The 8 Best Bulletin Boards

Pin up notes and daily reminders in your office

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Some office accessories are just so simple, basic and easy that they’re almost technology resistant. Bulletin boards fall into that category. How can any electronic device beat walking into a room and seeing exactly what you need to know on the wall at eye level? No scrolling through your phone or your tablet — it’s right there.

Bulletin boards work at home, they’re indispensable in the workplace, and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. But that doesn’t mean they’ve stopped evolving over the years. There are bulletin boards out there to meet almost any preference or need.

Best Fabric: Navy Penguin Bulletin Board

Navy Penguin is made of heavy-duty blue fabric, although other Penguin sizes are available in different colors. It has movable hanging hooks, so it can be mounted either in portrait or landscape display depending on your available wall space. It comes with 10 pushpins and the frame is heavy-duty aluminum. If something should ever go wrong with this bulletin board, Penguin will replace it for free…forever.

Best for Versatility: Umbra Billetboard Magnetic Bulletin Board

Not every workplace requires a bulletin board that takes up a whole wall, but you don’t want to give up options because you can only accommodate a smaller board, either. Umbra’s Billetboard measures just 15 x 21 inches, so it’s nice and compact, but you can display posts using either pushpins or magnets — it accommodates both and 12 of each are included in the purchase.

It’s made of perforated metal, so you should be able to count on it serving your needs for quite a while, yet it’s lightweight.

Best Design: Catalina Printed Cork Board

Catalina Printed Cork Board
Courtesy of Amazon

Why settle for plain old cork or fabric when Catalina makes a bulletin board bedazzled with geometric flower designs? If your office space is your pride and joy and you don’t want to sully your image with plain, serviceable cork, this might be the board for you. It measures a little over 23 inches by 17 inches, so it doesn’t take over the whole room, either. And the pushpins match.

Pinning can be a little bit tricky because the flowers are created by gaps in the cork to reveal white backing, so it might not be appropriate for heavy duty use in your company’s breakroom, but it’s perfect for a private office.

Best Cork: U Brands Cork Bulletin Board

Yes, it might seem like this is just another board made of cork, but it’s what’s behind the cork that sets U Brands’ bulletin board apart. The special material behind the board backing is designed to create a firm grip on any pins you place, whether they’re pushpins or thumbtacks. This also allows you to pin up larger, heavier items that other boards aren’t always able to support. And the cork surface is self-healing, so you won’t leave any unsightly gaping holes, either.

It comes with all mounting hardware. The 23 x 17-inch frame is of oak finish and comes in larger sizes if you need more posting space.

Best Pinless: ReLIVE Burlap Covered Bulletin Picture Board

Keeping track of all those pins and thumbtacks when they’re not in use can be annoying. Not with ReLIVE’s bulletin board. It’s covered in burlap, so you can pin if you want to, but otherwise, you can just tuck your note under the crisscrossed, decorate twine strips that adorn the front.

It’s just under 20 inches wide by a little under 16 inches deep, but there’s enough room here for both pushpins and tucks. The board has two sawtooth hangers on the back so you can hang it vertically if that works better for your wall space.

Best for Size: Quartet Cork Bulletin Board

Quartet’s Cork Bulletin Board is virtually impossible to miss. It measures 2 x 3 feet, so if you want a commanding board that your coworkers can’t ignore, this one is it. The frame is aluminum, but you can also get it in an oak finish for a more classic look to match almost any décor. It’s all cork, ¾ of an inch thick, literally made for pinning things up and snapping them down again when their messages are no longer timely or important. It’s also self-healing, so it will mend nicely when those pins come out.

The design is such that if you need even more pinning space, you can purchase multiple Quartets and place them seamlessly together to create the mother of all bulletin boards.

Best Two-in-One: Board Dudes Magnetic Combo

We like this Board Dudes offering because it’s not just a bulletin board. Neatly divided down the middle, one side is a dry erase board for easy writing and diagramming. And when Board Dudes says that it’s dry erase, they really mean it. You can even wipe it clean with a tissue and it won't stain.

The other side is serviceable, self-healing, fine-grain cork for pinning things up. Holes close up again when you remove the pins. Framed in black aluminum, the Magnetic Combo measures 18 x 22 inches, so it's large enough to be seen without taking over the whole room, and it weighs just a little over three pounds. And if you’re wondering about the “magnetic” part of the name, it’s there because this board comes with two magnets for the dry erase section. Who knows? They might come in handy some day.

Best Eco-Friendly: Best-Rite Rubber-Tak Tackboard

Best-Rite makes the pinning surface of this bulletin board entirely out of recycled rubber. Not only does this help you do your share of the staying eco-friendly, but it’s stain- and splotch-resistant, too, if someone should get creative about what they tack up. The rubber surface also makes it very easy to wipe clean, it’s odor-resistant, and it is self-healing, so you won’t have a board that’s riddled with tiny holes after a few months of use.

Best-Rite boasts that this board is “virtually indestructible,” which makes it suitable for industrial and construction areas and offices, too. It’s framed in aluminum.