Best Dictation Software Programs

It's time to give your fingers a rest

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Typing is perhaps one of the most commonly-performed tasks on computers (and to some extent, even smartphones). From bloggers to novelists, everyone routinely spends a lot of time typing away on keyboards. And as necessary as it is, typing for long periods can (and does) get quite tedious.

But it doesn't have to be like that. There is quite a lot of dictation software available out there, and these programs ease up things a lot. They use speech recognition technology to convert spoken words to text, and they're not only convenient, but they also speed up the rate at which text is entered.

So whether you're writing up a long business report or tired of futzing with your keyboard when it comes to sending emails and text messages, we've rounded up the best dictation software (and apps) for both PCs and smartphones to give your fingers a rest. Read all about them to know which one suits your needs the most.

The Best Dictation Software of 2022

Best With Digital Assistant Capabilities : Braina

Courtesy of Braina

A computer that can convert your speech to text is great, but what if it could do a lot more, such as playing your favorite music and doing mathematical calculations? That'd be pretty cool, right? Well, that's exactly what Braina is.

Braina lets you transcribe spoken words to text, but that's just one of its many capabilities. It's a multi-functional AI-based software that provides you with a single-window environment to control your computer. With Braina, you can use your voice to look up information on the Internet, open and search files on your computer, set alarms and reminders, create notes, automate various tasks and even read eBooks.

It's similar to virtual assistants like Siri but with a lot more features.

Braina lets you convert your voice to text in any website and software, such as Microsoft Word and Notepad. It supports over 100 languages and accents and can accurately convert most of the accents and be used by multiple users without needing separate profiles.

The program can be further customized to recognize custom words and create canned responses. Interestingly, Braina can recognize unusual vocabulary and understand most medical terms.

Best For Ease Of Use : Express Dictate

Express Dictate

Express Dictate

NCH's Express Dictate is proof that a program can be both powerful and intuitive at the same time. An expansive feature set and a simple UI make it the easiest to use dictation software out there. Express Dictate is essentially a voice recording software that works like a dictaphone. It records audio with enhanced signal processing quality and can record to multiple formats, including .wav, .mp3, and .dct.

The software supports automatic non-destructive editing, with multiple recording modes like record-insert, record-overwrite, and record-at-end. Voice-activated recordings mean long silences are not included, and you can assign priority to individual dictations. You can directly send recordings via e-mail or FTP and also save them for later use.

HIPAA compliance ensures all recordings are encrypted, making Express Dictate perfect for recording secure client and patient data. You can also dock analog or digital handheld dictation recorders with the program and transmit recordings made when you're away from the computer. It's possible to attach additional notes and files to the recordings for better transcription, and built-in compression technology reduces the size of recording files for easier transmission online.

Express Dictate lets you use hand controllers and foot pedals and can even be controlled via system-wide hotkeys. The software is available for both Windows (XP and above) and Mac (OS X 10.5 and later).

Best For iOS : Built-In Voice Dictation

iOS Dictation
Courtesy of Apple

Millions of people around the globe use Apple's iPhones and iPads for their productivity needs. If that includes you, you don't need to look for any third-party dictation app, as iOS already has one, and the voice typing features are constantly being improved.

What's best is that iOS's voice typing feature is integrated directly into the on-screen keyboard, so it's always available. All iOS apps that support text input through the on-screen keyboard support voice typing as well. This means that you can use your voice to write e-mails, create notes, reply to text messages, and more.

Simply tap on the microphone key on the keyboard, and start speaking. You can also speak keywords like "Period" and "New Paragraph" for a better dictation experience.

Best For Android : Gboard Voice Typing

Gboard Voice Typing
Courtesy of Google

Android is all about choices, so if you use an Android smartphone or tablet for all your typing needs, there are a lot of dictation apps that you can choose from. Of these, Google's Gboard is certainly the best.

Gboard is an on-screen keyboard app developed by Google. It has many features such as text prediction, GIF support, and of course, voice typing. To get started, you just need to have Gboard selected as the default keyboard app (you can change this under "Language & Input" in Android's settings) and have the voice typing option enabled.

Once that's done, things get pretty straightforward. Launch the app where you want to enter text, tap the microphone key on Gboard, and start speaking.

What Is Dictation Software?

Dictation software, also referred to as text-to-speech software, is a program or app that quickly and accurately converts spoken words to text, eliminating the need to type lengthy pages of content. You can use dictation software for various functions, such as writing reports, preparing speeches, drafting lecture notes, composing essays or emails, and even writing a book. It’s also commonly used on smartphones instead of typing text messages.

How Do Dictation Software Programs Work?

Dictation software programs work by using speech recognition algorithms to convert spoken words to text. It’s typically faster than typing and much more convenient. Some software programs have additional features such as mobile dictation, advanced speech recognition tools, and dictation in other languages.

How Much Do Dictation Software Programs Cost?

Dictation software programs vary in features and therefore also in cost. Newer model iPhones and Android smartphones have free built-in dictation software, but they need a stable internet connection to work properly. Other software ranges in price from about $100 to $200, paid as a one-time purchase fee.

Are Dictation Software Programs Worth the Cost?

If you’re spending the money to purchase a new smartphone, you might as well use the features that come with it, including text-to-speech functions. However, if you’re not typing a novel or generating daily reports, you probably don’t need to purchase dictation software. If you’re a slow typer, hate to type, or have a career that requires it, then dictation software will be worth it. It will save you time, and you’ll be free of hand cramps, too.

How We Chose the Best Dictation Software Programs

We researched the most popular dictation software programs, and after thoroughly reviewing them, we decided on our top choices. Our picks for best dictation software programs were chosen based on their expansive features, compatibility with devices, cost, and more.