The 7 Best Business Safes

Secure the assets most important for your company's success

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The security needs of businesses can be as diverse as the businesses themselves. Do you deal with a lot of cash? Or maybe you have a lot of sensitive information about your clients in your possession. Then there are things like payroll records that include your employees’ Social Security numbers. You don’t want any of this information falling into the wrong hands.

That's where business safes come in. These receptacles will keep documents, cash, and other valuable items out of harm's way. Whether you need a high-volume safe or a business safe that is fire-resistant, there are plenty of options on the market to meet your needs. Here, find the best business safes you can buy.

Best Overall: Stealth Drop Safe Front Load Depository Vault

Stealth Drop Safe Front Load Depository Vault
 Courtesy of AMazon

Weighing 90 pounds, this safe is the mother of them all: big, solid, sturdy, and virtually impenetrable. It’s constructed almost entirely of high-quality steel so it’s perfect for busy, highly-trafficked areas where you can’t always keep an eye on it at all times.

The door is solid steel, measures 1/2 inch thick, and includes two solid steel deadbolts. The lock is electronic and patented, and it relocks itself automatically when you close the safe. The deposit door is recessed with teeth and baffles so it’s almost impervious to theft if you want to use the Stealth Drop vault to store cash. Nothing you put in here will come back out, at least not by unauthorized personnel, and the average person can’t easily carry the vault off, either. You do have the option of bolting it to the ground, however, if you want to.

Best Small: AmazonBasics Security Safe

The AmazonBasics Security Safe is appropriate for smaller stashes. It’s less than 17 inches long, about 15 inches wide, and about seven inches high. It comes with four bolts so you can mount it on a shelf or wall if that’s what you prefer. The interior is carpeted to help keep precious contents scratch- and damage-free, and a shelf can be removed or adjusted to accommodate whatever you want to put in there.

Access is digital—no keys to worry about—and you can reprogram the code as often as you like. It’s made of sturdy steel, but it won’t protect its contents from water or fire.

Best Fire-Resistant: SentrySafe Fire-Resistant and Water-Resistant Safe

If fire is your concern more so than sticky fingers or nosey noses, consider SentrySafe’s fire- and water-resistant safe. It’s built to withstand temperatures of up to 1,700° F for an hour. The interior will hold steady at no more than 350° F. When the fire department arrives to hose everything down, the safe’s contents will still be safe because it’s water resistant too, even if it ends up sitting in water for up to 24 hours.

And if the floor collapses? Not to worry. This safe can withstand drops of up to 15 feet without springing open. If your catastrophe is so severe this safe can’t withstand the assault, SentrySafe will send you a replacement. The company has been making fire-resistant products since 1930.

Best for High Risk Areas: Barska Large Keypad Depository Safe

Barska might not be the biggest name in safes, but the manufacturer is very well known for its state-of-the-art optic equipment. It also makes a wide range of safes, including some for businesses and offices like this Depository Safe.

This safe is designed for retail businesses that might have security issues. The drop slot is equipped with numerous sharp teeth so anyone attempting to get to the deposits within won’t come away unscathed—or at least they won’t be able to get your deposit bag out. The safe can retain two digit pin codes for authorized access, and it can also be opened with a key in the event its batteries go dead. This version has a large keypad appropriate for bigger fingers, but Barska also makes this safe with a standard keypad.

Best Stationary: First Alert 2087F

First Alert makes several safes, but its 2087F model features a patented lockdown mechanism that bolts it down to keep it planted wherever you put it. It’s somewhat on the larger side, but is suitable for safekeeping all types of files, computer equipment, and other electronic media.

So what happens in the case of an emergency if you want to move it? You most likely won’t have to because the 2087F safe is water- and fire-resistant even when it’s bolted down. In fact, it’s fully submergible, so it—and its contents—will be OK even in a flood. Concealed hinges make it pry-resistant, too. It uses a combination lock, but the safe comes with two override keys.

Best Drop Box: Digital Electronic Cash Drop

Digital Electronic’s contribution to our list serves specifically as a cash box. The door features a cut-out slot so you can effortlessly slide currency in. The door is a solid two inches thick, and it’s large enough to hold two shelves inside.

No combination is required—as the name implies, this safe has digital access and can deal with pin numbers that include from three to eight numbers. And it comes with a master key in case anyone forgets one of those complicated codes. The lock itself is a pin bolt, not just a latch, for added security.

Best for Two-Party Access: SLYPNOS Electronic Digital Security Safe Box

SLYPNOS makes a digital box that accommodates two sets of codes, “master” and “personal”, so both you and your right-hand-person can have access. You don’t have to provide your own super-secret code to anyone else within your organization, but you can give an identifiable “personal” code to another individual who will regularly need access to the safe.

This setup also makes the safe an excellent choice for motel rooms if you happen to be an innkeeper. The safe comes with two override keys for use in an emergency, and if you happen to loose the keys, just call SLYPNOS for access. The company will send you two new ones if you can provide your safe’s ID number. The interior is carpeted to be kind to delicate and electronic items, and the exterior is solid steel. The door is 4 mm thick and all hinges are pry-resistant. The digital keyboard is designed to resist liquids and water and it will warn you when the safe’s battery is getting low.