The 8 Best Headsets of 2020

A useful office accessory if you make and take a lot of phone calls

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These days, smartphones and laptops simplify the process of making a business call. Still, you may experience distracting background noise or audio feedback even with these devices, leaving an unfavorable impression with customers, clients, or collaborators. Headsets, as a result, are valuable communication tools for businesses, particularly call centers and offices with frequent conference calls. A decent headset minimizes distractions and includes a microphone that captures clean audio for uninterrupted conversations.

Important factors in an office headset include comfort, audio quality, noise cancelation and roam range. Whether you're looking for a device with long battery life or one with ultra-comfortable design, we compiled a comprehensive list of the best office headsets for making seamless calls.

Best Overall: Voyager Focus UC Bluetooth USB B825 Headset

Voyager Focus UC Bluetooth USB B825 Headset
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Plantronics' Voyager Focus UC Bluetooth USB B825 Headset works excellently for multiple uses in the office, great for both calls and music. The soft memory foam ear cushions feel comfortable to wear throughout the day, and while most headsets come with one microphone, this one has three. The mics cancel ambient noise inside loud offices and effectively capture voices for clear calls.

You can connect the headset to your computer and phone via Bluetooth simultaneously and the wide roaming range of 150 feet means you can move around the office while making calls once you’re connected.

The control settings are intuitive to use. Located on the earcups, they include the power switch, music playback settings, volume adjustments and answer call button. The voice alert function tells you Caller ID, mute and connection status, as well as talk time level to help you keep track of calls. The headset comes with a charging dock, and your phone will be good for 12 hours of talk time after each charge.

Best for Budget: Mpow 071 USB Headset

Whether you're using it for a webinar presentation or conference call, this headset delivers decent sound quality for a budget-friendly price.  The construction is simple but effective. The headset has a 3.5 mm jack for phone and tablet connection, as well as a USB plug for computer connection. It uses a flexible unidirectional microphone that picks up your voice effectively, and the 40mm diver delivers high-definition audio with a balanced tone.

The fit is comfortable, thanks to the memory foam-padded ear cushions and adjustable steel slider headband. It may be tight depending on specific head and ear shapes, so if that is your case, remove the headphones every one to two hours.

Colorwise, you won't be limited to only one choice. Select from black, silver, white and blue options.

Best for Saving Space: Comexion Bluetooth Headset

A slim headset does wonders for a small workspace since it does not add unnecessary bulk to your workstation. It also makes the perfect companion for those who are often on the go. This discreet, easy-to-carry headset from Comexion will accommodate you wherever you work and enable hands-free communication. It weighs less than half an ounce and has a flip-boom arm that allows you to use the earpiece with either ear. It stays snugly inside the ear, coming with two different-sized earbud tips for the perfect fit.

The headset pairs with smartphones and tablets over Bluetooth (up to two devices simultaneously), but with a 33-foot roaming range, you will need to stay close to your devices. This headset from Comexion uses a built-in boom microphone with a dynamic speaker and CVC6.0 noise-canceling technology. You can also connect the headset to a voice assistant such as Siri. The featured buttons include options for power, calls, muting, and volume. The headset charges within 1.5 hours and gives you up to 6.5 hours of talking time and 180 hours of standby time.

Best Roaming Range: Sennheiser DW Pro 1 Wireless Office Headset DECT

Pricewise, this is no doubt an investment, but its range, battery life and clean audio make up for the price. This headset has the best roaming range, as well as one of the best battery lives. You can walk up to 400 feet away from your phone once connected. Additionally, you'll be able to talk up to 12 hours before you need to charge the battery, which only requires an hour for a full charge. During those 12 hours, you’ll be able to alternate between different tasks, since you can connect to both your computer and your phone.

The headset produces professional and smooth audio. It includes noise-canceling microphones to cut out background noise for the cleanest audio with clients and customers. On the receiving end, the ActiveGuard technology inside the headset shields your ears from random spikes in volume.

Best for Comfort: Logitech H800 Bluetooth Wireless Headset

Those who sit through long calls all day will appreciate a product that will not clamp too tightly onto their heads or squeeze their ears. This headset stays on your head with an adjustable padded headband and sculpted foam ear cups for a comfortable fit. Besides providing excellent comfort, it folds up for convenient storage. Sound-wise, the headset provides rich stereo sound with laser-tuned speaker drivers, a built-in equalizer and noise-canceling mic.

Its other features are average, though may be deal breakers for some. Keep in mind that it has a six-hour battery life, which is less efficient than many of the headsets on this list. At 40 feet, the wireless range is decent, though not particularly exceptional.

Best for Heavy Duty: Jabra Steel Ruggedized Bluetooth Headset

This headset sports a utilitarian, simple design, measuring 2.5 inches long and coming with a hook to secure it onto your ear. It is a solid pick for trade workers to use at an on-site job surrounded by dirt, high winds or other rough elements. Coming with a five-year warranty, it resists dust, grime, water and shock. Its buttons are big enough to use even with gloves on. You can pair voice assistants such as Siri or Google Voice, so you can answer the phone by saying "answer," should your hands be occupied. The device also includes a noise-canceling dual microphone and HD voice technology for clear sound even in loud spaces. The six-hour battery life is sufficient, though there are headsets out there that will give you a few more hours of talking time.

Best for Noise-Canceling: Jabra Evolve 80 Professional Stereo Noise-Canceling

With this headset, you'll be able to do your work with zero obtrusions and make crystal clear calls. Most of the headsets on this list will reduce noise to some degree, but this product shields sound on another level. The active noise-cancelation feature removes low-frequency background noise in busy offices whereas the passive noise-cancelation eliminates high-frequency noises like human voices. Additionally, the busy light turns red to notify coworkers whenever you're on a call as to prevent interruptions.

When you're not on a call, you can listen to music with the premium speakers housed in the headset. Even when you’re not on a call, you’ll feel comfortable enough to keep it on. The entire unit is leatherette-cushioned so that your ears and head don’t feel cramped.

One thing to consider is that this headset doesn't use Bluetooth but includes a USB adapter with a 3.5 mm jack to connect to your PC, smartphone or tablet.

Best Style: Plantronics-CS540 Convertible Wireless Headset

This slim black headset flaunts an elegant contemporary design that is a stylish alternative to bulky devices. It comes with both ear loops and a headband, which allows you to custom it to your wearing preference.

In terms of sound, the headset has an extended boom microphone that removes ambient noise. The wideband audio technology also eliminates Wi-Fi interference and provides acoustic protection against audio spikes. The battery life is average, with up to seven hours of talk time.

The controls on the headset are easy to use — with one-touch controls, you can answer and end calls as well as adjust or mute volume. It also has DECT 6.0 technology so that you can talk while 350 feet away from your desk. Note that this device is meant for office phones and will not activate with Bluetooth. To remotely answer or end calls, you will need to pair it with a separately sold Electronic Hookswitch Cable or Handset Lifter.