The 8 Best Business Cards of 2020

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It may seem counterproductive to make business cards in-house when fast printing services like Vistaprint are available. Still, there are advantages to creating these classic marketing tools yourself. Realistically, you won’t need hundreds of professionally made cards, so save money, space and trees by printing your own. Designing a business card is easier than ever with affordable blank cards and free online templates. Most people gravitate towards matte white paper for a classic look. However, that isn't the only form available for creating your business cards from scratch. Choose from different colors, textures and even materials to distinguish your brand from the crowd. From two-sided options to budget-friendly picks, you’ll find a variety of business cards below to help you make a great first impression to potential clients and collaborators.

Best Overall: Avery Microperforated Business Cards

Avery Microperforated Business Cards
 Courtesy of Amazon

Avery is the most trusted brand for do-it-yourself business cards. Look no further than its popular Microperforated Business Cards to promote your services. At under $10 for 250 cards, they’re one of the most affordable options on this list. Most professionally made cards use 100 lb paper, but these use slightly lighter 80 lb paper, which better suits personal printers. That said, the cardstock still feels sturdy. The microperforated edges on the card separate neatly for a professional look. For the smoothest edges, consider Avery's Clean Edge cards that pop out with streamlined sides. Avery’s website offers free, easy-to-use templates when you’re ready to design your cards.

Best Two-Sided Business Cards: Avery Clean Edge Business Cards

Double-sided business cards allow you to share extra information with customers and clients. In addition to contact details on the front, you can include maps and appointment reminders on the back. Made from 94 lb paper, Avery Clean Edge Business Cards are coated on both sides, allowing text and images to look vibrant. The double-sided cards also come out with smooth edges for a professional presentation. They come in inkjet and laser printer compatible options, so select the right product for your printer. Colorwise, choose between white and ivory. White cards look sleeker whereas ivory ones have a more elevated finish.

Best Glossy Business Cards: Avery Glossy White Business Cards

Gloss offers a protective outer coating as well as an attractive sheen on these cards. Text and images appear sharp and clear on the photo-quality glossy side of the cards. The matte back is convenient if you need to jot down notes. Like the Two-Side Avery Business Cards, these cards have neat, streamlined edges when you snap them out. Keep in mind that you can only use the sheets with an inkjet printer. Putting them inside a laser printer may damage your printer. Another consideration is the price point. Because of their gloss, these cards are more expensive, costing over twice as much as regular matte cards.

Best for Budget: Desktop Publishing Supplies, Inc. 80 lb Blank Business Cards

If you need to produce professional business cards in bulk, you won't find a better deal than 1,000 business cards for under $25. The package comes with 100 sheets with ten cards each. The relatively thick cardstock paper is uncoated, matte and 30 percent recycled. While sporting no extravagant features, it gets the job done. The business card sheets work with most laser, inkjet and copier printers for two-sided printing. These perforated cards come out relatively smooth, though not crisp like those with Avery's Clean Edge feature. Tear out the cards carefully to prevent jagged edges. To make sure that you print within the boundaries of the paper, visit Desktop Publishing Supplies' website to download a template.

Best Color Business Cards: Desktop Publishing Supplies, Inc. Business Cards

Most professional business cards come in cream or pure white. The colorful paper from Desktop Publishing Supplies makes your promotional material pop. In addition to basic cream and white options, you can choose from its wide-ranging color selection that incorporates all the hues of the rainbow. There are bright, plain and parchment shades, so you can go with a bold selection like planetary purple or a subtler one like brown parchment. Besides color, keep in mind quantity and paperweight. You can select from sets of 250, 1,000 or 2,500. Additionally, the business cards are available in thin 65 lb cardstock and heavyweight 110 lb cardstock. Like the 80 lb white cards from Desktop Publishing Supplies, these have microperforated edges.

Best Kraft Paper Business Cards: Fecedy Blank Kraft Paper Business Cards

The fibrous pulp texture of kraft paper lends these cards a charming DIY look that suits artisan and creative businesses. Select from understated colors such as white, wood and black. The matte wood and black options can distinguish your brand from most white promotional cards. The rounded corners on these cards also separate them from those with straight edges. The cards come precut in sets of 100. Handcrafting them with inks and stamps takes more effort but gives them a personalized feel. If you want to print and design cards from your computer, double-check what paper sizes and weights your printer can handle.

Best Magnetic Business Cards: ProMAG Adhesive Business Card Magnets

Paper cards fall prey to crumpled destinies at the bottom of bags and pockets. If you want to promote your services in a way that sticks in people's minds, why not make a magnet that can literally stick to their fridge? These flexible ProMAG rubber magnets effortlessly stay on metal surfaces. They're conveniently available in standard business card size, though you can cut them into different shapes with scissors. One of the sides is adhesive, which allows you to place your pre-printed card on the magnet fuss-free. The magnet card pieces come at an extra separate cost from your pre-printed cards, but they are more memorable than plain paper business cards.

Best Linen Texture Business Cards: Avery Linen Texture Business Cards

With their cross-woven coarseness, linen business cards have a unique tactical feel and visual look. The material offers a subtly elevated aesthetic for only a few dollars more than Avery’s standard cards. The embossed linen texture fits businesses that provide premium services or sell high-end products. It also looks great as the base for a gift tag or rewards card. Besides their unique texture, the cards also come out with smooth edges due to Avery's Clean Edge feature. With a 94 lb weight, the paper feels sturdy and allows for bright colors and clear text. Again, note that these sheets will only work with inkjet printers.