The 9 Best Client Gifts

Show your clients how much you appreciate them

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Showing your appreciation to clients is a great way to retain their business and maintain a solid professional relationship. Sometimes a thank you card will suffice, but occasionally, you may choose to show your appreciation with a gift.

Deciding whether to purchase a gift for a client is the easy part. Choosing the right gift can be tough, especially if you’re looking for budget-friendly gifts for multiple clients or you want to get clients gifts without seeming like you’re trying to “buy” the client’s attention.

This guide contains a variety of gifts you can give to your clients. From business card cases to travel bags and electronic accessories, there’s something you can give each of your clients no matter what business they’re in. Perhaps best of all, the items on this list are all priced under $100.

The 8 Essentials of Corporate Gift Buying

Best Overall: Moonster Leather Journal

Like most business professionals, your clients likely do a great deal of notetaking. The Moonster Leather Journal is the perfect gift for your clients, so they can keep up with the notes they capture day-in and day-out. The impressive journal is beautifully made from naturally tanned, handmade leather that can easily be rubbed to remove any markings or scratches. The hand-stitched binding keeps all 240 unlined pages firmly in place ​so that none of the pages and important notes are ever lost. Because the pages are stitched in place, the journal is not refillable – each journal is one of a kind. The pages are the perfect thickness for writing on without any ink bleedthrough.

Best for Networking Clients: Fayeah Business Card Holder

The Fayeah Business Card Holder will not only impress your clients, your clients’ clients will be likewise be impressed by the thumb-sliding feature. Business cards are dispensed one at a time when the user slides their finger over a button on the front of the cardholder. The sturdy metal card holder keeps your business cards safe, preventing them from being damaged or bent in transport. The business card holder can hold up to 18 business cards depending on thickness. And of course, additional cards can be reloaded at any time.

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Best for Frequent Travelers: Vetelli Leather Toiletry Bag

The Ventilli leather toiletry bag features a classic design and has a prestigious look and feel. With two large compartments, the bag can accommodate a range of travel accessories for both men and women. You know how annoying it is when your small items get lost at the bottom of the bag? The inside zipped pockets can be used to separate smaller items so they’re easier to access. The nylon inner lining protects the items inside and the water-resistant bottom protects against leaks, both from the outside and the inside. The bag also comes with two additional silicon travel bottles that can be used to transport liquids in smaller containers.

Best for Coffee Lovers: Marvelous Printing Personalized Coffee Mug

Your clients are probably used to receiving gifts with the giver’s company logo. Most people consider their own personalized items as a great marketing tool and gift in one. How about sending your client a gift that’s personalized for them? The thoughtfulness of a personalized gift will keep you on top of the client’s mind.

The Marvelous Printing Personalized Coffee Mug can be customized on one side or both sides with text, a picture or a logo. The all-white, 11-ounce mug is both microwave and dishwasher safe, making it easy for your client to care for their personalized gift. It’s easy to personalize the mug by uploading a photo or text with the vendor.

Best for Tech-Savvy Clients: Pezin & Hulin Bamboo Charging Station

Pezin & Hulin Bamboo Charging Station


Charging multiple devices at the same time can be a very disorganized process leaving cords and devices scattered all over the place. The Pezin & Hulin Bamboo Charging Station is both a practical and stylish gift for your clients. The organizer sits on any flat surface and can be used to hold up to eight devices including phones, tablets, and smartwatches.  The cords from devices can be threaded through a slot in the bottom of the charging station so your clients can keep their desks free of tangled cords.

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Best for International Traveling Clients: Visconti Hunter 732 Passport Cover

As credit cards and passports begin to include more electronic security features, it becomes increasingly important to protect these items from RFID theft. Your clients will appreciate your concern for their safety when you gift them with the Visconti Hunter RFID Blocking Leather Password Cover. The cover prevents would-be thieves from retrieving sensitive personal information by blocking RFID transmission.

Measuring 3.5 x 0.5 x 5.1 inches, the cover has space for a passport, four credit cards and cash. The passport cover is a perfect combination of durable, practical and affordable. Your clients will have a much easier time keeping things organized while traveling.

Best for Snack-Loving Clients: Five-Star Gourmet Food Fruit and Nuts Gift Baskets

Five-Star Gourmet Food Fruit and Nuts Gift Baskets

Five-Star Gourmet Food

Consumable gifts are always a great way to show your appreciation for your clients who love snacks. The Five Star Gift Baskets Gourmet Food Nuts gift basket includes seven different types of nuts. Clients get to taste a total of 18.1 ounces of roasted salted almonds, pistachios, raw walnuts, cashews hot Cajun mix, honey-glazed pecans and honey-glazed peanuts. Gift wrapping is available for an extra special touch.

Best for Golfing Clients: SKLZ Indoor Putting Green With Ball Return

SKLZ Accelerator Pro - Indoor Putting
Courtesy of Amazon

Your golfing clients will love the SKLZ Accelerator Pro Indoor Putting Green. The Accelerator Pro allows anyone to practice their swing on any flat surface. The green includes alignment guides at three, five and seven feet to assist in improving accuracy and distance control. The automatic ball return is arguably the best feature on the mat, as it allows the user to continue training without having to retrieve the ball each time. The upslope at the cup is intended to emulate true putting on actual greens.

Best for On-The-Go Clients: EasyAcc Portable Charger

Keeping devices charged on the go can be tough. The EasyAcc Portable Charger will keep your clients’ devices charged up when they’re unable to get to a wall or car charger. The charger is great for taking on trips and out-of-the-office days. Another upside of the Easy Acc Portable Charger? It can charge up to four devices at a time, which is perfect for situations when clients have multiple devices at low battery all at the same time. The power bank itself can be recharged in six hours. It can even charge a device while it’s charging. The charger features a built-in LED flashlight that can come in handy in a power outage or other low-light situation. 

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