The 7 Best Ergonomic Office Chairs of 2020

Say goodbye to back pain and finally work in comfort

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If you spend any period of time in an office chair, it is important that you have the right chair for your body’s needs. Millions of people struggle with pain, tingling, discomfort and other issues related to a bad chair or poorly designed workspace. But you don’t have to live with these problems. The solution may be as simple as choosing a new ergonomic office chair.

The right ergonomic office chairs promote health and safety while you toil away on the computer on a wide range of tasks. It doesn’t matter if you work on graphics, spreadsheets, words, videos, or numbers on the computer. If you don’t take care of your body with the right equipment, you may find yourself hurting or struggling to do your work.

But don’t just run out and buy a chair without first doing some research. Important features to consider before making a purchase include adjustability (back, armrests, height), padding and material, as well as headrest support to help take pressure off the neck. With so much to keep top-of-mind, follow along with this guide to learn more about choosing the best ergonomic office chair for work.

Best Overall: Modway Articular Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

Modway Articular Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair
 Courtesy of Amazon

This highly rated office chair balances a reasonable price with a range of features. The chair is most popular in black, but also available in other fun colors including red, green, blue and gray. And while this chair is more attractive than many other office chairs, it is the ergonomic features that matter most.

This chair has tons of adjustment points, including multiple options for the back, tilt, armrests and other positions. It includes wheels, a swivel base, a well padded sitting surface, as well as a mesh back for a combination of flexible support and comfort.

It doesn’t matter if you want to spruce up the home office or bring a new level of comfort to the office, this chair has you covered. This chair supports a 331-pound maximum weight and the backrest is 22 inches tall. Armrests have a 4.5-inch adjustable range and the seat supports a similar 4.5-inch range.

Best Budget: Furmax Office Chair

The Furmax Office Chair offers mid-back support, a swivel base with wheels, as well as a mesh back to ensure your comfort while typing away on the keyboard. This is one of the lowest cost ergonomic office chairs out there, which means it does the job but isn’t quite as feature rich as some other options.

The height of the chair is adjustable, but it has fixed armrests and a fixed back, so it is not as customizable as some competing options. But the mesh back brings both lumbar support and breathability, and the thick padding in the chair cushion makes it a viable option for regular work.

This chair supports up to 265 pounds, though some reviewers indicated it may be a tight squeeze between the two armrests depending on your size. But it gets great reviews on the height range and comfort and support of the backrest.

Best Gaming-Style: Homall Gaming Chair

While it is marketed to gamers who spend hours on their computers and gaming systems conquering enemies, this stylish chair works well in a modern office space as well. It is available in black, white, red, and blue color schemes and includes both a headrest and lumbar support.

The chair looks like something out of a racecar or fighter jet cockpit, but it is indeed designed for office use. The tall back makes the chair great for executives who want a sleek, cool look in their office.

For ergonomic features, it includes swiveling, adjustable height, adjustable backrest, adjustable armrests, lumbar and neck pillows, and offers a rocking function as well. This is the best option to mix cool and comfort in one chair.

This chair holds up to 300 pounds and is built to withstand heavy use. The seat supports heights from 17.3 to 21.5 inches, and the back is 30.5 inches tall. Plus, the back reclines to 180 degrees in case you need to lie flat and take a nap.

Best Basic: Smugdesk Ergonomic Office Chair

This basic chair from Smugdesk doesn't have a gratuitous number of adjustments and features that bump up its price, but it does have enough to keep you comfortable throughout the workday. Starting from the top, the design offers a headrest made with breathable mesh that follows the curve of your neck. The back area consists of the same material, but you’ll also find a padded pillow in the lower lumbar region for extra soft support. Plus, the seat has padding so it won’t be uncomfortable to sit on during long workdays.

You can adjust tilt tension and seat height to reduce the tension on your back and legs. The height range is between 17.3 to 21.1 inches. At the bottom, a nylon base supports the chair, coming with five wheels for smooth movement when you transport it. This seat is strong, supporting up to 300 pounds. 

Best for a Standing Desk: Office Star Deluxe Mesh Back Drafting Chair

Working at a standing desk is an ergonomic choice in and of itself, allowing you to sneak in movement and blood circulation while you check your emails and do other tasks on your computer. Inevitably, however, you'll want to rest your legs and sit down. When you need a break from standing, Office Star’s drafting chair is a great option. The chair has a breathable screen back so you won't feel too hot or stuffy when sitting for extended periods of time. The cushioned seat is thick and spacious, suitable for most body shapes. You can choose between a fabric or vinyl seat, though keep in mind that fabric option costs a bit more. 

Because you can adjust the chair's height between 24.25 and 33.7 inches, it’ll suit a range of different standing desks. You won’t have to dangle your legs, either; like most drafting chairs, this product has an adjustable foot ring for added support. At the bottom, the chair is stabilized with a nylon base. It is sturdy and able to support up to 250 pounds in weight. 

Best Leather: LCH Executive Office Chair

Some people love leather. If that’s you, consider the LCH Executive Office Chair. This chair comes in black leather, which complements both dark and light office decoration schemes. And it isn’t bad on your back either.

This ergonomic chair includes sliding head and back support pillows. These can help you adjust your chair to maximum comfort and support. The armrests don’t have a ton of adjustments but can flip up so they are out of the way. The chair has an adjustable height and tilt tension adjustment to get things set just the way you like them.

The chair also includes a “waterfall” seat edge design, which means the front of the sitting area slopes down and wraps around the chair. This gives you additional comfort for your legs and is designed to improve leg circulation and minimize fatigue.

The chair has a 250-pound weight capacity. The headrest pillow is 4.7 inches tall and the lumbar pillow is 6.7 inches tall. Seat heights range from 20.1 to 23.0 inches, so it doesn’t have the biggest range of all chairs on this list.

Best Armless: Essentials Swivel Armless Back Chair

Armrests can provide extra comfort but they can also get in the way. Investing in an armless chair cuts down on your overall price and allows you to freely move your upper limbs around if you’re doing more than just computer work. This chair features a simple, yet functional design that offers maximum comfort throughout your workday.

Essentials’ armless back chair comes with an ergonomic frame made from a mesh material that is both cooling and breathable. Plus, the seat is not only comfortable but also stain resistant. The fabric that covers it is Greenguard certified, which means that the material emits low odors for indoor environments so you have cleaner air in your office.

You can adjust the seat height as well as swivel around in a 360-degree motion. The seat can range between 15.75 and 20.25 inches from the floor, so the chair suits different builds. Its weight capacity is good too, coming with a 250-pound limit. The supporting rolling wheels are smooth and durable, holding up well even under heavy use.