Best Commercial Construction Companies

How to choose the right commercial builder

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A commercial construction company is a construction company that builds commercial real estate projects or renovates existing buildings. The company helps design, build and manage the project. Developers and property owners use commercial construction companies to build projects for them and governments might use them to build something like a bridge, a municipal building, or another type of infrastructure. Typically, the construction companies will have to bid on government jobs. 

Commercial buildings vary in scope, size and design, and can range from office buildings to restaurants, shopping centers, hospitals, or even sports complexes. If you’re looking to have a commercial property built or renovated and you want to use a commercial construction company, we reviewed more than a dozen before choosing the best ones based on the regions where they build, the types of projects and their safety procedures. 

Keep reading to see which commercial construction company is right for your next project. 

The Best Commercial Construction Companies

Best Overall : Bechtel

Bechtel Logo

We chose Bechtel as our best overall commercial construction company because not only is it an industry leader, it also focuses on improving the communities it builds in and has been around since 1898. It puts its people, ethics, safety and sustainability in the forefront, and has been involved in major commercial projects around the world.

What We Like
  • Over 100 years of experience

  • Works on all seven continents

  • Values safety and sustainability

What We Don't Like
  • Only works on projects in certain fields

  • You have to contact them for pricing

One of the largest privately-owned American companies, Bechtel is an engineering, construction and project management company that has been around since the late 1800s. The company is headquartered in Reston, Virginia, and completes projects on all seven continents. Because it focuses on providing construction jobs, keeping workers safe, taking sustainability measures and making innovative technological advances across all of its industries, we selected it as our best overall choice. 

Some of the types of commercial construction that Bechtel specializes in include infrastructure, engineering, energy, environmental cleanup, tunneling, and development planning. Bechtel has completed over 25,000 projects, with some notable projects such as the London City Airport, Sydney Metro, Pennsylvania Chemicals and Boston Central Artery. It’s an ideal choice for big projects where you want industry leaders, a focus on bettering the surrounding community and experienced workers.

Runner-Up, Best Overall : AECOM


Our runner-up to the best overall commercial construction company is AECOM. We chose it because it works on projects across the globe, is ranked highly among commercial construction companies and focuses on building a better world.

What We Like
  • Places importance on the social impact of a project

  • Was named one of Fortune Magazine’s World’s Most Admired Companies

  • Deliver services throughout the project life cycle

What We Don't Like
  • Need to contact the company for pricing

  • May feel lost dealing with such a big firm

Founded in 1990, AECOM is a publicly-traded commercial construction company headquartered in Dallas that completes work around the globe. Industry projects range from transportation, water, governments, energy and the environment. Because it cares about the communities it builds in, completes projects worldwide and is respected in its industry, we chose AECOM as our runner-up for the best overall commercial construction company. 

The company has a team of planners, designers, engineers, consultants and construction managers, and operates with a mission to better the world one project at a time. AECOM prides itself on caring about the environment and taking measures to protect it, as well as respecting diversity in the workplace, sustainability and safety. 

It has other affiliated AECOM brands, including ones that manage some of the largest mixed-use development projects, and others that invest in and develop large real estate projects. Some notable projects that AECOM has been involved with include AT&T Stadium, Mercedes Benz Stadium, One World Trade Center, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport Terminal 3 Modernization and Port of Los Angeles Waterfront. 

Best for Industrial Projects : Fluor

Flour Logo

Fluor is our choice for the commercial construction company that is best for industrial projects because it’s a global company that works on some of the world’s toughest projects, including large-scale industrial projects. It has a positive industry reputation and is a top company in the petroleum and industrial sectors.

What We Like
  • Works on projects worldwide

  • Works on high-profile and high-tech projects

  • Focuses on capital efficiency

What We Don't Like
  • No upfront pricing

Fluor’s roots extend back to the beginning of the 20th century when it was founded by a family of Swiss immigrants in Santa Ana, California, as a construction company. In the years since, it has expanded into a global powerhouse headquartered in Irving, Texas, and covers procurement, engineering, fabrication, construction and maintenance projects. 

We chose it as our choice for best for industrial projects because not only do they have the industry and manpower to complete the job, the company focuses on efficiency, and cost and schedule certainty for each job. 

Fluor provides innovative services to private and government clients around the world. It takes on each project in an ethical, safe and capital-conscious way. Some of its notable projects include Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge, Arlington Valley Solar Energy II and Takeda Biologics Facility. 

Best for Local Contractors : Turner

Turner Logo

Turner is our choice for the best commercial construction companies for local contractors. We chose Turner because it offers its clients the comfort and accessibility of a local firm by hiring local contractors for each of its projects. These contractors know the area and the culture, so the company can provide a small business feel in a way that other large corporations cannot.

What We Like
  • Creates local jobs

  • Takes on diverse projects

What We Don't Like
  • No pricing on the website

Headquartered in New York, Turner was founded in 1902 and its parent company is Hochtief, a large German firm. It employs over 10,000 people and works on over 1,500 projects per year. Because of its large scale as well as the fact that it uses local workers for each project, we chose it as our best commercial construction company for local contractors. 

Turner’s work on iconic projects includes Yankee Stadium, Madison Square Garden, Florida Citrus Bowl and campus buildings for University of Kansas. It’s also completed international projects including The National War Memorial in New Delhi, India.

Best Safety Culture : PCL Construction

PCL Construction logo

We chose PCL Construction as our commercial construction company with the best safety culture because its company-wide lost-time frequency rate is among the lowest in the industry. This means that its workers spend more time at work and less time off the job due to an injury. It’s a global company that takes extra safety precautions and focuses on a well-trained labor force.

What We Like
  • Offers pre-construction services

  • Emphasizes safety culture

  • Uses “Smart Construction” techniques

What We Don't Like
  • Doesn’t specialize in one niche

  • Only 30 offices worldwide so may not work where you want to build

PCL Construction is a 100% employee-owned, privately-held construction company founded in 1906 with its main offices in both Edmonton, Canada, and Denver. It focuses on buildings, industrial and civil sectors of commercial construction. It’s our choice for best safety culture because it averages more than 50 million hours worked annually with an overall total recordable incident rate and overall lost-time frequency rate that is among the industry's lowest. 

The firm works on multi-family buildings which a lot of the other commercial construction companies on this list don’t work on unless they are large in scale. PCL Construction builds convention centers, parking structures, sports facilities and renewable energy structures, along with multi-family buildings, which many commercial construction companies won’t build (they’re typically too small in scale). 

Since it likes to stay on the cutting edge of construction technology, PCL Construction is also partnering with CopperTree Analytics to embed energy and data analytics into buildings during the construction process. Some of its notable projects include JW Marriott in Bonnet Creek, Florida; Grand Colorado Building 3; and Hillcrest Solar Project in Ohio. 

Best Employee-Owned Company : DPR Construction

DPR Construction Logo

DPR Construction is our top choice for an employee-owned commercial construction company because DPR is employee-owned with a shared leadership structure and a management committee.

What We Like
  • Shared leadership structure

  • Builders at their core

What We Don't Like
  • Only has three international offices

  • Doesn’t offer pricing on the site

DPR Construction was founded in 1990 in Redwood City, California, and has about 8,000 employees. Since it’s a privately-held, employee-owned company that offers some unique services including collaborative virtual building, self-perform-work, and a special division for small and medium-sized jobs, we chose it as our best employee-owned company. 

The company has a team of LEED accredited professionals, and its core markets are advanced technology, commercial, healthcare, higher education, and life sciences.

DPR Construction has completed over 600 projects, including the notable Facebook Fort Worth Data Center, Baptist MD Anderson Cancer Center, JW Marriott Austin, and New Clemson Softball Stadium. Additionally, DPR is one of the few large commercial construction companies that also take on small projects such as multi-family buildings or small office suites.  

Final Verdict

All of the businesses on our list of our best commercial construction companies have different unique offerings such as technology and innovation, well-known projects and various industry awards. Most of these companies work on some of the biggest and most important commercial projects in the world, spanning continents and industry sectors. 

Our general recommendation is to contact a few different commercial construction companies to see which is best suited to your project. However, Bechtel is our choice for the best overall provider. We selected it because of its industry-wide reputation, focus on safety and sustainability, and the fact that they have offices on six continents.

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Best Commercial Construction Companies
 Commercial Construction Company Why We Picked it  Unique Feature
 Bechtel Focuses on improving the communities it works in Works on seven continents
 AECOM Places importance on the social impact of its projects One of Forbes' Most Admired Companies
 Fluor Works on tough projects in the industrial sector Cost and schedule certainty
 Turner Hires local contractors for every project Built some iconic NYC landmarks
 PCL Construction Low rate of lost company time due to accidents Embed energy & data analytics into buildings
 DPR Construction Employee-owned with a shared leadership structure Division for small commercial projects

What Is a Commercial Construction Company?

A commercial construction company is a construction company that focuses on building and managing commercial rather than residential projects. Commercial projects can range from building infrastructures like bridges and tunnels, to constructing skyscrapers or malls, to managing renewable energy containment and environmental waste cleanup. 

Commercial construction companies usually offer pre-construction services such as renderings and cost analyses, and then manage all phases of the project until it is completed. 

Who Should (or Shouldn’t) Use a Commercial Construction Company?

A commercial construction company should be used if you want to build or renovate a large-scale commercial project, both in scope and budget. It can be used by developers, governments, project managers, and property owners. Oftentimes commercial projects cost millions, or even billions, of dollars so if you’re working with a small budget, you might not want to go this route.

If you’re renovating your home or small business, you probably don’t want to use a commercial construction company. However, some companies do take on small projects, so contact the company directly before choosing a different option. 

What Type of Project Is Best For a Commercial Construction Company?

There isn’t one type of project that is best for a commercial construction company. Instead, it depends on what that company specializes in. Common projects include:

  • High-rise buildings/skyscrapers
  • Stadiums
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Large apartment complexes
  • Mixed-use retail 
  • Engineering projects
  • Infrastructure
  • Energy and water containment projects 

If you’re not sure if your project is suitable for a commercial construction company, you can always call and speak to a company representative. 

How We Chose the Best Commercial Construction Companies

After reviewing more than a dozen reputable commercial construction companies, we selected the top six. We chose these as our recommendations based on their industry reputations, awards, user reviews, project scope and where they build. All of our top choices have long histories, solid BBB ratings, good safety records, work on a wide scope of projects and have completed some major, well-known construction projects around the world.