The 13 Best Blue-Light-Blocking Glasses of 2021

A simple way to reduce eye strain

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Whether you’re sitting at a desk, working all day in front of a computer, watching Netflix, or playing video games, the effects of blue light can be noticeable. From eye strain to headaches and insomnia, too much of this type of light exposure can be detrimental to your wellness. But wearing blue light blocking glasses can be an easy fix. If you want to block blue light all day long, just at night, or you also wear corrective lenses, here are the best blue light blocking glasses to consider. 

Best Overall: J+S Vision Glasses

Whether you’re reading a book online or engaging with social media, you’re exposing yourself to blue light. So, if you need to use reading glasses, it’s best to protect yourself, too, with the J+S Vision Blue Light Shield Glasses. These high-quality lenses are engineered to filter out 90 percent of blue light while allowing less harmful types of light to come through.

Unlike other glasses in the same price range, J+S offers a variety of frame shapes, colors, and lens styles. Choose from Classic Rectangle, Round, or Square frames. Once you pick your frames, you can choose Low Color Distortion or High Definition lenses as well as frame colors including Glossy Black and Tortoiseshell.

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Runner-Up, Best Overall: GlassesUSA Eazy

Easy Black

Courtesy of GlassesUSA

The lenses of these GlassesUSA Eazy glasses are high quality and ideal for reducing eye strain, improving focus, and increasing comfort. Winning points for style, they’re also available in four frame colors: Gold, Black, Gunmetal, and Rose Gold.

Medium-sized and designed for both men and women, these glasses have a round shape that’s universally flattering for most faces. Plus, prescription, bifocal, and progressive lenses can be put into these frames. The only (very) minor drawback is that these glasses don’t have spring hinges, so they may easily lose their shape or break if mishandled.

Best for Sleep: Gamma Ray Optics Orange Glasses

As affordable as they are effective, Gamma Ray Optics' Blue Light Blocking Orange Glasses include a complimentary case and cleaning cloth. Still, these budget-friendly glasses don't sacrifice quality. While many of the competition’s lenses block out 50 percent of blue light, Gamma Ray Optics states these glasses block out 97 percent to improve sleep and vision. The manufacturer stands behind their product, not only with a 90-day money-back guarantee but also with a lifetime warranty against breakage. 

Designed for both men and women, the black frames are made of plastic, which is light and comfortable on your face. Spring hinges and nose pads also ensure a perfect fit. 

Best Splurge: Warby Parker Haley

Warby Parker Haley Opal Tortoise

Beloved direct-to-consumer brand Warby Parker ticks all the boxes for stylish, effective glasses with its blue light blocking lenses that will fit with any of their frames for prescription, non-prescription lenses, or reading glasses. While Warby Parker’s regular prescription glasses are relatively inexpensive compared to the competition, putting non-prescription blue light blocking lenses into their frames is pricier than the average pair of ready-to-order blue blockers.

Still, these wide fit, cat-eye glasses are worth the splurge—Warby Parker’s free home try-on program allows you to try up to five frames at once, ensuring you’ll get a pair you really like. Choose from either Opal Tortoise or Lavendar Cyrstal frames.

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Best Clip-On: Spectra479 Amber Lenses

While prescription blue light blocking glasses are ideal, people with very strong or unique prescriptions may not be able to find the right blue light blocking lenses. Luckily, the Spectra479 Clip-On Blue Blocking Amber Lenses are affordable, lightweight, and can be affixed to most glasses with an easy pinch clip. 

The amber-colored lenses are designed for nighttime use to block out blue light that can contribute to insomnia and other sleep issues. Data shared by the manufacturer shows these lenses can block out 100 percent of light from 280 to 490 nanometers and 99.8 percent of light in the 450 to 510-nanometer range, which is considered the most disruptive wavelength of blue light during the evening.

Runner-Up, Best Clip-On: Braddell Optics Clip-On

Available in both Small and Standard sizes, these blue light blocking clip-ons from Braddell Optics easily clip over prescription glasses or reading glasses. Just keep in mind that they are rectangular-shaped, so they won't work if your glasses are round- or cat-eye-shaped.

The clip-on glasses come in two different colors: Amber and FL-41, which has a yellow tint. The lenses are also made of sports-grade polycarbonate and have an AR (anti-reflective) coating.

Best for Migraines: MVMT Ritual Crystal Everscroll

MVMT Ritual Crystal Everscroll


If you suffer from migraines, using blue light blocking glasses can be helpful. Handmade of cellulose acetate with stainless steel hardware, MVMT’s Ritual Crystal Everscoll glasses are aesthetically pleasing, but more importantly, lightweight and comfortable. This is essential as heavy frames can potentially trigger migraines and other headaches. Choose from Clear, Peach, or Green frames. 

With 100 percent UV protection, these glasses are ideal for working at your desk to binge-watching your favorite shows. MVMT also stands behind this product with free returns and a 24-month warranty. However, one minor drawback is that these glasses cannot be used with prescription lenses. So, unless you have perfect vision or regularly wear contact lenses, it’s best to go with another option.

Best Budget: Cyxus Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Cyxus' Blue Light Blocking Glasses come with so many options, it’s practically like buying a custom pair. No matter what type of vision you have, you can add your prescription to the glasses. Designed to prevent ailments like eye strain, redness, general fatigue, and headaches, these glasses block harmful light rays including blue light, ultraviolet radiation, and UV400 light. Additionally, they’re shock-resistant, waterproof, and anti-glare with a quality that’s built to last. 

They also win points for style, with 23 different colors to choose from including black, clear, pink, purple, and even patterns.

Best for Prescription: Felix Gray Roebling

Felix Gray Roebling

For a prescription option, opt for Felix Gray’s Roebling glasses. These sophisticated frames are available in three different colors: Sazerac Crystal (dark tortoiseshell), Rose Mallow (light blush pink), and Amber Toffee (a lighter tortoiseshell shade). With a narrow to medium width, these unisex circular-shaped frames are designed to flatter most face shapes. Made of acetate, they’re also handcrafted in Italy with a propriety lens engineered to balance clarity and effectiveness. 

Note that these glasses only block out blue light during the day, so if insomnia is an issue for you, consider a different pair. But the benefit of daytime glasses is that the lenses are virtually clear, unlike the aesthetic of more tinted lenses. In addition to filtering blue light, these glasses eliminate glare for the best possible visual experience. Both single vision and reading glasses are available. 

Best with Magnification: Zenni Optical Round Glasses

Zenni Optical Round Glasses 206825

If you need bifocals (progressive) or magnification lenses integrated into your regular glasses, your options are often limited. Enter Zenni Optical's Blokz line, which has several types of blue light blocking lenses to choose from, all at a very affordable price. 

The standard Blockz lenses are virtually clear and offer indoor and outdoor blue light protection, whereas Blokz Sunglasses are designed exclusively for outdoor use. For the best of all features, Blokz Photochromic lenses turn dark in the sunlight and can also be worn indoors. Blokz Trivex lenses are impact-resistant ideal for sports and children, too. The Optic Round frames come in a choice of three colors: Tortoiseshell, Navy, and Brown. Plus, Zenni has a free 3D virtual try-on tool.

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Best for Style: Quay Australia Jezabell

Quay Australia Jezabell


Atypical from most blue light blocking glasses in the market, these wire-frame glasses from Quay Australia are a stylish, on-trend choice. The round, oversized Jezabell frames are minimalistic, yet versatile enough to match with any work outfit. Beyond looks, the glasses feature blue light blocking clear lenses, with blue or green and pink-colored lenses available as well. You can also have your prescription added to the frames and virtually try-on the glasses through the manufacturer's site.

Best for Night: Swanwick Classic Night Swannies

These Swanwick blue light blocking glasses are perfect for those who like to play video games or use the computer at night after work. The lenses are designed to block out 99 percent of blue light—this significantly reduces glare and provides superior clarity compared to most other options.

With vibrant orange lenses, this pair is effective at reducing the intensity of light emitted from devices. Even more, they’re available in Regular and Large sizes as well as colors like Black and Tortoise. Just note that these glasses don't come with the option of adding a prescription.

Best Value: EyeBuyDirect Jasmine Eyeglasses

Eyebuydirect Jasmine

Courtesy of Eyebuydirect

An excellent value, the EyeBuyDirect Jasmine glasses have a stylish, cat-eye shape, along with six color options to choose from: Clear, White, Ivory Tortoise, Black, Navy, and Grey Floral. The frames are also available in sizes like Medium and Large—just keep in mind that not all sizes are available in all colors.

Featuring high-quality spring hinges, the frames are made of acetate with metal accents. The lenses also have an anti-scratch coating you would expect to find on something more expensive.

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Final Verdict

The J+S Vision Glasses (view at Amazon) are the best blue light blocking glasses because they check every box: they're affordable, flattering, and most importantly, they filter out 90 percent of blue light. For a more stylish pair, go with the GlassesUSA Eazy Glasses (view at GlassesUSA).


What is blue light?

According to Dr. Brad Brocwell, Vice President of Clinical Operations at Now Optics, the parent company of retail brands Stanton Optical and My Eyelab, blue light is a color of light on the visible spectrum with a shorter wavelength. “Blue light is emitted from devices such as smartphones, tablets, televisions, computers, and screens," he says.

How do blue light blocking glasses work?

“Blue light glasses have a filter or coating to reduce the amount of exposure to blue light from your computer, tablet, or smartphone," says Dr. Brocwell. "Too much blue light exposure before bed can decrease the release of melatonin and make it more difficult to fall asleep."

How do I know if my blue light blocking glasses are working?

“Since blue blocking lenses reflect the light off of the lens, you should see a blue reflection off of the lens," says Dr. Daniel Press of Park Ridge Vision. "If there is no blue reflection, red flags should go off regarding the effectiveness of the glasses."

So, be sure to try this as soon as you get your blue light blocking glasses. It’s also a smart idea to check the return policy before you order.

What is the difference between day and night blue light blocking glasses?

According to Dr. Press, there is no difference when it comes to blue light blocking lenses for day and night. “Daytime lenses may be combined with a tint to help with light intensity but there is no difference from strictly a blue light effect,” he says. 

So, if you’re concerned about cost, you should be fine with just one pair of blue light blocking glasses.

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