The 8 Best Footrests of 2020

Work more comfortably with these under-desk accessories

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When it comes to ergonomics, offices often only consider chairs that offer back support. However, footrests can do wonders for desk dwellers when it comes to posture and comfort. Since they promote circulation to your legs and feet, they prevent fatigue and foot sores throughout the course of your daily grind. They also support your feet if you're of smaller size or if you have a foot condition.

Choose a footrest to accommodate your lifestyle and needs. Will you be using it in your office or when you're traveling? Do you have a stationary desk or standing desk? Then, look into the specs of the footrest that you want. Many footrests are made from foam, wood, or plastic. Your choice should ultimately depend on whether you prefer a solid or soft material. And often — but not always — footrests are height- and tilt-adjustable to accommodate body size. From budget-friendly footstools to luxurious executive foot rockers, here are the best footrests out there to give your feet the break that they deserve.

Best Overall: Eureka Ergonomic Tilt Adjustable Footrest

Eureka Ergonomic Tilt Adjustable Footrest
Courtesy of Amazon

Treat your feet with this simple, yet effective footrest. The footstool improves your posture and maximizes comfort with its modest design. It tilts between 0 and 20 degrees to suit the size of your body. The angle of the unlocked footrest varies depending on pressure from your feet, so you can move your legs and feet to stay active at your workstation. The surface has raised bumps that massage the soles of your feet to promote better circulation and reduce stress.

The footstool is made from metal and eco-friendly rubber, so you're not taking a toll on the actual environment while improving your work environment. The rubber composition at the bottom of the unit also prevents the footrest from slipping, whether your floor is carpet, wood or tile. Many reviewers have attested to its durable construction, praising its “perfect height” and “solid weight.”

Best Foot Cushion: Office Ottoman Foot Rest Cushion

This lightweight foot cushion from Office Ottoman elevates sore and achy feet. The footrest is made from hypoallergenic, antimicrobial foam. Use it with or without shoes — the foam is firm enough to keep your feet propped either way. At four inches tall, the cushion takes the shape of a half-cylinder, providing ergonomic support while remaining short enough so your knees don't hit your desk. The plush surface encourages lower limb circulation to prevent tension and numbness in your legs and feet. It also makes the perfect aid for those with arthritis, sprains or other foot-related conditions. Should your footrest get dirty, the soft velour cover comes off and is machine-washable.

Best Adjustable Footrest: Mind Reader Adjustable Footrest

Most footrests are height-adjustable to a small degree, but Mind Reader's allows you to switch between three notably different positions so that the unit best accommodates your size. You can adjust the height from one to six inches. The product’s multiple tilt angles and height settings allow you to custom it to improve your posture and maximize comfort. When you need to store the footrest, simply flatten it — there is no need to disassemble anything. Besides promoting better foot circulation, the massage rollers prevent your feet from slipping off, though some reviewers have reported that the plastic materials feels slightly hard on bare feet.

Best for Executives: Humanscale FM 300 Foot Machine Footrest

Executives who are sticklers for design and quality will appreciate this luxurious foot rocker from Humanscale. It is built to last and comes with a 15-year warranty, which explains its heftier price tag. You’re ultimately paying for quality and longevity.

The construction is sturdy and ergonomic. The footrest sports a sturdy steel frame and hardwood platform. The ball-bearing rollers gently rock the unit back and forth to prevent cramps and soreness from long sitting periods, encouraging circulation by exercising your lower leg muscles. The footrest elevates your feet between 3.75 inches and 6.75 inches, reducing pressure from your back when you're sitting. It also provides ample elevation if you need the extra height due to your size or chair’s seat height. To keep your feet in place, this foot rocker flaunts a non-skid surface.

Best for Portability: Econo High Portable Footrest

If you're often on your feet, the Econo High Portable Footrest makes the perfect companion for your soles, whether you're in the office or at home. It consists of a sturdy, resilient plastic called ABS, which ensures its durability over time. It also has a high tolerance, able to hold up to 100 pounds.

Just over a pound, the footrest is lightweight and easy to carry everywhere. Its collapsible design allows you to bring it along with you when you're on the go and pretty much wherever you go — even on planes. Its foldability does not sacrifice its surface area or height, though. The sliding panels expand to 15 inches wide and the surface raises up to five inches.

While many footrests are black, Econo High’s footrest comes in three different options. Choose from colors such as black, blue and purple. When you buy the footrest, you'll also receive a convenient travel pouch.

Best for Temperature Control: Fellowes Climate Control Footrest

This gadget keeps your feet toasty when it's cold and provides ventilation when it's hot, suiting workspaces that are more vulnerable to the elements, like garages. Its three settings are cool fan, low heat and high heat. The auto-off feature turns the machine off after eight hours to prevent overheating. Since it only uses 250 watts, you won’t discover an egregious energy bill after using it.

Besides temperature control, the machine offers the comforts that you would find in a regular footrest. It has massage surface bumps to promote circulation in your lower limbs and alleviate stress. The footrest is also adjustable, elevating to your feet to prevent lower back pain and improve posture. The height range is small, though, with only two settings of 5.5 inches and 6.5 inches. Instead of changing the height, tilt the platform so that it rests at a comfortable angle. You can choose from a 5, 14 or 20-degree angle.

Best for Standing Desks: Ergodriven’s Not-Flat Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mat

Working at a standing desk lets you enjoy a full range of motion, but it can be uncomfortable to plant your feet on a hardwood or concrete surface at all times. The Topo inspires standing desk users to sit less by offering a dynamically contoured surface that drives the motions that prevent the fatigue and discomfort of standing. It’s such a cult favorite that one reviewer has even called it “mandatory for any serious long-term standing desk user.”

The mat is ergonomic and surprisingly durable. Its polyurethane foam provides a comfortable alternative to the floor, relieving pressure from your back, legs, heels and shoulders. The cushion feels firm, with just enough give for comfortable support. While it encourages movement, it’s less distracting than a desk treadmill or balance board. The skin on the foam is also durable, resisting stains and punctures.

Select from sleek, minimal colors like altostratus gray and obsidian black or cheerful hues, including mulberry purple and denim blue.

Best Foot Hammock: 5Fold Products Foot Hammock

This foldable contraption brings relief to aching and swollen feet. The lightweight hammock is an alternative for those who prefer a more soft footrest to a solid footstool. The best part about this product is that it's relatively easy to set up. 5Fold Products developed its universal fastening system with clamps that mount the cloth hammock on any desk, whether it has open or closed sides. The high-tension ropes allow you to swing your feet or legs back and forth without causing the unit to fall apart after you set it up. The hammock supports a maximum of 110 pounds, consisting of durable, double-stitched cotton fabric.

There are not too many colors, but there are choices nonetheless. Choose between a red or black foot hammock.