just a few seconds.

Most Features: Swingline GBC Laminator, Fusion 7000L

The Swingline Fusion 7000L is one of the best when it comes to speed. The laminating machine warms up in just one minute and once it’s warm, you can begin laminating documents up to 12” wide. The machine can move efficiently, laminating up to 45 documents in 10 minutes. The Swingline Fusion 7000L is packed with features such as Advanced Auto Pouch Thickness Detection that allows the laminator to automatically adjust to the ideal setting based on the thickness of the paper you’ve inserted. Auto jam detection clears out jams by automatically reversing jammed documents. And you’ll have the option to choose the cold lamination setting to use with pressure-sensitive pouches. The six rollers ensure flawless results – no bubbles or wrinkles. Finally, auto shut off feature saves electricity by powering off the device after it’s been idle for a period of time.

Best for Cold Laminating: SARKI Thermal Laminator

The SARKI Thermal Laminator only takes three minutes to warm up and the hot and cold laminating system speeds through documents at 12.6 inches per minute. It includes four temperature settings for the cold pouch, allowing you to choose the settings that best fit the type of paper you’re using. The single operation switch makes it simple to use the laminator and the LED indicator shows the status of the machine, so you know when it’s on and ready for use. Laminate documents with a maximum width of 13.3 inches and thickness of up to 0.02 inches. Energy conservation is a plus; the laminator will automatically turn off if it remains idle for 20 to 30 minutes.

Best for Speed: Fellowes Laminator Jupiter 2 125 Rapid 1 Minute Warm Up

This laminator rapidly warms up in 60 seconds, thanks to InstaHeat technology and can also laminate documents at an impressive 30 inches per minute. Plus, it's possible to laminate any job perfectly without adjusting any settings on your own; AutoSense system detects the thickness and self-adjusts to the best laminating setting for those pages. The Advanced Pouch Tracking System can detect misfed pages and automatically reverse to clear out jams without any intervention from you. Just re-center or remove to continue with the laminating process. The laminator is built with six rollers to provide superior quality laminating jobs.

Best for Portability: Apache AL9 9” Thermal Laminator

The Apache AL 9” Thermal Laminator is compact in size, easy to carry and won’t take up a large amount of space on your desk. But this laminator is still large enough to laminate a standard piece of paper. Quality grade motor and heating elements ensure top results every time. The Apache AL 9” Thermal Laminator is warm in under three minutes and laminates each sheet in under 60 seconds.