The 8 Best Electric Scooters for Commuting in 2020

Get to work a more eco-friendly way

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It's becoming more difficult not to notice electric scooters during commutes to work, school, or just a trip into town. Free of oil and gasoline, electric scooters provide a clean and quiet option for commuting locally and don't carry the same maintenance costs of cars or other larger vehicles. In urban environments, electric scooters are not only a green way to travel but are a more efficient solution for crowded cities. Our complete guide presents different options for anyone looking to break into the scooter world, whether you need a quick ride to work, or merely something to ride around the block for fresh air and enjoyment.

Electric scooters are also available in different shapes and sizes, with some options presenting a standing board, while others include a full seat and a bit of cargo area (just in case you need to pick up some milk and eggs after work). No matter your commuting need, we have an electric scooter for you.

Best Overall: GenZe 2.0

GenZe 2.0
Courtesy of GenZe

If you're searching for an excellent electric scooter with all the bells and whistles, then you won't want to miss out on the GenZe 2.0 Electric Scooter. Again, this might not be the best choice for those who wish to stick to a budget, but it offers up great amenities and fantastic build quality. The GenZe's tough exoskeleton is cast from aluminum, providing not only a lighter but longer lasting frame. While the entire scooter weighs 232 pounds, the 2000 kWh battery weighs only 30 pounds and can be easily removed for charging.

On a full charge, which takes about 3.5 hours, the GenZe 2.0 can reach up to 30 mph and travel up to 35 miles. Riders can weigh up to 295 pounds and choose to drive in either sport, economy, or easy mode. Onboard technology includes regenerative brakes, built-in GPS theft protection, LED headlights, compatibility with a mobile phone app for monitoring, and a large seven-inch Cruise-Connect touchscreen as your mini dashboard.

Runner-Up, Best Overall: Jetson Electric Commuter

Jetson Electric Commuter
Courtesy of Electric Bike Revolution

Jetson's Electric Commuter Bike is perfect anyone hunting for an electric scooter for their commute. It isn't the fastest option on the market, but its 20 mph maximum speed is easily made up for with its 30- to 40-mile range. Powered by an 816 Wh battery, the scooter can be recharged in four to five hours for traveling around town. Beyond being an attractive electric scooter with a decent range, the Jetson has an excellent price considering much more expensive alternatives.

If you love customization, then you'll enjoy the extensive range of color options including black, lime green, silver, magenta, and more. The gauge cluster is a pure black and white display, and other features include an integrated horn, turn signals, headlight, and key-protected trunk. The maximum weight limit is 300 pounds for drivers.

Best Value: Glion Dolly

Need an affordable ride around town that won't break down? The Glion Dolly is our top pick as a trustworthy option for the value. Featuring a 238 Wh battery that can push the scooter up to 15 mph with a 15-mile range, the Dolly won't take you too far, but it still makes a great companion for urban travel. On the other hand, Glion doesn't skimp on the Dolly's construction as it employs an aircraft grade aluminum alloy frame and eight-inch honeycomb never-flat tires.

For individuals who might want to carry around their ride, this electric scooter weighs only 28 pounds and can be folded up and dollied around with a retractable handle. Additional features with the Glion Dolly include a built-in headlight and a pedestrian bell. It comes in black and has a maximum riding weight of 255 pounds.

Best Weight Capacity: Scrooser

Courtesy of Scrooser

Some electric scooters can fall a bit short for riders who require a higher maximum riding weight; if this might be a concern for you, we would like to introduce the Scrooser. This German engineered electric can carry up to 330 pounds while still traveling over 30 miles on a single charge up to speeds of 15 mph.

For keeping an eye on your trip, you can check the included LED display for your speed and battery life. Different driving modes include sport, comfort, and economy mode. If you run out of juice, you'll need to charge the battery for approximately four hours.

Different color variants include pearl, black, blue, black, white, and red. Customers in the UK and Germany can easily find the scooter; while available in the United States, consumers will need to find a dealer with Scrooser inventory. Overall, the Scrooser isn't just for higher-weight riders, but for anyone who wants a comfortable commuting experience.

Best Design: Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter

Xiaomi is a company that is quickly becoming well known for its smartphone and other consumer electronic offerings; however, they also recently introduced an electric scooter to the market. The Mi Electric Scooter brings a stunning modern design with an aerospace-grade aluminum black frame and red accents.

The scooter features a 500W capable motor that can travel up to 15 mph and a distance of 18.6 miles. When low on a charge, the Mi Electric will take about five hours to charge up from an empty battery. The unit is also IP54 dirt, dust, and splash resistant for your travels.

Coming from Xiaomi, the Mi Electric packs in a collection of extra technology, everything from short circuit protection to undervoltage protection, but also more rider-facing features such as a regenerative battery, LED notification lights, front headlights, and rear brake lights. A smartphone app also allows you to control and view stats about your ride.

Best Motor Power: Super Turbo 1000 Elite

Super Turbo 1000 Elite
Courtesy of Super Cycles & Scooters

The Super Turbo 1000 Elite electric scooter is a ride that you might expect to find at a higher price point with its powerful 1000 watt motor. Able to carry a passenger up to 250 pounds out of the box, and 300 pounds with the hill kit installed, the Super Turbo can race up to 27 mph and travel up to 18 miles on a single charge. It's clear that this unit's 432 Wh battery and electric motor are dedicated to a speedy commute, not necessarily a long trek cross-country journey. All terrain tires crafted from aluminum and magnesium allow you to take the Super Turbo off-road or ride in rougher conditions.

The Super Turbo 1000 Elite doesn't pack a ton of extra features, but you will at the very least find an LED headlamp. It can also be ridden with or without the seat and post attached. It's available in black, neon green, and red.

Best for Short Commutes: Razor EcoSmart Metro

If you're seeking out a comfortable commuter scooter with storage, but only need to travel short distances at a time, then Razor's EcoSmart Metro scooter might be an excellent choice. With a max speed of 18 mph, the EcoSmart Metro can travel up to 40 minutes on a single charge (that's about 12 miles of range).

A decent sized rear basket also allows for the carrying of small cargo if needed. Beyond the range of the EcoSmart Metro, the other downside to Razor's scooter is its maximum rider weight. While the unit is large enough for an adult, the rider can weigh no more than 220 pounds, which may cross the scooter off some wishlists.

If you aren't bothered by the shorter range or low weight limit, then Razor's EcoSmart Metro electric scooter is an excellent pick for those quick commutes. The bamboo wood deck is our favorite detail to the machine, but you won't find any other amenities as the EcoSmart Metro lacks both turn signals and headlights.

Best for Teens: Razor E200

Electric scooters aren't just for adults; teenagers can also get in on the action. In fact, electric scooters are an excellent way for teens to get around town or to their first part-time job without a license or car. Featuring a standard, barebone design (it's pretty affordable after all), the E200 won't be winning any awards, but it might win the hearts of parents who can limit their kids at 12 mph travel speeds.

The 200 watt motor under the deck is operated by a twist-grip and can carry up to 154 pounds; thus it is essential to make sure your teen falls within these limits. Razor quotes the E200 travel distance as 12 mph for up to 40 minutes, which equates to around eight miles on a charge. Beyond the included retractable kickstand, no other amenities are included, so with the unit's lightweight design, we do recommend a bike lock to keep it secure from theft.