5 Reasons Baby Boomers Make Perfect eBay Sellers

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eBay provides a steady stream of income and is adaptable enough to fit with any lifestyle, financial situation, and schedule. Sellers of every age enjoy the flexibility eBay offers, but Baby Boomers are a unique group who already have the inventory, wisdom, and skills to make an eBay business work. If you are a Baby Boomer looking for a fun income-producing hobby or small business, eBay may be a perfect fit for you.

For Boomers reading this, you know who you are. For everyone else, Baby Boomers are defined as:

“A person who was born between 1946 and 1964. The baby boomer generation makes up a substantial portion of the North American population. Representing nearly 20% of the American public, baby boomers have a significant impact on the economy.” – Investopedia.

Here are 5 reasons Boomers are the perfect candidates to start and maintain an at-home eBay business.

Boomers Have Vast Experience and Wisdom to Draw On

Since they have been around since 1946, Boomers have seen 50 to 70 years of consumer trends, collectibles, fashion, music, home décor, and the evolution of technology. They don’t have to do much homework to identify vintage items – they have lived it. A Boomer knows all about rotary phones, 8-track tape players, leisure suits, mood rings, transistor radios, banana bicycle seats, and view masters. They grew up watching family vacations on slide shows, sending postcards in the mail, taking a typing class in high school, using sewing machines, a coffee percolator in the kitchen, and watching TV with rabbit ears. Millennials and even some Gen Xers don’t have a clue what these things are.

Boomers May Already Have Plenty of Inventory to Sell

Boomers have seen the age of consumerism and accumulation explode in their lifetime. Unless some intentional downsizing has been done, Boomers typically have homes full of items that have value on eBay. In fact, the average American household has $7,000 worth of items that can be sold on eBay. Items that are not needed, wanted or being used. That’s a lot of cash lying around. Some Boomers are beginning to realize that too much stuff is a burden. They understand that if they don’t start a process to thin out their possessions now, the burden will be left for their children. Boomers also see that selling some of their accumulation of stuff can fund retirement, pay down debt, pay for vacations, or help finance their children’s college or weddings.

Boomers Embrace Technology and Have the Necessary Computer Skills to Be Successful on eBay

AARP stated in their 2009 29-page report, Boomers and Technology, An Extended Conversation:

“Baby boomers have a unique relationship to technology—different than any generation before or since—and they are actively shaping the devices, software, and services of tomorrow by the choices they are making today, according to this new research report about baby boomers and technology from AARP and Microsoft.”

Boomers are early adopters, tech-savvy, and interested in innovation. So they are a natural fit for new technologies and ways of doing things. eBay is one of those innovations that fit right into the Baby Boomer’s world.

“Baby Boomers love technology. Although they are usually not early adopters, they are, in some cases, surpassing younger generations in the use of technology.” – NewWestAgency.com

Interestingly enough, Boomers love iPads, the perfect tool for listing items on eBay. With its built-in camera and portability, Boomers can freely move about their homes to take photos of items to sell and quickly list the item on eBay in just a few minutes. Steve Jobs was born smack in the middle of the Baby Boom, so he understood what Boomers liked and wanted as far as technology. According to MediaPost.com:

“Boomers will be early adopters of technology that meets their needs. Tablet computers are ideal products for people who travel a lot, people who read a lot of books, and people who rely on email to communicate with their friends and family.”

To all the Boomers reading this, don’t hesitate to jump into eBay. You already have the skills and technology to be successful.

Boomers Have Time to Devote to the Business

This year, 2016, Boomers are between the ages of 52 and 70. Many are already retired, others are semi-retired, and some are planning retirement. The length of time Boomers will be retired will exceed the length of time their parents were retired as Boomers are retiring earlier in life. In fact, some Boomers will be retired for more years than they spent working. And since pensions are a thing of the past, Boomers are looking for creative ways to supplement their income. eBay is the perfect answer. Why not make money for living expenses, travel, or savings by selling items already in your own home? The eBay business model makes perfect sense for retired or semi-retired people.

Boomers Like Stimulating Activity During Retirement

Stereotypes of grey-haired grannies and grandpas in rocking chairs do not apply to the Boomer generation. They are anything but sedentary. They travel, participate in extreme sports, do volunteer work, date, like do-it-yourself projects, and are members of social groups. Boomers are naturally curious and ​​like being engaged in life.​​​​

Boomers have already reinvented retirement. In fact, the Boomer generation has revolutionized just about every product and service they have come in contact with in their lives from baby food to cars to dental care. (Boomers are the reason there are over 100 flavors of baby food!) Rather than become inactive, sedentary, and bored, they are living robust lives in their 60s and 70s. Due to advanced medical care, their health is better than generations before them so they can enjoy an active life in their later years. Active Adult Communities, otherwise known as senior housing industry, continue to grow at dramatic rates as more Boomers downsize and plan for retirement. Downsizing can actually be an income generating activity – it’s called eBay selling.

Because they have decades of wisdom, homes full of interesting items, are computer savvy, and may need a fun hobby to occupy their time, Baby Boomers are the perfect people to delve into the world of eBay selling. If you are a Boomer and want to cash in on some of those items in your home, check out this eBay Beginner’s course. Why leave behind all those items that your kids won’t appreciate anyway? Start selling today and you’ll have enough cash to take that cruise you’ve always wanted.