The 7 Best Check Writers of 2019

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Ah, technology. Gone are the days when businesses had to keep multiple checks bound in bulky plastic and leather checkbooks, one for each special account. Maintaining those accounts is now as simple as purchasing the right software and some check paper — and in many cases, the special paper isn’t even necessary. You can print out your masterpieces on whatever paper you have on hand.

The check writing software will handle the rest for you, inputting the proper phrases and numbers. While you can achieve the same ease and convenience with a cloud-based program, not everyone is comfortable with that option. Luckily, plenty of check writing programs exist for every kind of preference.

If you’d like to keep your business’s financial information a little closer to your vest, one of these software programs might be just the ticket. Read on for the best check writers you can invest in right now.

Best Overall: CheckSoft Home & Business

CheckSoft is the number one seller of check-writing software, so you can hardly go wrong with its products. The Home & Business version is particularly versatile. It works with Quicken, QuickBooks, and Microsoft Money, or even on its own if you don’t want to have to use with other software. You can also choose from over 1,000 background images and more than 100 templates to customize your checks. You can really make these checks your own.

CheckSoft Home & Business comes with 175 free checks, although only 100 of them are business standard size. Still, that’s enough to get you off to a very good start. And, yes, it will let you balance your account and even run off customized reports for you as well.

Best for Beginners: ezCheckPrinting

ezCheckPrinting has been designing and manufacturing software since 2005 and this check writing software from them offers quite a few options. If you want to print just one check, you can place it anywhere on the page—it doesn’t necessarily have to appear at the top or bottom. Or, you can use the traditional 3-per-page format, which can be convenient if you prefer to print out your checks rather than fill them out by hand. This software can fill in preprinted checks as well, if you prefer that method.

This software is compatible with WYSIWYG-based editor systems which simplifies use a great deal with a lot of basic point-and-click options. It lets you add your own logo and it works with a host of other programs including QuickBooks, Microsoft Money, and even Excel spreadsheets if you prefer to keep your books the good, old-fashioned way. This software also accommodates unlimited accounts.

Best for Home Offices: VersaCheck X1 Silver 2018

VersaCheck conveniently updates its products every year or so, and the X1 Silver edition is its offering for 2018. Technically, it’s geared toward personal checks, but this can make it perfect for a small business home office as well—or you can use it for both purposes. It handles unlimited accounts so you can handle both your business and personal finances from it.

VersaCheck X1 Silver will automatically track your finances for you and you can elect some optional safeguard features, too, including fraud and counterfeiting protection. VersaCheck says this version also has a DNA identifying feature. Now that’s protection.

Best for Small Offices: Check Writer R+

Check Writer R+ is a good fit for smaller offices because it gives because it gives business owners the option of printing just one check per page. Of course, if you need more than that, this software can also print three checks per page. Checks can be printed in either standard business size or personal size, whatever suits your needs.

You can even choose your own layout. Another great feature: when you enter in the numbers, it will automatically spell the amount out for you on the next line so there’s no need for a lot of additional typing. Check Writer R+ can also handle multiple accounts and the software makes it easy to switch between them. It keeps your bank records for you automatically. Unfortunately, this software is compatible only with Mac, but it’s available both on a CD and as a download.

Best for Mac Systems: CheckBuilderPro

CheckBuilderPro creates both checks and deposit slips and it comes with a starter pack of check paper—enough to print 140 checks before you have to purchase a refill. You can even customize the checks with your logo or even your signature and the software allows you to choose your own font. CheckBuilder Pro will also print out blank checks if that’s what you prefer.

Best of all, it will manage your checkbook register for you, automatically importing the checks you’ve written into it so you don’t have to take extra steps to maintain these records. Unfortunately for those who prefer Windows, CheckBuilderPro is designed for and is compatible only with Mac systems.


Best for Windows Systems: Check Print R+

Check Print is available only as a download and boasts a very reasonable price tag. At the same time, the program won’t shortchange you in its abilities. You can load it with up to 15 bank accounts and design your own checks with the ability to move fields to achieve the effect you want. Add your logo or other images to further customize.

If you don’t want to fill out the checks on your computer, you can print out blank ones and complete them by hand. This is a nice touch if you want to keep checks with you and your business doesn’t require that you carry your laptop (and a printer) around with you when you’re on the road. Check Print R+ comes with a built-in register. Keep in mind that unlike Check Writer’s R+ software, this option is not Mac-compatible. It works only with Windows versions 7 through 10.

Best Two-in-One: Check Writer III+

If you want to send a check out with a cover letter or voucher attached, this check writer option makes doing so simple. Check Writer III+ will print both the letter and the check on the same page for utmost ease of forwarding. This software also allows you to print just one check or three on a page in standard business size or personal wallet size. Plus, the layout of your checks is customizable.

Although this software can easily adapt to personal use with those smaller checks, Check Writer III+ is also suitable for businesses because it can handle multiple accounts and it will automatically save copies of all the checks you’ve written. Like Check Writer’s R+, this software product is only compatible with Mac. You can purchase the software on a CD or download it.