7 Great Mobile Apps to Manage Your Business Finances

Check out These Apps to Keep up With Your Business Finances on the Go

Technology is a wonderful thing and it is making business finances easier to manage than ever before. Everyone can turn their phone or tablet into a mobile accounting machine by downloading a few useful apps that will save you both time and money.

From sending out invoices and managing customers to credit card transactions and complex financial projections, there is an app for every business need. Small and large businesses alike will find these apps save valuable time and when you get everything in sync, your accounting may actually become enjoyable.

Each of these apps is available in the iTunes AppStore for iPhone and iPad as well as Android devices via the Google Play Store.

QuickBooks Mobile

Business people reviewing financial data on digital tablet
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When customers review the QuickBooks Mobile App, they make comments like, "Life-changing."  It is integrated with QuickBooks Online, so you can manage your accounting from anywhere your job takes you.

Small business owners and anyone who handles the finances and accounting for a company will find that this app is invaluable.

QuickBooks Mobile can be used to create and edit customers, invoices, sales receipts, and estimates. Your data is then immediately available in QuickBooks Online.

If you are visiting a customer, you can prepare an estimate or invoice right there on the spot. There's no need to return to the office or turn on your laptop, now that's efficient!


If you prefer to do your small business finances online, the FreshBooks app makes it easy.

FreshBooks is cloud accounting and is known for its ability to streamline the invoice process. The app makes it quick and easy to make expense reports and track time, in addition to creating invoices electronically.

FreshBooks is a very good online accounting program, as well. The plans are designed to work well for businesses with just a few customers or those that send out many invoices every month.

Oracle Business Approvals for Sales Managers

Oracle Business Approvals for Sales Managers is an incredibly helpful app. While it may not, at first glance, sound like it is for small business financial management, it certainly is.

Sales managers can review sales quotes and endorse or decline them while on the go. They can also review expense reports, sales forecasts, and purchase orders. 

If you use Oracle, then the app will be a worthy addition to your business.


Shoeboxed makes managing receipts from business expenses very easy.

It is a life-saver at tax time because all of your receipts are stored in one place and available whenever you need them. To use it, simply take a picture of your receipt, organize it in your Shoeboxed account and it's stored online.

You can also use Shoeboxed for contact management. Take a picture of any business card and it can be stored online. No more piles of cards on your desk!


Square is a great app for businesses on the go because you can complete all of your sales right on your phone or tablet. It is one of the best apps for mobile credit card transactions.

Square gives you a free credit card reader and the app is free as well (a rarity among today's business apps). Transactions are credited to your account within one or two days and the charge is 2.75% for each card swipe. You also do not need a merchant account, so there are significant savings over traditional processing.

There is no charge for cash or check transactions and Square gives you a daily sales report for everything. It is, in a sense, a mobile cash register. This one can also help you collect customer email addresses because you can email or text a receipt immediately.

Square is so popular and inexpensive that many small businesses are choosing to use it in their brick and mortar stores. Because of this, Square has POS solutions as well.

Intuit QuickBooks GoPayment

QuickBooks GoPayment is the mobile credit card transaction app associated with QuickBooks. It was obviously developed to compete with Square.

Like Square, GoPayment is a free app though the rates can vary. You can choose a 'Pay-as-you-go' plan with a swipe rate of 2.4% and keyed rate of 3.4%. If you have more sales, you can pay a monthly premium and get that rate down to 1.6%. There is a small transaction fee, but it's just $.25.

The credit card reader is small and free. If you already use QuickBooks as your accounting software, you can sync GoPayment with it. This may be a better option than Square for businesses that require the sync and have a significant number of transactions each month.


How would you like to do your payroll from anywhere? SurePayroll allows you to do that. The app is free but you have to have a SurePayroll account to get full access.

You can pay your salaried, hourly, and contract employees. The app also allows you to enter all of the earnings, deductions, hours worked, and any other payroll data on demand. When needed, run quick summary reports or keep track of vacation and sick time or any other miscellaneous data.

As a bonus, your employees can download the employee app and have all of their personal data as well. No more questions about how much personal time they have left or asking you for paycheck verification.


InDinero is a pretty awesome iPhone app which works with other apps like FreshBooks. It claims to be the Mint.com for small businesses. Some call InDinero a financial dashboard and most people call it just plain good.

InDinero pulls your bank and credit card statements from all of your banks. There is no need to shoebox receipts due to this feature and InDinero puts your expenses in the proper categories for you immediately.

InDinero prepares financial reports like profit and loss statements, including some financial forecasting. Last, but not least, InDinero tracks your spending habits every month and reports back, which allows you to set up and maintain a budget.