The 7 Best Business Stamps of 2020

The handy office tool you didn't know you needed

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Running a business involves so many small but nonetheless time-consuming and important details, like signing checks or writing memos. And it can affect the disposition of even the most easygoing people. Business stamps can cut some of the tedium and annoyance out of all that initialing, dating and marking, and we’ve come a long way from simple “PAID” ink stamps. Stamps can pretty much maintain their own care these days and some are even designed to protect your identity. Here are some of the best business stamps to buy today.

Best Customizable Stamp: ExcelMark Self-Inking Rubber Stamp

ExcelMark Self-Inking Rubber Stamp
 Courtesy of Amazon

ExcelMark makes numerous different business stamps and you can toss out the ink pad if you choose this one. It’s self-inking, so you can stamp, stamp and stamp again without pausing to refresh the surface on an ink pad. And that’s not the only nice touch. You can have this one custom-made to say whatever you want it to — up to four lines of text. The rotating ink supply is replaceable and reversible, so when it does finally begin to fade, just slide out the inner pad, flip it over and reinsert.

Best Basic Stamp: ExcelMark Reversible A1539 Stamp

If your needs aren’t that fancy and you don’t require customizable text, ExcelMark also makes several much simpler stamp that will just take care of the basics. But this doesn’t mean they don’t also offer most of the same bells and whistles.

This stamp is also reversible and self-inking, and you can choose one that will get a single, necessary point across: This document is a COPY, this check is FOR DEPOSIT ONLY, or ORIGINAL, DRAFT, PAID, or CONFIDENTIAL. Take your pick. They’re also economical, so you can purchase as many single-message stamps as you regularly use.

Best Signature Stamp: IMPRINT360

Sometimes all you want to do is get your signature committed to paper and IMPRINT360 can help with that. This stamp is personalized with your own unique signature based on a .png or .jpg file that you provide. It’s self-inking and can deliver your name up to 6,000 times before it requires an ink refill. That’s a lot of signatures.

But IMPRINT360 doesn’t stop there. This manufacturer also offers some less fancy stamps with one-word messages, such as SCANNED or EMAILED, if you just want to get a single message across. These are also self-inking and will hold up for as many as 5,000 uses before you’ll have to refill.

Best for Preventing Identity Theft: Vantamo Identity Theft Protection Stamp

It’s one thing to be able to place your signature without actually writing it, but then you want to make sure that it and other confidential information doesn’t find its way into the wrong hands. Vantamo offers a roller stamp that’s actually a pattern. When you slide it over sensitive information such as account numbers, Social Security numbers, proprietary secrets or anything else you don’t want to be made public, it makes the original copy unreadable. Think of it as an easy, inexpensive alternative to a paper shredder or an additional layer of protection if you want to fire up that shredder, too.

The stamp’s length is adjustable to cover just about anything you want and the purchase comes with three ink refills. What we really like is the free booklet that also comes with the purchase, providing a quick primer on other steps you can take to protect your identity inside or outside of the office.

Best Stamp for Multiple Messages: Trodat Economy 12 Message Stamp

You won’t need multiple stamps if you choose Trodat’s 12-message stamp. It includes all the usual, necessary messages from PAID to FAXED to RECEIVED, as well as 12 years of dates. It will deliver up to 10,000 stamps before you’ll have to start thinking about replacing it. And as the name suggests, Trodat’s 12 Message Stamp is inexpensive, especially considering all it offers. It won’t break the bank when you ultimately do want to replace it. You really can’t go wrong with this one if you have multiple stamping needs.

Best Large Stamp: ZIGEL s-13 Large Text Stamp

If you prefer larger text, ZIGEL delivers without sacrificing any of the nice touches that smaller stamps typically offer. It’s self-inking and you get up to five lines of customized text, so it will say whatever you want it to say. You even get to choose from eight different ink colors and you can select your own font as well.

Technically, this stamp is manufactured by Trodat, too, under the ZIGEL brand name. This means you get a quality, economical stamp that will perform for an extended period of time.

Best Number Stamp: Xstamper 40240 Auto Number Stamp

Xstamper’s contribution to our list is all about numbers. Words are kept to a minimum and your choices include PAID and RECEIVED, but don’t you want to know when these things happened, too? Xstamper figures you do, so it made this stamp with auto-numbering of dates and convenient lines and spaces where you can jot in additional information if necessary.

The 40240 Auto Number Stamp is self-inking and it’s built to last with a metal frame and a sturdy plastic handle. It’s also highly efficient with six wheels and a seven-action automatic advance feature.