Best Home Businesses for Moms (and Dads)

14 Home Businesses Parents Can Build While Raising Their Kids

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People decide to work from home for a variety of reasons. One of the more popular ones is to be home with the kids. However, working at home with children isn’t as easy as you might think. Further, not all home businesses are suited to working around children. Here are a few home business ideas that you can schedule around being a parent. All these options offer flexibility to work around raising a family.

Child-Centered Businesses

Home Day Care: One of the easiest ways to make money around your child’s schedule is to provide daycare services. You can offer specialized daycare, such as after-school only for school-age children or child care for teachers (giving you holiday vacations and summers off).

Tutoring: The advances in technology allow you to tutor from the comfort of your home with an Internet connection and a video chat service such as Skype. Technology also allows you to work with people from all over the world, so you can fit tutoring in which your child’s schedule. For example, if you live in California, you can tutor east coast children after school, while your child naps after lunch.

Instructor (i.e. piano instructor): Do you have a skill or talent parents would pay you to teach their children? Musical instruments, dance, and sports all lend themselves to home businesses that involve teaching. If you have the space and equipment, you can offer your teaching talents in your home.

Writing-Related Businesses

Blogging: While the Internet is full of mom-blogs, you don’t have to limit yourself to blogging about being a parent. One of the best aspects to earning money blogging is that you can choose a topic that interests you or that you're passionate about. The key to blogging success is providing content people want to read, finding your market, and building regular traffic to your blog.

Freelance Copywriting: Of all the types of writing, copywriting is the most lucrative. If you can use words to persuade people to take action (i.e. buy now), you can get paid to write for businesses. Freelance copywriting includes writing sales letters, brochures, product/service descriptions, press releases and just about anything else a business would need.

Freelance Article Writing: Writing for magazines can pay well, but it’s difficult to break into. However, many online media sources such as online magazines and blogs, need quality content and will pay writers to create it. It doesn’t pay as well as magazine articles, but it can be easier to break into and since publishing times are faster, you can get paid sooner.

Ghostwriting: Celebrities and professionals often have entertaining and informative stories to tell, but they don’t have the gift of writing. As a result, many hire ghostwriters who use their stories and voice to pen articles and books. It can be lucrative if you can find work. Ghostwriting usually requires that you have a history making a living as a writer and often you need to be published.

Book Writing (traditional or self): Amazon has changed the world for authors wanting to see their words in print. Not only has it made e-books mainstream, but it has provided a platform for writers to publish their books without a traditional publisher. The challenge in making money writing books is the same as blogging; you need great content, find your market, and make sure lots of people know about your book.

Product-Centered Businesses

Direct Sales: Many people shy away from direct sales because they don’t want to sell to friends or family. Whatever business you start, you should let your friend and family know. If you started a blog or wrote a book, you’d let them know, right? The point is, you don’t have become the obnoxious direct sales person in the neighborhood to be successful. The advantage to direct sales is that you have a product or service, a marketing system, and training all built in. The key to success is to choose a company that has a product and system you can get behind, and a sponsor you can work with.

eBay: If you have a product to sell, eBay offers an affordable place to sell it. You can even set up a storefront without having to go through the time and expense of building a website. Ongoing success in selling on eBay is having an inventory of products to sell. Many eBayers focus on a specific type of product, such as children’s name brand clothing. If you’ll be keeping the inventory in your home (as opposed to drop shipping), you’ll need space to store all your items and a system for packaging and mailing them.

Etsy: Etsy is the eBay for crafters and people who make homemade goods. Like eBay, setting up an Etsy storefront is affordable and fast.

Affiliate Marketing: If you don’t have a product, you can still get paid to sell other companies’ products and services. There are thousands of companies of all sizes who will pay you a commission if you refer a buyer. Most successful affiliate marketers have a blog or website where they promote items.

Technological Businesses

Graphic Design: If you know how to create graphics, especially for businesses, you can start a home-based graphic design business. If you already have the computer and software, you can get started right away with little expense.

Web Design: Web design can encompass a lot, but you don’t need to know everything to be a web designer. It helps to know HTML and/or CSS, but many designers specialize in a specific design platform such as WordPress or Joomla, so you don't have to code from scratch.

All these ideas offer flexibility to earn an income while also raising children. However, like any career endeavor, it requires research, planning and consistent effort.