Best Anti-Harassment Training Programs

Build an environment of inclusion and acceptance for your employees

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No employer wants its employees to experience harassment in the workplace. On the contrary, employers are expected to provide their employees with safe, healthy work environments. Part of that charge requires building an inclusive environment in which employees are protected against bullying, denigration, and unwanted advances by their coworkers.

We reviewed more than 30 human resources companies, compliance consultants, and workplace training providers to build our list of the eight best anti-harassment training companies and programs. These are companies that offer fast, cost-effective training that workers can access easily and which meets the compliance requirements set by the U.S. Department of Labor and individual state regulators.

The 8 Best Anti-Harassment Training Programs of 2022

Best Overall : HRdirect



HRdirect is a human resource compliance firm that’s owned by ComplyRight, a consulting firm founded in 1984. The company is based in Pompano Beach, Florida, and provides all sorts of employer compliance training—everything from labor law to bookkeeping, workplace training, and safety training.

Anti-harassment training programs from HRdirect start at just $20 per employee for an online class. For employers who want more than quick courses, HRdirect offers DVDs and other training programs that can cost as much as $499.

We chose HRdirect as our top anti-harassment training company because it offers 50-state compliant training at very flexible price points. Employers can choose the training format and topics that work best for their employees and be confident that the training will meet federal and state requirements.

In addition to training materials, HRdirect also offers compliance-related products such as posters and placards. HRdirect’s $20 sexual harassment training e-learning course for employees is interactive, available in both English and Spanish, and grants employees access for one year after purchase.

Runner-Up, Best Overall : HRTrainingCenter



HRTrainingCenter is part of TrainingCenter, a company that started in 1994 to provide training programs for a number of different topics and industries including HR, payroll, accounting, insurance, and sales. Among its other options, TrainingCenter offers programs related to ADA compliance, COBRA, HIPAA, labor law, and more.

Anti-harassment training from HRTrainingCenter is generally designed for HR professionals and other managers. The company’s training covers topics such as defining bullying, preventing harassment or bullying in the workplace, whether and how to investigate claims of harassment, and how to report the findings of an investigation.

This training typically costs from $150 to $250 per employee. The company provides training via online webinars and seminars around the country, in addition to individual online courses designed to focus more narrowly on individual topics.

We chose HRTrainingCenter because of its flexibility that allows employers to customize training to suit their needs. With HRTrainingCenter’s lineup of individual courses and program packages that cover multiple subjects, employers can get training on a mix of harassment-related topics in different formats.

Best Price : TrainingABC



TrainingABC is a distributor of business training programs based in Gahanna, Ohio. The company provides all sorts of training on a broad range of topics, from workplace violence to cybersecurity.

TrainingABC offers several harassment-prevention training programs, with online versions that have various prices depending on the program and number of employees. Some courses do require a minimum number of users. Online training from TrainingABC is interactive and includes a video and an optional quiz, plus several supporting materials.

For employers who have employees, they need to train at different times, TrianingABC also offers anti-harassment training on DVD for $345. Employers can also opt for other formats including USB flash drive or a one-year enterprise license that costs $345.

Best Comprehensive Employment Law Training : J.J. Keller

J.J. Keller

J.J. Keller

J.J. Keller is a well-known compliance consulting firm. The company started doing business in 1953 and is still family-owned and based in Wisconsin. J.J. Keller offers multiple types of training that cover myriad workplace topics for various industries.

J.J. Keller does not offer easy-to-use anti-harassment training for employees. However, the company does provide individual company consulting and a full training kit on the essentials of employment law that stands out as a very comprehensive option for small business owners and HR managers.

The Essentials of Employment Law Manual is available from J.J. Keller for $289 and covers a number of topics ranging from anti-harassment law to ADA, HIPPA, COBRA, and more. The package from J.J. Keller includes a one-year subscription with annual updates to course materials every six months.

In addition, J.J. Keller also provides individual consulting services for employers that want assistance drafting or implementing their own compliance policies. The company sells various compliance-related materials including posters and placards for use in company workspaces.

Best Training on the Go : EasyLlama



EasyLlama was founded in 2019 and is based in San Francisco. It offers harassment training exclusively. Unlike other training companies that we reviewed, EasyLlama places a significant focus on technology that has the singular goal of building a compliance-driven training product that’s flexible for employers and easy to use.

Harassment training from EasyLlama starts at $12.95 per employee and is uniquely designed to provide employee training via mobile devices. Training is broken down into sessions lasting five to 10 minutes and is accessible 24/7. This gives employers an incredible amount of flexibility, as they can quickly and easily assign anti-harassment training to new employees to be completed in brief segments, either at their workplace or on their own time when they're on the go.

Training is also fully compliant with state regulations and offers employers easy access to tracking and reporting.

Best Award-Winning Content : Media Partners

Media Partners

Media Partners

Formed in 1993, Media Partners offers training on subjects including anti-harassment, building inclusion, and leadership development. Media Partners hired a new CEO in 2016 and the company has since redoubled its efforts to scale up its offerings.

Anti-harassment training from Media Partners costs $1,150 per year for up to 100 users. The company is focused on providing employees with exceptionally high-quality training content and has won several awards in the past. Media Partners’ training is designed to be relatable for employees and uses real-world scenarios to teach about a variety of topics ranging from overcoming unconscious bias to standing up to bullying.

Best Fast Supervisor Training : Compliance Training Group

Compliance Training Group

Compliance Training Group

Compliance Training Group is a division of Employers Choice, which was founded in 2002. The company provides training programs on such topics as diversity, sensitivity, conflict resolution, and ethics in the workplace.

Compliance Training Group offers two different anti-harassment training courses, both of which focus on sexual harassment. One course is designed for employees, lasts for one hour, and costs $20 per employee. The second course is designed for supervisors, costs $40 per employee, and lasts for two hours. Both classes cover several core topics including federal laws, the definition of harassment, employer duties related to harassment, and who is liable for harassment.

The manager training course builds on this core content and goes on to provide guidance about how to prevent harassment in the workplace, how to respond to a complaint of harassment, and what the supervisor's responsibilities are.

Best Guaranteed Certificate Program : provides training related to sexual harassment in the workplace. The company is based in Austin, Texas, and offers training for both individuals and organizations that is valid in all 50 states. costs $30 per person and is comprised of a course and a brief exam. Users are allowed to take the exam as many times as they need to pass. The training content is accessible 24/7 and has a 30-day money-back guarantee. The course is offered in English and Spanish.

While is a great option for sexual harassment training and guarantees employees will receive their certificate, the company's offering is limited to this subject.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Anti-Harassment Training?

Anti-harassment training is training that employers provide for their employees to teach them about unacceptable behavior in the workplace. This training is designed to prevent gender-based harassment in the workplace and to create a comfortable environment, so employees aren’t put in uncomfortable situations. The individual topics covered in anti-harassment training vary; some include eliminating biases or focus specifically on building an environment of inclusion. Others have a much narrower focus and instead zero in on behavior that is not allowed in the workplace.

What Are the Legal Ramifications?

The federal government has no specific requirements for employers to provide anti-harassment training to their employees. However, federal courts have previously ruled that employers that don’t provide training can be held liable for harassment that occurs in their workplace. Additionally, several states (and New York City) have established their own requirements that vary by company size and industry. 

For example, in Connecticut, employers with at least 50 employees must provide at least two hours of classroom training. In California, employers with five or more employees must provide training to supervisors and at least one hour of training to nonsupervisory employees.

What Does Anti-Harassment Training Typically Include?

Anti-harassment training for employees typically starts by defining sexual, gender, and other types of harassment. Training programs usually explain company policies to employees, as well as local requirements related to harassment and harassment training. Training programs often use real-world scenarios as examples of what may constitute harassment and teach employees how to avoid or report this behavior and comply with company policies. Some training programs also include exercises to help employers build a more inclusive work environment or help employees identify and prevent bullying and other unwanted workplace behavior.

What Does Anti-Harassment Training Typically Exclude?

While anti-harassment training typically covers a number of topics, it isn’t meant to be a cure-all. For example, training isn’t designed to resolve specific issues among individual employees, nor does it typically include consulting services for employers to build their own company policies (although this is sometimes available as an add-on).

In some cases, training isn’t certified to meet requirements in certain states. And most importantly, anti-harassment training does not necessarily relieve employers of their duty to provide employees with a safe work environment. In other words, employers may still face liability if their employees encounter harassment in the workplace—even if the employer provides abundant anti-harassment training.

What Are the Expected Costs of Anti-Harassment Training?

Anti-harassment training costs are typically structured on a per-employee basis. It usually starts at $8 to $20 per employee for many online classes, but can easily cost up to $500 for DVDs and other materials. Training programs that offer packages of multiple classes, live webinars, or in-person seminars typically cost $150 or more per person.

How We Chose the Best Anti-Harassment Training Programs

Harassment in the workplace is a very hot-button issue these days. Lots of companies offer training programs to help employers comply with state and local regulations and provide a safe workplace for their employees. Unfortunately, however, not many companies provide a lot of information about their offerings online, so employers often don’t know what to expect when they consider companies for training. To help, we looked at over 30 HR consulting firms, compliance platforms, and training program providers.

We focused on those that are clear about what they offer and what’s included in their training. We also worked to find programs that offer employers and employees a high degree of flexibility, so that employees can work through the training at their own pace and at times that are convenient for them. Lastly, we tried to confine our list to those providers that are cost-effective, so that employers can provide this training to their employees without breaking the bank.

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