The 8 Best Gifts for Your Boss

We know just what gifts your manager really wants

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Thinking about getting your boss a gift for his/her birthday, the holidays or another special occasion? Buying a gift for your boss can be tricky because you want to get something that's a nice sentiment and also useful, but not over-the-top where it looks like you're a bit of a brown-noser. So, we've done some research and picked out our favorite options when it comes time for gift giving at the office. From a personalized fountain pen to a business card case and notebook, keep reading to find the best gifts to give your manager.

Best Pen: ForevergiftsUSA Personalized Fountain Pen

Personalized Quality Fountain Pen - Free Engraving
Courtesy of Amazon

The ForevergiftsUSA fountain pen is appropriately least until you have it engraved with your boss’s name. It’s the perfect gift if you don’t know them very well yet or if you’re still reserving judgment about them. It doesn’t say too much or too little.

The pain is black and silver, nicely dignified and you can have up to 30 characters inscribed on the cap. Two cartridges are included, one refillable and one regular. Oh, and the inscribing is included in the price. How’s that for a nice touch?

Best Case for Business Cards: Caramel Sweet Life Personalized Case

Caramel Sweet Life makes a handsome, upscale case for business cards. Your boss will love whipping one of their cards out of this to hand it around. The stainless steel and leatherette case holds 25 cards and can be inscribed with your boss' name or initials if you want to give them something a little more personal. You can pick one up in beige, black, blue, orange, red, or coffee.

Best for Him: Vetelli Leather Toiletry Bag for Men

Maybe he travels a lot, or maybe he just pretty much lives at the office. Either way, a guy’s got to be presentable under all conditions, and this gift will help. It’s leather and modeled after the classic Dopp kit of yesteryears. The interior is nylon and water-resistant — no worries about spills or leaks from the contents — and it’s divided into large, separate compartments.

The Vetelli kit comes with two small silicon bottles with their own little interior mesh pouches, as well as two more interior zippered pockets. Vetelli also offers a lifetime guarantee.  

Best for Her: Anjou Bath Bombs Gift Set

If your boss is constantly under a lot of stress, give her something to relax with when she finally gets home. These bath bombs fizz when they hit the tub, emitting six spa-quality essential oils, some made from dried flowers. We particularly like them because they’re bigger than average, about four ounces each.

Anjou’s Bath Bombs are derived from all those things that will make your boss say, “Ahh.” Organic and pure ingredients include lavender, sweet orange and rose.

Best Notebook: ZOHULU Smart Notebook

ZOHULU makes a smart notebook that will become indispensable to the boss who loves to jot things down throughout the day. The days of legal pads and wire-bound notebooks are long gone. This one is reusable, so it will pretty much last them forever. And no, it’s not just one blank slab that they can keep wiping clean. It has 100 reusable pages that they can wipe off with a damp cloth or napkin so they’re ready and waiting for the next thing they want to keep track of.

Best of all, they can send their notes to the cloud or several other applications before they wipe everything away, and everything will be stored in folders and editable when they get there. All they have to do is download the ​ZOHULU app for iOS or Mac.

Best Heated Foot Massager: Gideon Quilted Shiatsu Foot Massager

Does your boss constantly complain that their feet are cold? If yes, then get them the Gideon Quilted Shiatsu Foot Massager to keep their feet feeling toasty. They can also simultaneously set it to massage to work the kinks out of their ankles and toes.

They can even remove the top foot muff and use the massager on their back, shoulders or even her legs. It measures about 12 x 12 inches wide and it has eight little built-in nodes that gently rotate to relax knotted muscles. Users claim the nodes feel just like a masseuse’s fingers.

Best Brewer: Coffee Gator Pour Over Brewer

Don’t make your boss walk into the kitchen every time they need another hit of caffeine. The Coffee Gator Brewer is the pour-over variety, which makes it suitable for their desk. And pour-over brews are known to be smooth as silk, so you’re not just giving her coffee. You’re giving her good coffee.

The Osaka Brewer includes a surgical grade stainless steel filter, so they won’t have to keep buying the paper variety to keep it going mug after mug. The carafe is made of borosilicate glass, which prevents months and years of coffee from penetrating and imparting a bitter taste after a lot of use.

Best for the Occasional Drink: GENNISSY Pocket Hip Flask

If you’re close with your boss — at least enough to know that they enjoy a drink here and there in the office — the GENNISSY Pocket Hip Flask can make a perfect gift for them.

This handsome flask is made of top grade stainless steel and quality leather for a firm grip and it comes with a funnel cap and three little cups. The cap seals nicely, so it won’t leak and get any files wet. If you really want to get fancy, get them a mini-bottle of their favorite relaxer to go with it. You might want to offer this gift when the two of you are alone, but, of course, you’re not giving it to them for office use, right? It’s for their personal time, and it will even fit nicely in their pocket.