The 8 Best Gifts for Co-Workers in 2020

No one will roll their eyes at these presents

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Holidays and special occasions are fun, but there’s always at least a little bit of stress involved, too. Even if you’re not in charge of loading the table with a perfect spread of food, there are gifts to see to. The pressure is on you to find the perfect one…or at least one that doesn’t make the recipient frown when he opens it.

Office bashes can be even more pressure-filled. You don’t want to be forever known as “Sally who gave Jane that lame ostrich-print sweater last year.” By the same token, these are people you work with, right? You might think the world of them, but you don’t want to bust your entire month’s budget on them, either. And you want to get them something practical. Finding the right present to give your co-worker can be tricky, but we can help. Take a look at our best gifts to give co-workers.

Best Plants: Fat Plants San Diego Succulent Plants

Maybe they've been working there since before you were born. In any case, they’ve been to a lot of workplace celebrations and their co-workers have been giving them little gifts for years and years. You can barely see their workspace thanks to all of them — but one or more of these succulents can tuck nicely into a corner here or there. They’re also appropriate for co-workers you don’t know very well yet.

Succulents don’t require a lot of care. They’re colorful and they come in some wild shapes and sizes. And they only need small pots. Fat Plants San Diego provides them with tidy, little 2 to 2.5-inch sizes. You get eight plants in your order, so you can even spread them around your workplace, and Fat Plants promises there won’t be any duplicates. The exact type of plants you get will vary by season.

Best for Coffee Lovers: Presse by Bobble

This on-the-go coffee presser is the perfect gift for the coworker whose coffee standards are far above what the office urn provides. Not only can they enjoy coffee perfection at their desk, but they can do so when they're on the road, too, making it a particularly great gift if they have to travel a bit in their line of work.

The Presse has a little micro-filter to prevent grounds from getting into the coffee, although it’s not suitable for ultra-fine grinds. It features three-ply insulation so their coffee will stay warm for hours, and it’s dishwasher safe as long as they take care to place it on the top rack. If they're really grateful, they might even share their brew with you. The Presse makes up to 13 ounces of coffee at a time in about three minutes’ time.

Best for Organization: Morris the Donkey Desk Organizer

Morris the Donkey will help keep your co-worker’s desk organized and provide a bit of whimsy, too. He has a place for notes (in his mouth), for pens and pencils, and even for yet-to-be-used notepads (tuck them down into his back). The notepads are included. They’re the 3.5 x 3.5-inch variety, so they don’t fill up his whole back and there’s room for those pencils and pens in there, too.

Your co-worker can just pinch his ears a little when they want to give him a note or multiple notes to hold in his mouth. At just 5.9 x 1.2 x 3.9 inches, he doesn’t take up much space and he won’t collect a lot of dust even if he ends up just sitting there looking cute.

Best for Business Travelers: The Carry On Cocktail Kit

Air travel has become more difficult and aggravating over the years, but you can endear yourself to the co-worker who frequently has to deal with it when you give them the Carry On Cocktail Kits. All they have to do is get to their seat and your gift will reward them from there.

The kits come in a variety of different cocktails with everything they’ll need to prepare their favorite drink, all conveniently tucked into a small tin that will easily fit into their briefcase or even messenger bag. It’s just a little over 3 x 4 x 1 inches. If they're not sure how to go about creating the concoction, the kits even come with helpful recipe cards. And yes, it’s all OK with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA)because the liquids included don’t exceed the TSA’s three-ounce limit. Unfortunately, they’ll have to add her own liquor, but the end result will still probably far exceed anything available in flight. Each kit makes two cocktails.

Best Charging Cables: Besiva Four-Pack Lightning Cables

Have a co-worker whose devices are always dead or on the verge of dying because they left their charger at home? Give them some stylish lightning cables for charging and syncing their devices to their computer. This four-pack comes with cables in various lengths (three to ten feet) so they’ll always have an extra at home or work. The nylon-braided cord holds up under daily workplace use — lab tests proved it could withstand up to 8,000 bends — is tangle-free, and is specifically designed for use with iPhone 5 or later. 

Best for Fitness Lovers: DeskCycle Desk Exercise Bike

This one is ideal for the person who’s the first out the door at night, eager to jog home and get their blood pumping again. If they despair that their job involves sitting at a desk for such long, unbroken stretches of time, you’ll shoot straight to the top of their “Favorite People” list if you give them the DeskCycle Desk Exercise Bike.

At just 24 x 20 x 10 inches, it will fit neatly under their desk, so they can pedal away as they go about other tasks and it works with even smaller, lower desks. It offers some nice resistance and features eight calibrated settings. And it’s quiet, so it won’t interfere with everyone else’s thought processes. A five-function display will tell them things such as just how far they’ve pedaled and how many calories they've burned. The DeskCycle is a little pricey, but it would make an awesome gift if a few co-workers wanted to chip in together.

Best for Finding Items: Esky Wireless RF Item Locator

Key Finder, Esky Wireless RF Item Locator
Courtesy of Amazon

Your disorganized coworker will never misplace their keys or coveted fountainpen again. All they have to do is attach Esky’s small receiver to whatever it is they want to keep track of and they’ll be able to easily lay their hands on it no matter where it ends up. The Wireless RF Item Locator includes four receivers for multiple object-finding.

When they click the handheld remote, the receiver will beep helpfully, a signal that the keys or pen are right over there. The remote is even equipped with a light for searching after dark. It works up to about 100 feet away from the misplaced item and through walls and other partitions as well, even seat cushions.

Best Pick-Me-Up Gift: Large Funny Coffee Mug

This mug offered by Gypsy’s Cart will lift your coworker’s spirits whenever they reach for a sip of their favorite beverage — and that beverage should last a while because the mug holds 15 ounces. The mug is white ceramic with black lettering, it’s dishwasher and microwave safe and comes with a wooden coaster. It should keep your co-worker feeling awesome for a while.